So since male virginity is in the rise but female virginity isn't as high...

So since male virginity is in the rise but female virginity isn't as high, it necessarily means that some men are having more sex than "their share".

Now the question is, is it because these virgins don't do anything to improve and so the women have sex with the others because it's what's left, or is it because women don't want to consider these virgins? I want to think it's the former.

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Post the graph with female you liar. Female virginity is also on the rise and you know this. Why are you trying to give false information? Gay psyops? Tranny psyops? Jewish psyops?

Everyone i have ever liked, never liked me and the people who liked me, i never liked.

I don't have it on hand but female virginity is also on the rise, but not as steeply

The numbers are 28% of men vs 18% of women for those interested.

A single unverified statistic that is far too wide in age range to be relevant. Are you just trying to make excuses for you being a lazy entitled piece of shit incel?

Just be yourself

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You have to think about what happened in the last decade that prompted this shift. In my opinion the one to blame is technological advancements, in particular, the rise of the internet connectivity.
In the past, with internet still being fairly new where many nowadays staple sites didn't exist (Facebook, chat apps, etc.), you had to go out to do stuff, whether looking for information in library, or seeking entertainment. This force people to meet each other, and at the same time the number of people you know was also limited. So the low-tier normie perhaps went out to library, met a low-tier female there and they eventually get together. As said earlier, that female also had narrower circle of acquaintances so "slutting up" was perhaps not as rampant.

Now compare the situation to today. I'm writing this shitpost from the front of my computer. Today I was working from home, only went out to get some food, and I spent the evening playing games and watching videos. So from my today's routine I basically had no chance of scoring some pussy or whatever (even if it's due to my own choices). This cycle naturally leads to being a virgin - if I went to cinema, some bar then my chance of not scoring would be much lower. But why bother when I can watch anime from my home.
Now think about the females. There are most likely some low tier females that fall into similar routine and get increase in stats as mentioned
however, the more social ones can still use the go online to scout for mates. So you will see women checking Facebook or some other chats, discussing meting up, or searching for a Chad. Now you see that Chad has not only less competition due to you quitting out, but also has larger audience since he can be sought for from far away - the low tier female from 10 years ago will no longer pick you, but instead will be happily pumped and dumped by Chad.

The male virginity will continue to rise.

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Bro none is going to read that

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I read it, a grown human should be able to speed read that within 10 seconds.

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>I want to think it's the former.
The average man and especially an ugly man now has to put in 10x the effort to even get a lower female to consider him as a potential mate. And since men have lower standards, the Chad doesn't mind fucking 6-7/10 girls now.
This man said it very well.

Grown man dont post on Jow Forums

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Yeah, some people have to work harder
and we live in a culture of giving up and never working for anything.

I agree with OP, more people want things handed to them including their ideal waifu.

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>Now the question is, is it because these virgins don't do anything to improve and so the women have sex with the others because it's what's left, or is it because women don't want to consider these virgins? I want to think it's the former.
I think there are a number of interacting factors varying immensely from person to person to warrant such a simple handwave of an answer

Men need to start fucking each other to adjust for this discrepancy.

>such a simple handwave of an answer

This is very true, but the internet, Jow Forums, and incels all love to make grand generalizations that support their world views, which Ironically makes it mostly their fault anyway.

With the obvious exception of the completely unfuckable people

Did you mean to say "men are fucking each other which can easily explain this discrepancy"?

Has the right of it.

Though honestly I just think society is somewhat crumbling in general (at the small community level) which makes people connecting with each other really difficult.

It's funny because we go on Twitter to complain about how we do not have a support structure yet won't even say hi to our neighbors or ask how their day has been.
What I'm saying basically is that social media has been the worst thing to happen to manking in the few millennia we have existed.

>"men are fucking each other which can easily explain this discrepancy"
Now I feel left behind. How do I gay?

Pitiful samefagging of your incel rant wall of text.

Well fren, thanks to the internetz its never been easier to 'gay'
just download a hookup app and start swiping.
If you have no dignity and no standards you'll be in a dangerous situation having things done to you you're not totally ok with by the end of the day.

good luck

>society is crumbling
Incels and other idiots keep saying this but they never post a single fact to back this up.

>Virgins everywhere
>Not fucking each other
>Not using the prison of the mind to make bitches outta bitches

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I do not mean society is crumbling in the retarded incel sense that women being able to do things for themselves is going to destroy MUH WESTERN CIVILIZATION, in fact I don't mean a societal collapse.

I mean that despite the relatively high standard of living we all enjoy certain metrics such as happiness, suicide rates, depression rates, anomie, detachment are rising and keep rising. We are a pretty unhappy society in general, mostly because we've been sold extreme individualism is the best way to go through life and we are atomized and feel lonely while being a species that realistically only needs food, water, safety and a social net to be happy.

Some decent reading on it:

yeah but instead of reading or learning about this I'm gonna buy something on amazon, jerk off to a camgirl and post about how women don't love me and i'm always depressed despite how i've tried everything

Men can fail at being attractive, woman can't. That's really what it comes down to. Its not that woman are better than men and don't have flaws, its that their flaws don't matter or hold them back. Shy? Whatever. Fat? That's my fetish. No job? I'll pay. No car? I'll drive. Big vagina? His dick is too small. Kids? I'll take care of them. Bad hygiene? Oh well. No confidence? Who cares? No friends? Good! Virgin? Oh boy! Nerdy Hobbies? Marry me. Too short? No such thing. Too tall? Amazonian Goddess.

Woman just can't fail, so of course they are gonna have more sex and relationships than men.

I'm 22 and I got about 15 male friends, and some more guys between acquaintance and friend. Most of them never had a girlfriend or a date. None of them are the stereotypical >muh basement dweller who is obese and watches anime all day. Some very few had one or two really short term relationships in which they got dumped real fast for someone else. I'm among those, had a 3 month relationship at 16. 2 of them on the other hand, are a completely different story. From my old friend circle there were about 5 girls crushing on the fucking same guy, and obsessing about him for 2 years. They never were single for more than a few months.

I think that pretty much sums it up. The whole bullshit talk about virgins being total failures and staying 24/7 inside is false. From what I noticed, girls are happier to just wait it out years for the most sought after guys than give someone normal a go.

What a pathetic thread

Sounds like you should become a woman

Have you seen the IQ distribution graphs for males and females? Because male and female attractiveness and mating probably reflects the same thing. Males cover a wider range while females huddle around the average. This means you have more 1-2/10 men as well as 9-10/10 men. It also means there are more 4-7/10 females. However, seeing as women can be pickier, men under 5/10 are discarded. Since there is still a sizable portion of men under that, all the women can go for the 6+ men and get passed around there

No dude women are more forgiving and date dudes who shouldn't have a chance. Men expect models and whine because she beasts shouldn' t take the same amount of effort

Women are wonderful.

Very untrue

Fuck off roastie, it's not my fault you fuck drug dealers

Oh yes, absolutely true and strong

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I know we are in 2019 and all, but let's stop the meme that you can 'become' the other gender. It's fucking sad that some people even try only to find out that only mentally ill homos would date them.

Okay so it's happening, what are we going to do to fix the situation?

I feel so stuck. I can't keep having fruitless crushes on my coworkers. I need an actionable outlet for this pent up sexual emotional energy.

Anyone who has spent time in a nightclub knows it's a place for a particular sort of person. Where am I, a normal dude, meeting a normal girl? I don't go anywhere or do anything myself. So it's right to assume my female counterpart is doing the same thing. Where do the two of us meet in real life to talk? Coffee shop is not an answer, unless we assume our potential partners sit around in coffee shops day after day, waiting for us to join them.

Dating apps are not the answer. That commodifies the individual and depersonalizes this even further. The last thing we need is to turn our broken social lives into a game. We are already dependent on games.

The situation will fix itself, but not in our lifetime.

By going monk.

The absolute state of femcels.

>t. Dated a fat spic

What you're seeing is the throwes of 3rd wave feminism killing itself and a good portion of society.

Technology changes society; first wave feminism was brought about by better material science producing cheap pressure vessels which were used to build distillery's that produced hard alcohol which did not exist prior to the 1860's. Men began escaping their lives and familites through the bottle, and after 50 years of campaigning one of the first things women passed after universal sufferage was prohibition.

2nd wave feminism was brought about by the absolescance of muscle in manufacturing; with the right tool a women could be as productive as a man, so they began asking for equal pay and questioning gender roles. We took women out of the kitchen, put them to work at burger king producing a vastly inferior product, called it progress, then docked the man's pay and made sure some middlemen got a cut. The only two people who can decide on what gender roles are appropriate are the two people in a relationship; everyone else gets to fuck off.

3rd wave feminism has been brought about by social media and contraceptives. Women do not mate down social or economic heirarchies. Instead of deciding "he has potential" and working on a life together, women have been sold on the instant-hit, that if you just fuck him hard enough or fuck enough men you too can be top dog. What they don't realize is their reproductive utility lasts about 15 years and thereafter, men don't want them.

Fun fact, if you make an 80th percentile or higher income, you have less than a 1 in 2 shot at procreating because having such easy pussy makes it impossible to not view women as sex objects when they are flinging pussy at you.

This has produced some really jarring and insane rhetoric and you have to ask if it's psychological warfare from foreign countries or special interest groups.

This. All we can do is try to find coping mechanisms. It doesn't have to be that bad desu.

Fake and gay, all women are left wing liberals who wouldn't use the word spic.

I'm already a monk. I am celibate and I cope with the cyclical pangs of sexual/emotional/romantic hunger. Monks don't transcend human desire, they just cope better than most.

But I don't want to be a monk in this respect. I want a healthy meaningful romantic relationship. I want to raise children who aren't retards.

Temperate eating doesn't mean never eating again. It means avoiding junk. I don't want junk sex. I want moderation, not abstention

I don't mind dying a childless virgin so I'm pretty good.

>healthy meaningful romantic relationships

I highly doubt that's even a possibility with these demons that we call "women"

This is how females are giving advice here, kek.

>Fun fact, if you make an 80th percentile or higher income, you have less than a 1 in 2 shot at procreating because having such easy pussy makes it impossible to not view women as sex objects when they are flinging pussy at you.

I don't understand the way you phrased that, is 50% high or low? My income and net worth both easily break top fifth for an entire household as a singular incel. Just because you can man up and provide betabux doesn't make you any better off.