How to avoid the incel doom?

Nothing I put effort in improving(muscles,finances,hobbies)seems to work. I just can’t get a fucking woman even with a fit body. What do I do wrong?

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If so then its not you, women have too high standards. That or youre not putting yourself out there in any meaningful sense and coming out of your shell.

fix your perspective

and realize that improving yourself increases your odds of finding a woman but does not guarantee it.
keep it up

Remember you are not making some one like you, you are finding someone who already likes you. You are doing the right thing you just have to keep at it.

Fuck them and love you. Be obsessed with you not these women OP and they will follow. Let her catch you fucking her from behind with a mirror in your hand ooking at your traps.

I have an incel buddy who's hellbent on telling me it's either these three things...


Size, power, lotta money, looks, fame. One of them shall suffice.

Maybe personality too, but thats hard to develop w/out positive reinforcement

That has to be my problem at this point. I'm boring as fuck if I'm not sperging about specific topics, and I don't know how not to be boring. I just don't know what to say in most conversations.


become an interesting person. what is it that you are passionate about?

Bodies aren't as important as you think they are.


For hot women. Fat ugly women are for betas.

>For hot women. Fat ugly women are for betas.
In context, that doesn't make any sense and is a pretty clear attempt at bait.

Hot women onky care for looks. Fat women and sloppy seconds are for betas.

some conceptual mismatch going on

You are cringe

Looks are objective.


Easiest example is the line between thicc and fat.

How tall are you?


Practice having sex with prostitutes. After you've done it enough times you will easily be able to apply the same thing to normal girls from tinder or bars.


you're like the only way into a butthole the size of my mother. disgusting that you still can see it

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Yes and atm women in the US are more attracted to dad bods than muscles. Good job


nothing, society has fucked us young men, all you cna do is increase the odds and wait. Its litteral random chance.

How old are you?
There is a cutoff point for acquiring social/romantic skills. If you're still a sperg after a certain age, it's a massive red flag.

you don't
give up

if you have to ask he's already passed it

You were too late.