No frens

I have no friends, how do i make some?

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Go outside, play sports, stop masturbating (esp. to adult content), make money, do non-nerdy stuff and stay off Jow Forums or better yet, the Internet. Oh, and stop watching TV.

Well pedos don’t have many friends I guess, maybe stop looking at perverted Japanese cartoons and get some mental help.

Was in the same position, didn't have friends, was kissless (I'm 18). I went to the mall and started talking to a great guy who is now one of my good friends and he invited me to his friend group

We got pretty buzzed and I stumpled upon a hot girl whom I made out with for 10 minutes.

It's all about meeting that one person who will invite u to new people

Don't bother you've got to work hard to be the best

>Go outside
I do
>play sports,
Not in season for my sport right now
>stop masturbating
Not gonna happen
>make money
Im trying
>do non-nerdy stuff
I do
>stay off Jow Forums or better yet, the Internet
Not gonna happen
>stop watching TV.
I never did

Not gonna happen

So just talk to people in the mall? I will try if it actually works, but does it?

True, maybe friends are a waste of my time but im lonely too

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>making friends
not gonna happen

>So just talk to people in the mall? I will try if it actually works, but does it?

Obviously you shouldn't look like a retard (just behave properly), also be careful who to speak to. I can sense my peepz which helped me.

Fine then Google places that you wanna go look for people who you can relate to, talk to them. Anything can happen

> I can sense my peepz
What does this mean and how do i do it?
I dont relate to anyone though, i think thats a problem

Do you need friends badly? I'll be your friend on Discord!

become trans e girl and talk dirty to old sweaty boys on discord and let them buy you vidya

No you don't know anyone you relate to
Why are you still here it's Friday night is there no where to go? Not a restaurant or bar, or arcade, or the store?

Become friends with me already >:(

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Yeah, really badly, i tried talking to my cat and he talked back for the first time, creepy.
Ill consider this, thank you for your contribution to my thread
Not hungry, i cook my own food too, i dont trust any other people
Not old enough
Thats for little children
Why would i go to the store unless i need something?!?
Ok!, i accept your friendship request

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> Not gonna happen
How exactly do you see your life changing if you don't put in the effort to make positive changes yourself? Just wait for someone to come along and decide to take it onto themselves to fix you?

None of those things i said arent gonna happen would be positive changes to my life dummy

Let me tell you a story of when I sat down and re-evaluated my life.

I was single and had lost touch with my old friends who had gone separate directions than me in life. So I decided I wanted to make a change in my life. That step #1 is where you're at. So I made some token changes, I started doing my homework in coffeeshops instead of cooped up in my room and said "well, atleast I'm out of the room more, this is good enough."

I downloaded tinder and swiped a bit, matched a bit, but didn't really actively push the conversation forward. Because taking a passive role in my life was easier. Because it's easier to sit on the internet and complain about not having friends instead of doing things outside your comfort zone.

So I floated along in that "well this is fine" mindset until New Year's when the thought came through my mind that I could try to get a date or get invited to a party or something, but then the other thought in my mind was "or you could just fap and have playing games."

Faps and fun games were had that evening, but the next day after the dopamine wore off, the feeling of isolation was still there, and I had to sit there and think about my decision. Fapping isn't the worst thing in the world, but people use it as a crutch to satiate a desire that should be driving them to go out into the world and interact with other people. The internet and social media is the same kind of thing, it's social fapping, where you watch a video and make a post and you feel like you're interacting with other people, but it's only short term satiety for a long term unfulfilled need.

Just because youre too mentally weak to handle the internet and fapping doesnt mean other people are

that's it? you fapped on nye and you felt bad?

Lmao, just go out to a park, get drunk and make out with someone there, literally easier than kissing someone at a bar