How to get matches on tinder?

I can’t get a single fucking match on tinder or any dating app.... How to make it possible to get some matches?

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Same. I opened a profile on every notable site and app and got zero matches or anything for two weeks. I gave up and deleted it all and haven't looked back

It's a woman's market, so unless you're in the top 20% of men you've little chance of scoring.

How are we supposed to know when you didn't show us your profile?

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Reminder: Hypergamy is real.

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Jesus Christ I just need some fucking advice. I wouldn’t keep asking on here if people didn’t basically tell me to fuck off every single time. When I first posted y’all told me I’m not attractive and to compensate In other ways but fucking now I just wanna know why I don’t look attractive

use a picture where you're actively doing something (riding a horse, catching a ball, shredding a guitar...) as it makes you a more interesting person, since your looks obviously don't cut it

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Reminder: creating a diagram in mspaint does not make your incel fantasies reality.

You are mentally ill dude, no advice in the world will help you and make you stop posting your stupid ass face here

Why do you keep posting pictures of a guy who committed suicide? It's highly respectful.

Highly *disrespectful obviously.

Because I fucking didn’t commit suicide....

>been over a year since new Brandon pictures were posted
>nothing timestamped from Brandon in 2019

Does weapon shooting count? I like it.

hell yes

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Is that a spinning rode with optical sight?

>apparently have 16 likes
>swipe right on everything single girl who is not fat
>no matches

Now this is some shit. I suppose only fatties like me or tinder isn't putting the girls who did in my stack? Wtf

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topless flexing in front of the mirror is kinda cringy

Don't look into the camera when you have that heroin-addict, dark eyeshadow look. Smile more with your mouth open, look away if you are not smiling. More interesting hobbies than partying would greatly help.

yes to catch the lolis

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This, and also don't have a picture with a female in it, family or friend, and no gym/shirtless mirror selfies. High quality pictures go along way

I think you need a few well dressed photos. Don't do selfies unless you are a legit 8/10 or higher. Topless gym selfies are not good. If you are going to do topless photos, you need to be at a place where you would actually be topless and need another person to take said photo.

After really updating my photos (i'm a photographer) so that helps, I got a lot more matches. Unfortunately I'm half black and only swipe on Asians. So maybe a few matches a week. If I wasn't picky af I'd get a lot more actual matches.

Good luck!

Good pictures do 95% of the heavy lifting. Pictures of you in a fun location, doing something fun, at a decent angle, with good lighting, in a complimentary outfit, etc. Not bathroom selfie in a dirty t-shirt or a a selfie in your car
You'll want some variety, which means you need to learn to think like a photographer and constantly be on the look out for photo ops in different locations that paint a flattering picture of your life

>still riding +50 match queue on bumble

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Most Men just have no desire to actually strive to stay attractive and keep up with appearances like they used to.
"Bee urself" doesn't include neglecting self grooming, proper diet, and selfie skills.

i got 4 matches tonight. I had never had this many matches. BUT fucking Tinder won't show the matches, and wants me to pay for a gold account.
FUCK this crap.

OTOH, I got a suggestion from Tinder that led me to fuck a girl, my first fuck in a rather loooooong time... too bad I'm a dramatic, autistic asshole, and she had daddy issues and game me some massive red flags.

>girl who smells like fish saying this

woah... powerful

Indeed. There's a saturation of average men. Most women can attract several partners, therefore they can afford to be pickier about the type of partner they choose. They won't settle for anything less than the most attractive dudes.

>like they used to
>selfie skills

Selfies are a new thing, also they are a self indulgent narcissistic cancer that I will never take part in.

And since it is a proven fact that 80% of men die virgins, and that all women want to be part of a harem and share the same guy with 4 other women, incels are right.

Imagine actually thinking dating apps is a viable source for real world data.

No no no let him believe this is true. Since I have a girlfriend that means I am literally god to him and could have any woman I desire,

Looking good in photographs was a heavier expense with rolled film.

You look like my brother in law, you'll be alright if you have a normal personality. Though maybe you shouldn't use photo's that have you look like you haven't slept for 12 weeks.

Why don't you post the other half of this graph, which shows women message men they don't rank as attractive? Oh wait, I know. It's because it would completely destroy your incel narrative. And your beliefs are extremely fragile and facts completely destroy them, that's why you are scared to death of them.

Really? how good are your looks? It took me roughly 2 days to get my first match before I started paying

I only have 3 girls. Did incels lie to me? I'm supposed to have 5.


>match with nice girl at 3:am
>ok ill make contact tomorrow
>pick up phone next day >1message
>check on tinder, she unmatched me.
cant even see the message anymore.

It's a better metric than anecdotal "evidence" from normies

Except you're forgetting that 90% of women don't message first at all. They just wait for the flood of messages to come in and then they'll have their choice of Chads. The women who do message first are likely so unattractive that they knowingly settle for unattractive men and message them first.

Which is a better metric than anecdotal "evidence" from basement-dwelling incels who never even talk to girls.

Source: your ass.

No they didn't lie, there is still a bit of culturally monogamous virtue left in the west which is preventing some from doing the horrible

That wasn't the argument. Nice strawman

Source: experience
And its looking more like 99% right now

You have no experience, why are you lying?

Stop making this personal. Dating studies have shown that women think the vast majority of dudes are unattractive.

No it isn't brainlet. This "hypergamy" bullshit isn't real. It is kikes using their media to program womens easily manipulated minds into seeking the unattainable to demoralize society. It's part of their white population control strategy.

I smell a kike here.

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>when women say don't watch if youre not going to talk

but they matched and didn't talk also?!
fucking hypocrites

I’m in the top 20? Woo!

You could at least link the definition of the word if you’re gonna make up shit.

This isn’t accurate and not relatable to the real world. This data is as good as having an opinion. It’s amazing people still fall for this shit. Are you into zodiac signs and tarot cards too?

To be fair this has never been a trait men have ever been skillful at

It's probably even worse in the real world. If a guy isn't ridiculously goodlooking or pant-wettingly charming, women won't even acknowledge his existence

Dating studies have also shown anyone can find people to date. Are you one of those gay psyoppers or why do you keep spewing this garbage about nobody getting girls?

I know what it means, I know the BS you're trying to push and your premise is false. This problem never was until the media NOW culture. I remember what TV programs were like 15, 20 36 years ago. Most likely before you were born. I see the subtle nuances used to program the female mind. I see it plainly as day. You're young so you have no point of reference. "social media"? Good night it's a wasteland. I don't use either so I can remain 20/20 in my optics of what is going on. I see very clearly what is happening. I could write a very detailed book on it.

You're either young and naive or a kike pushing this excuse to cover what the kike owned media is foing.

Me too! Wow, it's like 99% of men are in the top 20%.

>Dating studies have also shown anyone can find people to date.
lol lies

Which is why 80% of males are incels. I saw this on an incel website so it must be true. Incels are smart and wouldn't make shit up.

Some guys do get lucky but the average woman has limitless options available to her. Thanks to feminism, social media etc. they are incredibly self-entitled and will only "settle" for the best male specimen they can find. It usually results in them getting burnt, pumped and dumped but they'll continue the vicious cycle instead of managing their expectations.

In the 70's the look that was 'in' was either the westen or trucker look, some disco too. In the 80's it was the androgynous look or the corporate. In the 90's it was the grunge look. The observant here get the idea. Now the look that is in is the chad, nigger or beardo(to make muzzies acceptable)

You don't remember tv programs from decades ago you pathological liar. You weren't even born when Jow Forums was created.

That is correct. Add to it the kike influencers in the kike owned media.

I was born in the 60's youo ratfuck. Try trolling someone else, kid. That bullshit won't pay out with me.

for someone who was complaining about sources, you sure are good at providing them yourself, dickhead

Of course. It is well known that men outnumber women 10 to 1.

>literal boomer
>does nothing but rage teenager incel memes
Seems legit.

You're not very observant if you think "chad, nigger or beardo" is in. Must be because your "observations" come from incel forums and you never actually go outside.

But get this-
A friend of mine is a ~6'6 chad-looking wall of muscle.
He constantly has this chasing after him, and it's entertaining to watch them find out that he's also super churchy and doesn't believe in sex outside if marriage. The thots then get frustrated and leave because they're only there for the thundercock.

Chads these days get dumped too though by gfs. Women hold all the power right now, perhaps realistic sex dolls will change something.

You don't know "women hold all the power now" until you deploy in the army and witness the Becky uprising.

There's an excess amount of Chads and few, if any, Stacies on deployment, so the Beckies all flock to the Chads while even the fat, ugly chicks start riding the cock carousel for the rest of the deployment because guys have no other options.


You mean gays are constantly chasing him?

Reminder: Nobody complains about this shit except absolute losers.

I can confirm. I've been in exactly 4 ltr so far in my life (probably end of the line for me with this 4th, because statistics) and it feels damn good to be le epic 20%. See ya later, losers!!

...or guys in the 80%

Change your occupation to "pilot" at Anaheim Electronics and replace your bio with "Got that BDE so I pulled up in a Gundam".

Enjoy the matches.

You have nice eyes but you look like a meth head who would sell a human for a gram

If im in the top 20% then maybe I should be getting payed by you lonely cunts for my advice. Here’s a free one, the best way to win over a woman is to make her laugh.

>Being this afraid of Jews

nah men only go after the top women and tell them that the women are average, just like them.

hi u live an anahem?
i live an anaheim too lol
u go to krikonian?? we dte n

Sadly it's just my look. The dark circles have been there forever no matter how little I do drugs or much I've slept.

I've fucked hot girls in the past so it's not a total kill I think I am decent to good looking.

I'm a guy and I've been told I have low standards for looks, but the ones I go after that I consider just below average still insist that anything other than a chad is settling just because they got dicked by chad as his last resort one time.

You misspelled "the 0.001% of teenage virgin men who are incels"

Not true.
Most of my friends that I know irl are virgins. One even got a prostitute to lose his virginity.
>inb4 they're all losers lmao xD
Some do MMA and others go to the gym.

Incel != virgin. But you know this, Shlomo. Incels are a small extremist group of male virgins. Like ISIS.

I think you should stay off the internet for a while. You sound retarded.

That's what an incel like you should do. You could get sex or a girlfriend like everyone else, you know this. But you stay on the internet to reinforce your incel beliefs. Without the incel community telling you to not pursue women, you would already have had sex.

Yea but you're a freshman in high school, you kids don't count, you can't even be incels for fucks sake

Yeah really, they need to wait until their mid 20s

Used this pic along with others, still no matches

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Nope, I'm afraid the overwhelming majority of men are not appealing to women

That’s because that dude looks like a catfish. He looks to over the top modelish to be realistically dateable. Get a mediocre chad.

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Your fears are wrong.

>update to the latest version
>it tells me how many likes I have
>haven't got a match since then
What happened here?