Im 20

im 20
completely socially isolated
no job

is it over for me?

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Fuck no you dumb cunt, but it will be if you do fuck all about your current situation

which ond i

* You're only 20, you''ve still got enough leeway to improve your position before it becomes an uphill battle
* But if you carry on as you are, you'll eventually end up in place where improving your position IS an uphill battle

>is it over for me?

i do t understand how could i change my current position

im literally shut in
no one cares about me
my parents want me to suicide
im socially retarded

Plase, please, try to take small steps in the right direction, like going for a walk, exercising, starting a routine etc. The sooner you start the better, and if you have no fear/panic of therapists try to schedule a good one(preferably someone that does CBT) as soon as you can. You can change you life, I'm here for you user!

You have time.

but i want to be alone

people are mean
therapists are a waste of time

its over for me

go outside
talk to one of the people you see there
repeat indefinitely
this will solve the first two problems and the last one
no solution for the third problem, best to cut off contact probably

>people are mean
Okay you came to your conclusion on your own, refusing to listen to advice. Leave and rot now, faggot.

people are not mean
look at all the anons who don't even know you coming to your aid
despite the fact that it provides them no benefit
the whole rest of the world is like that
better even, because the rest of the world is less militantly retarded than Jow Forums is
therapists might well be a waste of time though, i'm not qualified to comment on that

seevery rude
people are mean

a person is rude
some people are mean
big difference

stop gaslighting me

No. Get a fucking warehouse job. Places like Amazon will hire just about anybody

i am not mean
i belong to the group 'people'
therefore, the statement 'people are mean' is inaccurate

It's not over. You have the best part of your life ahead of you.

1. Join clubs, if you can.
2. Try befriending people who are functional.
3. Remember that being friendly does not bind you to anyone, you will remain your own person and you don't owe anyone anything; be unafraid to associate with others, it isn't binding. You will always remain in control.

>smile and mean it
>ask questions
>listen actively (check out active listening for details)
And by all means, do this in a natural way, feel what it means to do it, and do it for the right reasons. Don't apply this autistically, try to understand the principles and understand them full, so you can make them yours.

see He will not listen. Attention seeker.

i dont want this

Not OP but jokes on you I was in the same situation followed said advice got a job started going to the gym still isolated and no friends / virgin. Also therapists only give a fuck about your money. Im actually impressed at how I can be part of society without actually being part of it. I literally just wake up go to my job then work out as my only hobby then sleep -> repeat its like im an actual NPC

so you post about your social isolation
we tell you how to fix it
you tell us you don't want to fix it
i feel like im the one being gaslit

Yes. It was my first job as an isolated high school graduate with no work experience.

>i dont want this
Then what do you want nigger?

hey man
i was in your position
the people saying 'just go outside' forget the most important bit
i had to figure it out for myself
turns out when you do stuff outside you have to talk to people
doesnt matter who for a start
just start doing it
like obsessively
until you do it automatically all the time
eventually you meet people who get you
or that you want to see more of
and you end up less socially isolated
but yeah, the trick is to talk to strangers
can give much more detail if required

How many people do you talk to? How often do you make the fucking effort to hang out with people outside of work or gym? How many women do you talk to and ask out?

The point of the advice isn't to magically make you better. It's to push you in the right direction and to make you all around a better person. Having a decent squat doesn't make you magically social. Deadlifting lmao4pl8 won't make a girl magically jump on your dick

I talk to people at work a lot the problem is I work in a different city dont have a car and all my co workers live in different locations. talking to people at the gym just seems creepy to me but I guess im just delusional and bottlenecking myself. Couple of years ago when I was still going to school every time I talked to people it just seemed like everyone alredy had established friendships/relationships and they just gave me that feeling like there's no place for me in their world.

yeah thats the exact set of feelings i had to push through
turns out it's either all in your head or otherwise doesn't matter
you just gotta ignore those feelings like you don't belong
actively cultivate greater and stronger connections
once i started doing that i can't count the number of times people told me that they didn't want to make the first move because they thought i was too cool for them, or they thought i already had my own set of established friendships/relationships
mind you they were thinking this while i was living with zero substantial social contact, full NPC mode
turns out people just suck at judging social shit like that and you just have to make a leap
sometimes people genuinely are too busy to be friends with you
other times not
no way to know in advance

certainly not to talk to people

Yeah I guess in the end it's all in my head gonna try to push through that mental barrier and talk to people in my local gym today if it goes wrong fuck it I'll just change gym or stop going althogheter and become fat again. thanks for sharing your experience and advice

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again, you tell us that you're socially isolated
we tell you that talking to people is feasible and a complete solution
you say you don't want to do that
you're like the dog in that comic
"no take, only throw"

that's an excellent start my friend
i'm really glad you took me up on this
i wish you the absolute best of luck

i dont read comics so i wouldnt get your analogy

certainly felt something at the time of making the opening post but i have lost the feeling of sadness. I prefer social isolation

what are some jobs that dont require interviews? like jobs convicts can get; not that im one i just want easy quick nonsocial employment

We've discussed this several times on Jow Forums already. If you are a young male khv with no direction in life and a desire to work then join the US military. Particularly a combat arms branch so you can gain direction and masculinity to guide you further in your life.

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fuck off kike

im not fighting in your stupid wars

that's a terrible idea
but it would be really funny to see these dudes wash out of boot camp

doesn't exist
face the fact that no matter what problem you have in life
the solution will always involve interacting with people

stop trying to force me to be social fag

stop having problems that can be solved quickly and easily by being less of a shut-in depressive

i dont want to be social

yeah we've covered that
im just saying that all the problems you've told us about are rooted in a lack of social interaction
like very obviously so

but i dont want to be social


what are you actually getting at?

not sure how much clearer i can put it
the problems you describe
they have a root cause
that cause is a lack of social interaction
if you did more social interaction
you wouldn't have most of the problems that you have listed in this thread
i get that you want to be social
(now, despite expressing a desire a little ways upthread)
but the solutions to our problems are often things we dont want to do
that's usually why they're persistent problems

*i get that you don't want to be social

but i dont want to socialize

im not a people person
i dont like people

ok you've said that a bunch of times now
i understand that perfectly well
have understood for a while now
what i am saying
is that your problems
can be fixed
with social interaction


like, you can not like socialising
you can not 'be a people person'
it doesn't change the fact that socialising will fix your problems

for example, exercise is painful and boring
but if i am fat
then it is the solution to my problem
and if i want to not be fat
then i have to exercise

are you understanding the words that i am writing here to you?

Nah, I’m same age, working for my dad, highschool dropout. I’m not fucking done until I die.

I have no real life friends to keep me going but I have you and someday Ima get my drivers license so I can drive to a big city, get a job, and meet people.