Do you think the benefits of having children outweigh the problems/risks?

Do you think the benefits of having children outweigh the problems/risks?

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how millennial of you

Thats a dumb fucking question and it should be obvious to anyone that the answers would entirely depend on the individual.

I have a kid, and I love him more than anything.

But Jesus fuck I'm tired and want to die.

Not a millennial and I don’t think you know the disadvantages I’m referring to.

I guess for more context I worry about a woman being the wrong choice mainly. What if she aborts, what if she gets some new boyfriend on social media and it leads to a divorce, and they turn my kid into a drag queen and he kills himself. I guess I just worry, that you never know who you are getting involved with.

Generally you're married or have discussed having a kid, well before you have one. Like years.

does nobody else select their potential partners based on if they want kids or not

Why would you want to bring kids into this world? Especially now?

>disadvantages I’m referring to.
well you didnt refer to anything
>worry about a woman being the wrong choice mainly
that's a tough one. you need to vet her first. make sure shes not an insane baby murderer. women usually chill out after having kids.
I do. women that dont want kids piss me off

As opposed to all those times throughout history where the world has been a gentle and stable place.

>he gets offended when the woman doesn't want his kids


I certainly do. Before I even asked my girlfriend out I made sure we had the same views on marriage, children, raising children, life goals and where we would like to live.

No that's why I don't have any, but what do you think?

are you going to have kids?


I'm referring to women who never want kids. I want a family and children, not six cats

That's up to you.
And at the end if the day it's subjective opinion and you aren't psychic.
Think the world's terrible? It's the best time to be alive statistically.
Think there'll be a nuclear war? Maybe there won't be.
Think AI is gonna take over and go Terminator? Maybe they will but it'll be Utopia.
Think we'll find world peace and live in a Utopia? Maybe the world will be levelled and your child will die an awful death.

And even if the world stays entirely normal. Maybe your kid will find fame fortune and happiness, maybe it'll be abducted and sold into sex trafficking and be raped the rest of their life

You really don't have facts or numbers on what will be. So if you want kids, have em. If not, don't.

>But Jesus fuck I'm tired and want to die.
what gender

In my mind I want them, but the thought of losing them to the courts/abortion is what’s killing me inside. I know a few girls I’m interested in and could take it to that level, just can’t see the outcome and I hope it’s a good one.

What are the benefits?

Assume everyone is male on the internet.

you fulfill the victory conditions of life

You need a woman who will partner up with you for life. This will take hard work and you won't know the answers unless you go through some mentally tough shit like moving, deaths, money discussions, and so on.

Well I live in America and love it here and I feel confident about the country. So there’s that. It’s really the culture and the anti male propaganda, what if I have a son and the girl up and decides to cut his dick off and give him girl hormones. I don’t think I could sleep at night after something like that. I guess I’ll just have to decide if I’ll take those chances when the time comes.

But children are gross. A waste of time.

No. I have a son from a previous marriage and life is so much worse. The only ray of hope is that the woman I'm seeing kinda likes him and I get a few hours for myself when I come home.
Children are a handfull that tie you down and close a lot of doors.

>what if I have a son and the girl up and decides to cut his dick off
this is unlikely to happen you raise your kids in a healthy and stable environment. Those people usually come from fucked up families
neuter yourself then faggot

In the past you had children in the hope that you could provide them a life better than yours. I don't believe I could. No thanks.

good goyim

Sorry you feel that way. I don't feel like my kid stopped anything I've wanted to do, except that I'm incredibly spent every day.

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>In the past you had children in the hope that you could provide them a life better than yours
now this is cope i could get behind

>Anti male propoganda
Oh stop with this. It's all so overblown. People aren't actually like this, a crazy idiotic few people on Facebook are. They only get attention because if how horrified you and people like you are. So they're sharing it constantly, news outlets are reporting it so you click and comment, etc.. etc..

Don't raise a rapey little dick and he'll be fine. This is also a cultural phase. Nothing really lasts that long. Give it a decade and you won't hear shit all about it anymore.
We'll be onto something new and stupid. Your kid will be into whatever that is. Like all generations before.

>that you could provide them a life better than yours

This is a fallacy. Children who are raised in overly comfortable environments end up weak. All you need to do to make a kid's life worthwhile is not to mentally fuck them up, just be a loving parent which takes no resources other than personal effort.

Being able to pay for vacations, or their schooling or whatever is completely secondary.