He lifts but he's poor

>He lifts but he's poor

What's the point? Do you honestly think gymcels get more pussy than richchads?

Don't skip bank-account and investments day.

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Easily .

There’s nothing more a woman wants then to be treat commanded what to do by a man.

Doesn’t matter Rich or poor.


Yes. Fitchads get more quality pussy than Richchads, easily.

>not being both
Gymcels cycle through fresh whores in satisfying but unfulfilling encounters, richcels settle down with used goods and get transactional sex from retired wenches.

>girls can't see through the materialistic bullshit

if you have a car that starts with the press of a button then you have unironically made it.

Just finished payments on my Jetta. Gonna trade it in for a coupe or some shit, thinking a Challenger or Camarro.

If u can't afford to buy 2 than u can't afford to buy 1

Poorfag here. Can confirm. Money trumps muscle. But the rich are only 1% of the population. So there's still pussy available. Just don't get attached to it and you'll be fine. That way you don't get your heart broke when a richfag steals your girl.
Don't get attached to anything really. Society needs to be given the silent treatment. Let everything fall apart out of love.

They literally can't lmao. Women are dumb

>Do you honestly think gymcels get more pussy than richchads?

yes, and we don't pay for it

This has to be bait

>trading in a modest, practical car for some retarded meme machine
Keep the jetta. Cars are the biggest meme

yeh same as men, they'll be a man in this who'll just take that audi off you girlfriend or not

>Cars are the biggest meme

This. Unless you're legit rich, buy the cheapest new car that works for you.

20 and I just inherited 3 million. Do I need to work? I'm pretty sure I can make 6 figures a year off of investments alone with a financial planner

where am from girls just want a drug dealing thug of a boyfriend and they do usually drive high powered german cars but that means shit because there leased and on the drip

If you have a house paid off enough for spending money you do not need to work. That's the whole idea of retirement.

>inherited 3 mil
>gotta tell the boys on Jow Forums

>why physically better yourself if you’re not rich?
Kys retard

Yeah I have a house payed off. But I must suffer through 3 more years of college before early retirement

>20 and I just inherited 3 million. Do I need to work? I'm pretty sure I can make 6 figures a year off of investments alone with a financial planner
I always had the fantasy of winning the lotto or something gay. And investing it. Then I would work a regular job and marry a good woman. On our wedding night I'd say "oh, by the way, we're filthy rich". That way I would be reasonably sure that she actually loved me.
Now I know that women are incapable of love. And I don't have a chance without a large amount of money.

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Just don't try live off of interest alone, inflation will turn that money into dust.

>Do you honestly think gymcels get more pussy than richchads?
Uh yeah dude, that's why richfag's wife is always fucking her personal trainer

Kinda sad but the money is really just because of frugal immigrant parents wage slaving hard. Dad suicided and mom went back to home country

>Uh yeah dude, that's why richfag's wife is always fucking her personal trainer
That's why you hire gays to be the personal trainers. If you're really rich, hire eunics.

True, which is why I'm considering having a financial planner put parts of it in the market

Better make sure all your gardeners, poolboys, drivers, chefs, and dogwalkers are all fags too I guess - but then she'll just assume you're gay and fuck me anyway lmao

Open a Vanguard taxable account. Put 80% into a total stock market fund. Put 20% into a total bond fund. Live off of $120,000/year without touching the principle. You're welcome.

I'd do a 60/40 split

Living the dream huh

It's in a Roth IRA. If a recession comes would the vanguard get fucked?

Not really desu. But financial stability is something I hope gives me more freedom than my parents

Also acceptable. I'm assuming he's young and could stand the extra risk for greater reward.

If there's a recession, then everybody is fucked (for a little while). Vanguard is pretty fucking unlikely to go anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Who's the Roth with?


>be me
>Studying in a field that takes a ton of time but could offer a 6 figure job right out of college
>Been lifting for 6 months but don't know if I can can maintain both my fitness and my grades in the later years of uni
Can I make it as a Gymcel and a Rich Chad at the same time?

Or are in a shit load of dumb person debt

>6 figures for any entry level job
Ask me how can I tell you are an American?



Probably fine. The important thing is that you are invested in index funds with a good stock/bond ratio. With that much money invested, it might be worth getting a FEE ONLY financial advisor to look over everything.

Can you explain what these two funds are to a brainlet?

Also why not real estate?

Dude my 2008 Audi A5 starts with the press of a button.

doesn't really matter, i lift for myself not grills and if some faggot richboi ever wants to start shit i can just walk up and flip his gay little sports car on its side

2016 CRV touring with push start here. Weve already made it bros

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>There’s nothing more a woman wants then to be treat commanded what to do by a man.

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Already got my AMC Pacer, girls dig it

My sonata is push start lmao

>tfw my '14 Civic is push-to-start AND has a back up camera

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>a literal woman's car
What is wrong with you, cuck.

Its the most boomer thing about me probably but not having a keyhole to turn pisses me off so much in modern cars

I've gotten my dick sucked probably over 300 times in my minivans over the years. Girls don't give a fuck about your car if you have a nice body and a big dick

made what?

I have a used 2008 LS 350 that I got for $5500 lol. Push to start.
And I’m a fucking loser.


OP is pretty based about not skipping on finance and getting a good job.
You don't need a reason to lift. It's just too much fun to skip, even if you're poor. Lifting for women or looks is quite shallow in my opinion.

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If you are rich but out of shape, she will marry you but will cheat with another guy. Last year, I was in a secret fwb relationship with a 7/10 classmate in highschool. She is married to a 58 years old doctor and already has 2 kids. You must be really stupid to think money and social status alone are enough to make a woman happy.

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Jeff Bezos is the king of manlets.

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There’s nothing more woman than to want on treating powerful man who did.

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My nigger, 14-15 civics are peak Honda

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dirty Honda plebs


Lotus Master Race

are you black ?

>I know literally nothing about cars but my mom said this one was cool!

>You must be really stupid to think money and social status alone are enough to make a woman happy.
That's why you don't care if a wife is happy. You use them to produce children. And do you really think that many rich wives cheat? They know that at any given time a half dozen private investigators could be on their trail. Stacking up evidence to use against her in case she files for divorce.
The fact that bitch got half of Bezos's loot is evidence enough that she was faithful to him at least until separation.

you replied to a tranny

Had two S4s, an A4, a MINI Cooper S. And then I grew up (27yo), and have a new Tacoma for truck stuff and an old Corolla for commuting. Women don’t actually give a shit about what you drive. Just find a woman you can spend your life with and marry her.

Fuck I love the Prelude so much, trying decide between getting one or a memercycle

Is it genuinely worth getting married? I feel like it’s not worth it right now. And the culture is shifting towards having a long term girlfriend anyway.

This guy gets it. Having a Lotus didn't increase my attractiveness. Nowadays I mostly drive my Ford Ranger, I only take out the Evora on weekends, and women still find me handsome.

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Everyone changes over time and you can’t prefict how she will feel in a few months or years. And you stand at so much wealth to lose

Getting married is the single best decision I've ever made in my entire life. The happiest day of my life was when my daughter was born. The only thing I regret is not getting married sooner than 24. Get married, user, and thank me later.

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>lives in boston
fucking americans

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you were rich at 24?

No. I wasn't broke, because my dad had given me an apartment and I had a high paying job in a bank. I bought my first Lotus age 26 but I only got very rich at age 29 when I got a promotion which effectively doubled my salary. But you don't need to be rich to get married.

Based Euro shitposter

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Of course, a great body and a bit of style will get you in with anyone.

Rich guys are usually lame, have no personality, and forgot how to pull pussy.

Fuck this poster, worst bait ever.

No, you.

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Go away, faggot power bottom.

No, you.

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This is not a fight you can win if your wife is hot and owns a strapon.

Save this post number for when she divorces you.

Imagine being so bitter.

My wife died nine years ago. It won't happen.

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Sounds like you gave her cancer by L/o/tus posting.

still gets more women and still starts with a key

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Nah she got run over by a drunk fuck in a Ford Mustang. I only found Jow Forums about a month ago.

nice cope

>Push Start
See ya later virgins

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As long as you have a job, a car, and your own place you're good. A lot of guys pursue wealth with the expectation it will land them a lot of women. Nope. As long as you're not in poverty and can take care of yourself, personality and appearance are far more important factors. Sure you can pull gold diggers if you're rich but no guy wants that if they're honest with themselves.

Loool its a fucking s1

Literally the entry level s line for poor people who try to BE flashy

>built-in GPS
>push to start
>probably automatic
Did it come with a vagina too? Bitch.

Haha based.

It doesn't have that same feel to it