What do good men find attractive?

What do good men find attractive?

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Girls who aren’t retarded normies or personify “I’m baby”

You won't find out asking guys on Jow Forums.

Don't know what you mean by good men, but you can't go wrong with chastity, modesty, and loyalty.


I like it when my gf asks me if she's allowed to wear revealing clothing

A natural born woman with tits and a vagina that isn’t fat.

-no debt
-no tattoos
-easy to meet and talk to but not easy to sleep with
-has a job but doesnt matter too much what
-has a passion (can be almost anything)
-doesnt say "like" a lot
-good hygiene
-tastefully wears makeup if any makeup at all (no wax figurine girls)

Do these and you're minimum 6/10, even if you're ugly.

No such thing as good men, or good women. There are only people so find out what that person like. We are all unique but so few are special.


I can only speak for myself but intelligence and kindness.

Lel. Found the teenager virgin. No decent adult man would see this as a positive.

>t. hedonist
If you're the kind of guy who bails on a girl when she says she's waiting until marriage (which is demonstrably effective in maximizing marital quality), you're not a 'good man'.


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Independence. Intellect. Wits. Idk, most positive traits people have. It’s not that complicated.

I hate to presume that others might consider me a "good man" but, she should have an interest in something other than how many insta followers she has, social media in general, can go a few hours without having to look at her phone.

Good men want debt-free virgins without tattoos.

>No tattoos
>No third wave feminism
>Knows abortion is murder
>No individualism
>Minimal social media and by extent doesn't dress like a whore selling her meat
>Has clear values and goals beyond "muh Instagram, muh gossip, muh Netflix"

good is subjective
please engage in specificity

In no particular order and not a list of absolute requirements:
- Above average intelligence;
- Financially secure and independent;
- Doesn't dress like a little girl;
- Has a job;
- Shares some of your interests;
- Isn't addicted to social media;
- Hygiene;
- Pays for things and does chores 50/50;
- College educated in non-meme course or is successful in her area as a self employed worker or just a regular worker;
- Is politically aligned with me or at least is capable of having a discussion about politics without turning it personal;
- Works out;
- Is passionate about something;
- Has a sense of humor like I like my coffee, pic related;
- Matches my physical preferences;
- Our personalities are compatible;
- We're sexually compatible;
- Has the same values as me or at least isn't opposed to them;
- Wants the same things out of life in the long term;
- Monogamous;
- Capable of maintaining a high degree of trust while in a relationship;
- Can learn to cook your moms food or cooks better than your mom and can teach you how to cook like her food.

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It doesn't matter how good looking you are, if you make dumb decisions all the time and never wants to improve I don't want you.

isn't prude but isn't easy

>Funny, confident, extroverted (since i'm kinda the opposite)
>Good job/career or does something they're passionate about
>Has some hobbies and passions
>Hygiene, fashion, etc

Basically what most people want. Girls who are average roasties with no taste are incredibly dull. All of their tastes are based on what's popular at the time.

I struggle to think about romantic partners that I don't find intelligent. I prefer smart women over beautiful ones.

Is this just what bad artists draw

If I were rich and looking for a baby machine, I'd look for good genes and that's it. This means she's attractive and smart but not sassy or otherwise a bitch.

No the material does that

Bumhurt fagit who needs to get laid

You will conform to societal norms, conventions, and expectations while never exercising independent thought.

1. Depends on your definition of good men
2. This

well I have a say on this because everyone says i'm a good person. we find good women attractive and if they are going to be good mothers. if you are going to drink,smoke or have no virtue i'm out.

I remember a time when Jow Forums was intelligent, now it's full of literal religious redneck drones and underage. I should start my own "sjw-like" crusade and be triggered by everything you say.

Not fat, not a slut. Some don't like tats, or non virgins.

Anyway women are degenerates.


either a beta who couldn't nail a poon if sluts weren't letting everyone fuck them

or a slut who's still unable to face the fact that this attribute put her in a lower league

>I remember a time when Jow Forums was intelligent

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What do you think a good man is?

> good men
> Jow Forums

For me on tinder my red flags are
> Has kids. I'm too young for that kind of responsibility and I'm deathly afraid that her kids are going to want me to be their dad and I just can't do that.
> That puppy ears and nose filter thing / Dutch angles in every photo / other things indicative of a preoccupation with social media garbage.
> Bio that comes off as super demanding / jerkish / entitled. No amount of good sex is worth being around people who are just going to neg me constantly.

Green flags:
> Positivity.
> Pictures that are an honest attempt to show them as they are instead of them at their prettiest / most social / happiest.

Adding some I forgot.

Red flags:
> Bikini pictures as first pic.
> Empty bio or functionally empty bio.

Green flags:
> Expresses an interest in learning about their partner, wants to try new things.

was about to post that

So I'm going to say what I regard as the only really fair post in the thread. No moral judgement, no anger, but I'm going to give you a very practical piece of advice.
When Confucius was called before his country's government for the last time, his last chance to secure a position of influence, his own ironclad principal of "fuck you, you're wrong" got the best of him, but the advice he gave was sound. These officials called on him because they had a problem with internal corruption. The people they kept appointing to different positions in the government engaged in all manner of fraud and thievery. They asked him, "how can we find honest men to run the country?"
"Be honest yourselves!"

You can find a good man real easily, but he probably
>Isn't going to want a woman that regularly bitches him out.
>Isn't going to want a woman that withholds affection or tries to make him feel insecure. The world does enough to make men feel insecure, without a bitch shit testing him in his off time.
>Isn't going to want to engage in anything that's legally or morally questionable just to excite you.
>Is probably going to have a job and not a tremendous amount of time for bullshit. He still might do shit like drink or party, but he's not going to sacrifice his adult responsibilities because you're having an episode.

tldr; Be a good girl. Don't sit at home, slouching around, don't cut him down, and HOLY FUCK DON'T EVEN TELL HIM YOU HAVE AN "EX". Seriously!

Girls who aren't afraid to talk to them

loyalty but women can't even manage that

Don't listen to them, OP, this is how you get a mysogenistic neckbeard incel MRA boyfriend. No girl wants that.

Good men like women who are:
>know what they want
>healthy(mentally and physically)

>know what they want

that's one of those reddit phrases right?

Good men aren't on Jow Forums

I can tell you from veing one of those women.

They really like girls with a passion for something much like women want in men.

They desire a good balance of femininity and coolness. Think a girl who likes sundresses and volleyball. A girl who wears cute heels and dances. A girl who likes makeup and gaming.

They also like someone they can talk to. They want to share their emotions and discuss different topics with you.

I think these are the basics. There's all kinds of people but ultimately they want the life partner.

>mysogenistic neckbeard incel MRA
Only thing that's true for mine--the first post quoted--is that I have a bit of a neckbeard (full beard that goes down to neck).

Don't lump me in with the people who see degeneracy and get upset solely because they feel they aren't included. I oppose anyone engaging in it.
There was a thread up a few hours ago about a guy who likes asking girls out and ghosting them as soon as they say yes. The self-described incels love "dealing the roasties pain" and cheer him on, with the excuse of "well, women do this too, so it's fine if we do it to women". I called him a degenerate.

>no individualism
What did he mean by that?