One chance at life

>One chance at life
>Born with asperger's syndrome

What the fuck am I meant to do? Will I ever be able to live a normal life? Have a career? Have a girlfriend, have kids, be loved by a woman? Or is it all over for me?

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Join the Navy. It's unironically aspie heaven.

Nigga think about this:
aspies is some modern sickness. Some people in the past probably had aspies but didn't know about it.
Did that stop them from trying to live a happy and fulfilling life?

At least to your advantage, you know your 'handicap', so you know how to cope or 'fix' your way around your weaknesses.

I'm weak, no physical strength, no technical skills. No military would have any use for me.

It doesn't matter. You'll end up at a desk.

I’m sorry you have burgers coming out of your ass, user

Great, so I can be the navy's office drone. I'll still be depressed from the mental affliction of aspergers, and from not being able to develop relationships or build a family.

It's not that big of a deal don't be a faggot

Tell me how to live a normal life and get a girlfriend then.

Make an effort

I can't. Having aspergers means that I have no clue of how to seduce a woman, I come across as blunt and rude and also have an extreme fear of rejection that prevents me from expressing my feelings to girls. Whenever I've tried to flirt with a girl they don't understand what I'm doing and they think that I'm making fun of them or something.


I don't see how that helps the fact that I'm autistic as fuck and don't know how to speak to women.

You can learn what others know simply by instinct and watching others behavior.

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>hurrdurr how do I talk to women i want girld to like me.

The average aspie is smart and goes his own way without crying about some whore not liking him. Women can literally love you and 5 secondes later get distracted by something else. Do something fucking useful for yourself you fucking bèta faggot.

't. Aspie

I tried.

I pass as mostly normal but two things are impossible for me:
1. Ability to focus, work a job or hold a position of responsibility
2. Seducing women

I don't want to be a kissless virgin forever. If that's going to be my fate, I'd rather die now.

I'm an aspie but I'm not an introvert. I'm not one of those people who can be happy completely alone.

>work a job
Kek. Not even security guard / watcher?

As far as women goes, basic dating question is
>what do you do for a living
So it isnt surprising that you didnt get a woman yet. You need better reply than UNEMPLOYED. And even if that fails, you can buy whores and later marry one. Also pic related is always an option.

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I regret wasting my time replying to you also you're not an aspie, because we are smarter and get shit done you are more likely a retarded autist.

How can I be a security guard when I'm weak?

I'm a student right now still so my concern about employment relates to what the fuck I'm gonna do when I graduate.

Tinder doesn't work because I'm still too autistic in conversation. Girls will match with me and then not respond to my message because I'm cringey and awkward.

I was literally diagnosed with asperger's syndrome by qualified professionals.

Tldr: lift weights, drink full milk amd eat oats and or peanuts

>i am student
Ah so you are in the end capable of work, you just have 0 self confidence. Good to know. Also tinder is shit, try okcupid, badoo or facebook.

I've never tried a dating site but I feel like I'd run into the same problems (too autistic in conversation, too scared of rejection)

What the fuck is that

I'm not gonna message random girls like a creep