How the fuck do I stop caring about her? It hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrts

How the fuck do I stop caring about her? It hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrts

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What happened? Break up?

Booze up take a trip as far as you can go double up on booze get into some hijinks

I'm boozed up right now, and I literally can't stop thinking about her. Can't afford a trip right now tho, but I would love to go somewhere for sure

I wouldn't call it a break up. It's a girl I've known for a year. I developed feelings for her but she rejected so I ghosted her for like a year and now she started talking to me again...

As far as you can go tonight.

It's 3:30 am right now and I'm drinking another beer, where tf should I go? take a long walk or some shit? i would be down for it tho, nothing to do anyway...

Protip: you won't be able to. Her loss, fuck a few ugly chicks, then date a hotter chick than the one you're crying over


I know

No magic switch. But.... activities alone like movies, YouTube, games, books will only temporarily distract you (Although grest art will do more, and help). Hang out with friends, family, colleagues and try to have a good time, protip is to try and engage them, only allow yourself to confide in a close friend or family member about this problem and try to put a time limit on it, not only for your well being but theirs, share your thoughts but don't dwell. Going on an adventure is best and the key components are that you go into a new environment. It could be a long vacation, daytrip, or volunteer for a couple hours somewhere. I know the last part sounds lame or cliche but you will probably be doing something new, with new people, to help people.

Bottom line is that new perspective is hard to find in the same mirror you are looking into.

Thanks for the reply friend, really appreciate it.

To be honest, I know what to do but it’s just soo damn hard to not think about her all the time and move on.

> Bottom line is that new perspective is hard to find in the same mirror you are looking into.

Hits hard lol

Time. Stoicism. Logic. Self confidence. Start re mapping your thought patterns regarding her. And re build your self esteem through the same thought patterns. I thought about my ex for a long time but actively worked to get over her. don’t go bang some chicks and get a new girlfriend to fill the void. That’s running away. Be a man and face it. Face the pain. Look at it calmly and logically the emotions you’re feeling. Do you miss her because you feel like you need her? That’s an illusion. Did she hurt you and you feel anger? Understand that the anger you’re feeling is pointless. Internalize certain truths and you’ll be more mature. My first love ran off with my best friend. I was enfuriated, felt betrayed, disrespected like you can’t imagine. Broken and lonely. I looked at her games her machivalleian behavior along with his. I looked at it all logically saw it for what it is. She was lonely and broken herself desperately addicted to validation. My anger and hurt towards her turned to pity. My pity turned to indifference. I ghosted them both and did the right thing by my standards and my low self esteem turned to pride and self confidence.

Time, patience, and distractions.

I’m sorry to hear that happened to you man, it really sucks but I’m glad you came out on top of it after all. As for the advice, thank you very much, it’s a really good advice that I most likely should apply in my own life. I just dwell and think about her too much and that’s just because we’re still talking from time to time, it’s like she doesn’t really want me to go, but it really hurts being around her.

Take a 3g dose of shrooms

Go travel

Wish I could but I’m broke as fuck...

I don’t really do drugs, used to smoke weed but quit at the start of new year

You only need to do it once, look into it if youre serious and grow your own dont buy off the streets

I can’t tell you exactly what you need to do. But I think deep down you know what you have to do. The greatest lesson I ever learned in my life was the lesson of time and how you use it. That’s where logic comes into play. Relationships are weird because you forsake all rational thinking because your emotions get stirred up. Makes you behavr against your nature. Your nature as a man is to do what you know you have to do for yourself. Is being around her bringing you pain? Then you have to remove her from your life. “It’s like she doesn’t really want me to go” it’s about what you want not what she wants. That’s self respect. Do you want to disrespect yourself by wasting your time and wellbeing on a girl, because that’s essentially what you’re doing. This is applicable to all areas of life not just women. Are you doing shit you know is bad for you or a waste of time. Then you’re disrespecting yourself. Time is everything and how you choose to spend that time is a reflection of who you are. When my ex and best friend did what they did. I could’ve got back at them, played games, done whatever shit. But I understand that it would be a waste of my time. That’s the only thing that matters. You’re time.

you got cucked by your best friend ? and did nothing ? then you talk about "self-respect"

learn mindfulness learn CBT learn stoicism if you'd like itll help you out
>how do i learn this stuff?
look up books on them pick good ones get off internet like libgen

some people aren't violent but at least he wasn't a bitch cuck that cried all day long for years about it he got over it and moved on

Drinking booze
Breaking bones
Fucking everything til your in the zone

It's been 2 months. She was my best friend as well as my first love. I still think about it constantly, usually the good times and feeling sad, or the bad times and feeling angry.

She is crazy and has to sort herself out and I can't imagine her new relationship working out. I still fucking miss her so much though guys. All the time I used to spend around somebody and I'm not alone.