Any of you managed to get a girlfriend yet? what is it like?

any of you managed to get a girlfriend yet? what is it like?

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Married actually. Not bad. I wish she would track macros though. She's one of these "go to the gym four days a week and see no progress for some reason" types. Then she gets pissed when I say I'm proud of a certain milestone, like when I got a 405x3 deadlift on Tuesday.

Marriage is 80/20 pretty good/fucking maddening.

It's great for the first year or so when everything's new and you're still discovering each other
After that it begins to become a chore, trying to manufacture feelings that you once felt organically

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Mostly irritating. Your GF will never understand why you'd rather stay at home and work out on a Friday, instead of hitting a club

I got one after like 6 years of solitude. I'm still chubby but I look like I workout, but we met fatter.
They lift too but follow idiot local coaches

>Finally get girlfriend
>Everything is fine, fucking happy. Is this it?
>2 months later
>I can't date you anymore user
>Sad as fuck
>Start lifting even harder because of the rage
>Decided to become a sick cunt instead of focusing on being a sad cunt

Only issue is that I sometimes still miss her, not sure I will ever get over her. but it's getting better, only made me really not want to fall in love ever again, but I guess we will see. I'm focusing on myself 100% instead of chasing after girls.

that happens because of premarital sex

It's nice, not gonna lie.

no haha

like salty bags of sand

Girlfriend? No. But I did just have a romantic adventure. Nothing serious, couple of dates, a kiss goodbye, then she cancelled on the third date. Maybe it was moving too fast, maybe she didn't want to start anything knowing that she's in the country for just a week. I still rushed to the airport the next day to see her one more time and that was worth it too- got a second kiss goodbye, this time for good.
We have chatted online for a bit since, but on a neutral ground, basically about nothing.
I really want to go see her now, but that's probably not a good idea. Maybe on Christmas.

I know its hard user but you've got to stop being a little beta bitch and move on.

>dude on dude brotime
All start to lack

I know, it's not like I contact her every day or anything, and as I said, it made me lift and diet harder than ever, in that sense it did motivate me to become an ever sicker cunt, I was close to falling into that sad pit but decided to lift the feelings away instead

you can do both user. you might not enjoy both though. try to find something you both enjoy doing, if you do that and then both indulge eachother in the thing they like to do as well then you you will both be happier for it, just go with her to enjoy spending time with her and forget all of the bullshit around you

She was a total cunt, my boyfriend however is amazing

Imagine having a gf like a loser haha..

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HA! Nigga you gay

haha yeah I bet all these faggots kiss girls

time to find someone worthy of your time.You are a king. She obviously wasn't it or she wouldn't have broken it off. Never forgot that you deserve the best user

Haha yeah imagine having a gf that you can cuddle in bed with every night like a fag

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Move on my man, you had three dates and she cut it off. Find someone new and for gods sake don’t dwell on her til christmas

She wants to get together, but I don’t think I do. Honestly, OP, I don’t think I care anymore.

What is this meme

Its pretty good, lying together in bed in the morning and going out to places with her have been just as good as I imagined. But still it made me realise that getting a gf is just a side thing among more important things. Also she is a gains goblin, ''It doesn't matter if you miss one day of gym'', missed some sleep, meals and gym days.

My fiancée cheated on me and left me 6-7 months ago. After drinking every day for a couple of months I’ve been hitting the gym hard and only really focusing on myself. Went on a few dates through bumble but haven’t been with a girl since. I’m in the best shape of my life right now and I’m gonna keep going while making more friends and doing hobbies that make me happy.

I still dream of her sometimes and waking up alone can be sad. I just think about how mentally I might bend but I won’t break.

I had a girlfriend I really loved once, now I just don't care, other things can't compare.

>TFW lonely as frick

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Just cuddle your own gains

Two dates, then she cut it off, then I showed up at the airport and she said "thank god" and frenched me. Nah, I'm dwelling. Fuck, I've been single for five years and she's the first girl that actually made me want to break out of my cocoon. I was seriously considering joining a monastery before I met her.

I would if I had gains. Was on a cut for 2 years and it failed.

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Same bro. It never goes away

When did this happen? Feeling Like you might never get over it IS normal at First. Just Means you havent fucked away Your ability to Love yet. Imagine she would have waited two more months tho. First Love dies hard. Better to Go Into Your next relationship with this experience.

>romantic adventure

you tip that fedora for her too? fucking faggot

Sometimes things aren’t like in the movies. Improve yourself and find happiness in yourself. It sounds like a meme but there is truth in it.

>any of you managed to get a girlfriend yet?
No, and i kinda gave up on that, since i discovered hookers.

Hi, Jow Forums is thatta way

Man, I wish I could afford that.

They are not that expensive, plus i can afford them 2 times per month max.

I can barely afford food, gym and rent.

I broke up with my gf a week ago and now I feel like shit, even skipped gym today. I know that it was going nowhere and we couldn't make it work, and that I will find another girl real soon, but it still sucks. Fuck I just want to hold her in my arms again so bad.

It's not that good actually. You feel more dead inside and got more desire for the real thing after every encounter.

Sex with hookers is garbage compared to sex with someone who actually likes you, though. For hookers it's just a job. A gf will actually try to please you.

Oh. Okay then. I can live without that. I already refused a fuckbuddy offer from a friend, because I knew I'd catch the feels.

She likes me being Jow Forums but gets pissy about the hours I spend in the gym and me not eating her shitty sweets.
The pussy is good though.

I got a girlfriend, but I think it's not that great.
It's nice to have someone to cuddle with and fuck, but I don't think I love her.
I have warm feelings towards her, but if that is all, I don't think it's all that amazing.
Best, most passionate sex I had was all ONS, she doesn't even compare to that most of the time.
Although she does make me cum real good (REALLY tight pussy)

Life isn't like a movie user. Take this chance to talk to more people and meet new girls. That girl you met is most certainly not dwelling on you and might even be fucking other people when she's home. There's no sense in dwelling on one girl when there are millions and millions of girls out there and most are probably much more suited to you than who you met... You have a unique situation where you can leave NEET mode and become and alpha you just need to use this newfound energy to talk to more girls.

Trust me, I've been in your situation exactly and I dwelled and it broke my fucking heart

Fucking cool sometimes, fucking anoying other times.
As long as you have some fatty with big milkers on the side to suck your dick on occasion to let the pressure go, it's all good.

It was my first love and yeah a friend told me the first one stings the most.

It was 4 months ago so I guess I should be over it, it's not like I can't sleep or anything but sometimes I do miss being with her ngl mano.

imagine believing this shit

But I want that one...She's so talented and nice and adorable...
I mean, I know you're right in theory. And there's virtually no chance this works out. And there's nothing wrong with trying to get something going for now since I'm not gonna see her at least for a few months. But I just don't work that way.

Just signed up for Bumble. Nothing will change but I can pretend.

Some people were never meant to be "happy" or content. They will be miserable with or without gf. If you believe having companion will make you happy, you are in for rude realisation.

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How happy your relationship will be depends on how happy you both were before starting the relationship.

It’s not bad but I do miss having extra money

Had the best sex with hookers and the worst with women who were in love with me

23 yo Kissless virgin

>The post of two individuals leads to me to believe life is pointless
How I wish I could be as stupid as you...

Had a great GF for 4 years who was absolute wife material in every way possible but I fucked it all up through depression and anger. It's been almost a year since she dumped my ass to pursue happiness with another dude, and I'm stuck in a daily cycle of rumination and misery, while also trying to become a sick cunt instead of a sad cunt. She was my first love, but the hurt just keeps on comin boys. If you find yourself a good woman, make sure she knows you love her lots and be sweet to her. They'll fucking leave if they become unhappy, and in turn you'll become an unhappy, lonely fuck.

Wow, you're really stretching, mate, and for no reason

yeah, no. wrong. try having sex

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Its like being best friends with someone you sleep with, and you worry about their happiness more than a regular friend especially if sex is involved.
Women who are bad girlfriends keep orbiters around, and men who save money for whores tend to be self destructive “pay pigs”

Pro:You feel a general kind of peace inside your mind knowing someone loves you the way you’ve wanted.

Con: the anxiety of them losing interest and dumping you never goes away, especially if you’ve had your heart broken before.

Have you gone no contact on her at least?

>Bad gf keeping orbiter around is now with said orbiter
Saw that coming, did nothing about it. Easy come easy go. She defines her whole existence on the man she's with, which is natural for women I suppose.

She left you because she didn’t really love you. If you met her online chances are her motive with you was to work up her confidence for the guy she really wanted. Until they turn 25 years old, females are not to be trusted as far as you can fuck them.

Got dumped out of the blue four months ago. I feel like I'm dead inside and this trash can she left me in is not really that comfortable.

Sex was great. Our conversations were amazing and we had a great time together but suddenly I wasn't enough anymore by the looks of it. I just wish I could forget everything because the memories are killing me. I miss her so much, anons. I truly wish I don't ever fall in love again because the pain of not being loved is too much.

Nah she loved me for awhile, but she said she liked the guy she's with now before me and her started going out. Said she slowly fell out of love with me because I was a mean drunk. Seems legitimate.

you'll get over it LOL

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i learned that a woman doesn't lover and never did if she leaves you

All women aren't evil fucks user.

Doesn't matter. Not risking it ever again. Simply isn't worth it

I was raised not to let others define who I am, and trust me when I tell you that’s horrible advice for a kid. When you’re young your friends teach you to be a person who people like, with old age that’s when popularity is meaningless.

Women are followers, straight women anyway.. they want a man to lead them or else they aren’t attracted to him.
Being a passive and non-threatening beta might work for a bitch looking to cuck a dude who loves her (weird daddy issues).

All you can really do is be the best sexual partner she’s ever had, and she won’t want to risk gambling on the next dick. You know you’re doing good when her legs are twitching after, and she gets perverted/aggressive when you’re doing foreplay. The shy ones always like to dig their nails in your back.

Addiction is bad for relationships period

Ive had boyfriends and girlfriends.
The feelings never felt genuine. Now I know I have BPD which can mean the slightest feeling and I can go from liking someone to hating someone and this behaviour trend has really hurt everybody ive known romantically.

In my personal experience, while I may want it, it's not good for me or them. Like eating ice cream.

I do wonder what it must be like to feel genuine feelings towards somebody. It all feels so artificial and scares me and I cant tell where that feeling comes from.

And boy was I. I would tell all the time and curse up a storm, but the final straw her was when I was shitfaced and called her worthless as fuck. I have no reason to be mad at her for leaving, I was just a shitty drunk trying to solve my problem with depression and anger through addiction. I messed up a possibly excellent future.

She's trying to do that now through subtle ways of showing me she's really happy with her new boyfriend, but it's doing nothing. I've accepted the reality that I need to move on, so I'm not gonna wallow in saddness over someone who jumped ship and went aboard another so fucking quickly.

and you wonder why boomers hated their wives so much, they just postponed the saturation point.

I was trying to say something like: if you arent happy on your own, you wont be happy in relationship neither and end up like

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I'm falling out of love with my girlfriend. How do I end this without fucking her shit up?

It’s mostly good, but also feels restrictive over time. We’ve been together 11 years. Something that helps though is we often have sex with other females. Last night, for example, we fucked a girl we met on Tinder. It helps break up the monotony.

Look like that (less pale IRL tho, that's the lighting). Do I have a shot at getting girls to like me? Where do I go and what do I do both at home and at uni to meet people including women?


why does everyone ITT lift

Because apparently that's a prerequisite for being human now

>brown eyes
yikes, americans

>this is your brain on Jow Forums
You're in for a wild ride, my dropped in the head as an infant friend

Proud of ya. Since we're on the subject, I never understand this situation where she says yes only to go cheat and leave. The fuck is wrong with some bitches?

>less pale irl
Real shame

A hooker tries to please you harder in the sex department, in general. It's literally their fucking job

got GF after years of being gay
how is it? great, she is actually perfect gf in just about every way
personality is great, we get on well, share a lot of interests, nothing like any of the annoying girls ive experienced in the past.
Jow Forums told me all girls were terrible but now i realise you just gotta stop being a fuckin beta and go find a good one

oh and shes FUCKING CUTE bro

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You in 6 months to 2 years:
>she fucking cheated on me, I want to fucking die

It's great most of the time. My gf is Iranian so there's some cultural things that were new to me. Her parents are cool but would like me to convert. The sex is nice even though the only thing she shaves is her legs.

Nah I'm not a beta so
I'll probably be ok

Wasn't asking, m8


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You end it by fucking her shit up. She would do it to you.

I had 1 long term relationship (2,5 years).

It really depends on how compatible the two of you are. Me and my ex girlfriend weren't at all really. I just liked her because she was hot.
End result is what you can probably guess: when we were having sex, making out or just holding hands in public i was happy. Sometimes i would see the jealousy in others guys their eyes because my girlfriend was pretty hot. However, alot of times our relationship was a pain in the ass because we were fighting all the time and looking back i do believe she had BPD.

Relationships are worth it, but only if it's with a girl you're compatible with, you honestly love her and she loves you. Making a girl your girlfriend just because she makes your dick hard will not lead to a healthy relationship.

I'm forbidden from getting a gf because I'm a manlet, if I was buff that would change but I'm not willing to go to the gym for years

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Breaking up with someone will make you go through withdrawel symptoms. If it's been any sort of long term relationship, literally the same area's in the brain light up in people who are heartbroken as people who are coming off drugs.

You have to push through it. The worst thing you can do is see these feelings as a sign that you should get back together.

In the end this is what matters

> I know that it was going nowhere and we couldn't make it work

The feelings will subside and when you are a bit further down the line you will be able to see things rationally instead of emotionally, and you will be glad with the decision you made.

Take it from someone who broke up a relationship of 7,5 years with someone I thought would be the wife of my kids. You go through hell first, but you'll come out better. There is a reason you broke up, and if that reason still holds, you should not get back together.

Take some time to process it, and then start dating again. It's cliche but once you have gone through the roughest fase, the best way to truly get over someone is to get someone new. It might not be a very romantic thing to say but in the end it's true.

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Bong actually.

It's honestly the best thing in the world.
My life actually has meaning now, and boobs are amazing man...