I have skin tags and I don't want to pay $100 to remove them. Can I just cut them off?

I have skin tags and I don't want to pay $100 to remove them. Can I just cut them off?

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Will it hurt?

it will be extremely painful.

Tie dental floss tightly down around it, give it a week or so then it'll turn black and fall off on it's own.

I have one on my upper back that I can't reach

You got a friend or relative who might be able to help you then?

Not one that I want to ask to tie dental floss around a skintag

The only other cost efficient option that I can think of that could potentially be painless is to buy one if those little removal kits from the store. Otherwise you'll either need to shill out the cash or pain.

for you

Big guy

I had one once. I took sharp friskers, and sliced that bitch off. It was the most painful thing that I've ever done to myself and it bled for hours.

100% worth it though.do it.

They sell removal kits:
- Special oils blend
- freeze it off kit

There are other methods. Youtube has a few videos that use Colgate toothpaste and a few other ingredients.

That skin tag is your cock

Are they big? 100$ isnt bad you could probably get it done cheaper w an esthetician

I've done this on a few times on moles but I think it will also work on skin tags too.

Lightly prick and scratch the skin tag with a sterile needle. When you go to be, soak a connton ball in apple cider vinegar and tape it over the skin tag. Do this every night for 5-10 days. It will turn black like a scab and can be picked off like one. It is completely painless.

Doing this on moles is asking for cancer to flair up

Yes, cut cut two off today. Do it regularly for years. Desinfect properly both tool and skin, use sharp medically sharp sciccors and place softly above the skin. Don't do it too quick, but also not too slowly. Just a normal cut. The earlier you cut them off, the less it will hurt. New ones I can barely feel. Desinfect after wards, let air dry.


PS: It doesn't really hurt. The only one which did was around 5mm wide at the base. But even than it'S more psychological "cutting into yourself" than actual pain. It's less painfull than getting blood drwan from a finger tip.

I accidentally cut one with my razor it wasn't there a couple weeks ago. I think it is turning darker is it okay?

Just move to Canada and you can get them off for free.

It's a cosmetic procedure, not even swedistan will remove them for free.

Okay guys it is literally black and shriveled up what the fuck is happening?

The skin is dead and will fall off in a couple days, but you should never provoc such a state. Rather simply cut it cleanly off, as you can get blood poionong from dying flesh. Get sharp sciccors, rub some desinfection spray into the skin and the tool and cut of. You wont even feel a thing due to its state.

t. already cut off around 20-30 around my neck myself