Incle thread

>30yo incle virgin
>zero experience from women

Most of you are here to seek advice on your relationships. You find partners and sex on autopilot. Remember that being able to mate is a privilege and you're living the good life. Have you ever realized what incles have to go through?
It must be hard for you to comprehend what it's like if you've never in your 30 years of existence received love and validation from the opposite sex. To put it bluntly, it's the biggest mental challenge one can face. You feel a level of worthlessness you didn't know existed.
Despite this being Jow Forums and not /b/, incles often receive "advice" like this:
>wow you sound like a bitter asshole, no woman wants you
>this is why you're single
>haha pathetic weak fag haha

Saying 30yo incles are bitter is like saying water is wet. Blaming them for it is immature from your part. Most normies I've known are afraid of rejection and can't go 3 weeks without sex, so it's hypocritical to blame 30-year-old virgins for losing their minds.
I'm an incle and my friends all have girlfriends. They don't really give a shit about my incledom. They're like "so what? must be fun having all that freedom", but ironically they've told me they fear rejection.
So, deep down normies must understand they couldn't take loneliness either. There would be something wrong with you if you didn't react negatively to decades of emotional neglect. I'm amazed I even have to type this out.

Next time you encounter an angry, frustrated, narcissistic, delusional virgin, give him a pat on the back. You know he's carrying an emotional burden so big you don't even want to think about it.
Personally, I see no meaning in my life and haven't felt joy in 15 years. But I still know there must be incels out there who have it even worse.

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Hey op. Level 22 incel virgin here. Unlike you, I still find some degree of meaning in life, even if it is for me to remind the normies of what they have.
I want to stress how foreign it is to think about being wanted. That people have sex is so extremely abstract that I cannot fathom it.
I just want the normies to know that they are better than me. They will fulfill their biological imperative. I am the end of billions of years of mate selection. I have failed and am wasting your resources but am too weak to kill myself. Good day

>wow you sound like a bitter asshole, no woman wants you
>this is why you're single
>haha pathetic weak fag haha
it's rude but it's true
nothing dries a pussy faster than complaining
yes it's fucked but it won't change so you have adapt your bitterness

They aren't incels because they're bitter, they're bitter because they're incels

Some people are meant to be alone. It's a mathematical reality. Just shut up and let us die in piece. Fuck whoever decided to give genetic scum a sex drive though. Fuck this shit

But my brain will be in pieces after I pull the trigger

that's an alternative
just focus on your passions and fuck a hooker once in a while
LOTS of men never got women

I've reached the end of my hobbies. I am complete but am not human. I am something else, something that isn't meant to be.

>Remember that being able to mate is a privilege
With talk like that someone ought to give you an Incel Studies degree.

>Have you ever realized what incles have to go through?
Life sucks, get a helmet.

My umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck during birth. I came out blue and listless with a thready pulse. The lack of oxygen left me with mild cerebral palsy. My gross motor control is poor, my fine motor control is poor, muscle tone is poor. I have hyper mobility in some joints, but my body is also stuff due to short tendons and a tendency to cramp. I've been in physical pain every single day of of my life but now that I'm pushing 40 I get to have the joy of arthritis as well because hyper mobility and stiffness means you sprain things constantly.

On the other hand, I played hockey all through middle school and high school, I played three years of football, I played rugby into my late 20s. I have a doctorate, a job, I got married to my high school sweetheart right out of college.

We don't all get to start in the same place and sometimes you have to work harder. Life isn't fair. Complaining about how unfair it is for you is unbecoming, counter productive, and weak.

>Just shut up and let us die in piece.
Then be quiet and go die somewhere. You keep raging and whinging and we'll keep pushing back. You don't get to make demands.

that's very false, there's probably more interests/hobbies than actual people
you're just putting the pussy on the biggest pedestal ever. it's like people that are afraid of driving and see it as this HUGE TASK that's gonna be difficult and stressful when in reality it just takes practice

If you don't want to be around incels why did you come to Jow Forums?

>something that isn't meant to be.

Weren't you just going on about mathematical realities and being meant to be alone? You need to tighten up your bitching.

Force of habit, mostly, although even then you don't have much of a leg to stand on. I'm stubborn and I've been rolling on through periodically since before the robot gave you all a place to feel like you were a community. The joint is as much mine as it is yours.

Besides, you're fun to fuck with while I wait for my wife to finish making breakfast before I go to the gym.

If I was meant to be, I wouldn't be alone. But since i'm here, the only other possibility is that I'm supposed to be alone

Why did you come here initially? It's always been full of kissless virgins.

Can't have it both ways.

You're right. I'm not meant to be and that's my final answer

/b/ was never good but it used to be a bit more fun, then it was a solid source of selfie porn. Other boards still capture my interest (I keep fish and sometimes its dope to argue about 10mm over .357 Sig). Its a time sink, not a fucking identity.

I wonder what it's like being a normie. I guess torturing people in high-school wasn't enough

I was a nerdy, trench coat wearing, fat, disabled goth in high school during the age of Columbine. I wore a fucking cape and eye liner to two proms. I wasn't torturing shit. Hell, I was bullied all the way up until I figured out that people were intimidated by my size and that you could solve problems by punching people.

You're imagining a narrative that suits your needs. Also, your passive-aggressive whining game is poor.

My point still stands. You are a normie and didn't torture enough people in high-school to satiate yourself.

Its just so fucking hard for you to see someone who you think is less have so much more, isn't it? Its gotta be scary as fuck realizing that effort matters and what you're so mad about is on you.

No. I understand what's wrong with me, as well as understanding that an insurmountable amount of effort is required to address my fundamental flaws. It's all on me. It's always been. I am the mistake I created

Then fix it.
Please, we both know thats code for being lazy, scared, and comfortable in your own filth.

>Life isn't fair. Complaining about how unfair it is for you is unbecoming, counter productive, and weak.

I have to point out that women complain 24/7, are usually mentally regressed and unable to cope with life, yet they get a free pass because women exist to be trophies for men, to be a symbol of success for a male.
It's fucked up.
I'm only pointing this out because all the critique towards incels and NEETs online is focused on males.
Do you think only males can be weak?

Someone being 30 and bitter doesn't mean they were bitter and nasty to begin with.
At 15 I was happy and outgoing. Several emotional traumas made me a bitch. Funny when people say I'm single because I'm an asshole. I didn't use to be. That's the thing.

No. I'm not selling my soul to appease people who hate me as I am. I'm not wasting energy on people who hate me. I'll just keep saving what I can until I can afford an escort.

Weakness in females is attractive. You have not studies human attraction enough to realize the requirements for both sexes is completely different.

you're creating false narratives
no one likes a bitchy woman, some men can stand it (I can't)

So redd*t thread?

t. robot that is also 30 but actually has been on Jow Forums and not redd*t

>It's fucked up.
So is the fact that I have a bad hip before I've even hit 40. Nobody cares and bitching about it changes nothing.

So its not insurmountable, its just not something you're willing to do? You're all over the damn place.

>solve problems by punching people
>not a bully
>>just stop complaining online and go die somewhere!
>/b/ is only good for amateur porn and that is why it was good and fun back in the day

Of all places why are people choosing Jow Forums to bait?

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I have a 4 inch dick. Whatever reason you guys have for not being married pales in comparison to this.
Your personality can be trained, my dick can't.

It's insurmountable because I refuse to do it.

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>what I actually want is a pet

Feminist propaganda pic detected.
An "independent strong woman" is nothing but a tantruming needy child.
It's better that the woman is obedient since I'm making all the effort in the relationship like paying for the house anyway..

Needy immature women are the only problem in the dating scene right now.
Incel guys are flawless and just want a normal old-fashioned wife.

>TFW you're an incel but you could actually get a woman if you settled for an LGBT-supporting feminist who has had 100 times more sex than you

>cannot provide me with any of my needs

So you're looking for a father figure to give you free housing and pamper you, bitch?
You're worse than an incle.

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I cringed both at that in itself and the fact that I listened to it