How to turn down coworker?

How to turn down coworker?
A few days ago we were talking and as she left she said she's surprised I've never noticed her crush on me
Told her "I guess I'm kind of dense haha"
While she is very much my type, I've also been seeing gf for 6 years and live with her.
Back at work today, how do I proceed without fucking up our friendship and maintain a chill work environment?
Women can be scary brahs

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fuck her

I can't really pick that option user

fuck her

user pls

Not him but
Fuck her dude
Literally just fuck her thats it
It didnt happen if nobody finds out

Some people at my work know my gf, would be too risky

user keep her on the backburner. and if shit hits the fan with the girl you are with now. you got backup keep it casual unless you wanna fuck the life out your co worker than what people dont know dont hurt.

tell her you have a gf and ask her to respect that? or just ignore her

Think I might do something like this, whats meant by "keep it casual"?

fuck her

Again, I reiterate: fuck. her.

Just be honest? Tell her you're in a committed relationship and aren't interested in having an affair. If she's persistent in trying to homewreck your relationship then she's a crazy bitch that isn't even worthy of being a casual friend. No reason not to play your part in polite society. The more you play it cool and stay chill the less you have to worry about. If you're composure is stable and hers is not, then it will be obvious who the instigator was.

It's a done deal. She fucked it up by bringing up the crush

>six years
>live with her
You wouldn't be having this problem if you'd just manned up and put some rings on some fingers

Depends on if she knew you had a GF or not and on what tone she told you about her crush. If she knew, then the only way to maintain a peaceful environment is to play it off as a joke and hope she gets the hint. If she didn't, then all you have to do is tell her you have a GF. Not that complicated, and she won't get offended unless she's a complete bitch

Fuck her

What type of work is it?

We both work at the DMV

Fuck. Your. Coworker. It's not like she have to open her mouth and broadcast it on the intercom that you two fucked. Tell her to keep it a secret between you two and leave it at that. Or, just keep her as a backup.

She just wants user cock in her coochie, she probably already know he's in a six year relationship but her juices are overflowing and about to erupt. user have to accept that in life nothing is perfect and it's flawed. Affairs happen, infidelity happens, shit just simply happens. If he invites her to hang out and they fuck, then they fucked.

Just seems like affairs seem to always end up revealed somehow, whether via guilty admission or accident

Nah I’ve been fucking my ex’s best friends for years while married. We’re all very careful and trust each other and are friends enough we can hang out without it being weird or progress to sex. It’ll never be “fact” we fucked.

You never felt bad about it?

>I've also been seeing gf for 6 years and live with her.

Just say those words. Out loud.

Ok now what

>he believes she'll actually keep her mouth shut

oh my sweet summer child
although if she's smart, she'll blackmail OP for cash

>hey Jow Forums, my gf cheated on me, what do?
>fucking bitch, kill her, women are shit dumb fucking whores
>hey Jow Forums I feel like this girl is keeming me hooked just to have a safe ption if things don't go ok with her current guy, what do?
>fucking bitch, kill her, women are shit dumb fucking whores
>hey Jow Forums this girl is coming onto me but I already have a gf, what do?
>fuck the girl and keep her hooked in case things go bad with your gf
Really guys?

Hey, I have gf so can't go out with you but would like to remain friends.


Kek, noticed this
>inb4 key-lock metaphor
>inb4 men are supposed to spread genes everywhere

To her, asshole

There is no salvaging it.

If she has a crush on you and you reject her, that's more or less it; it'll be awkward from there, no matter how politely you tell her that you're committed.

Either that or she'll keep shooting flirts your way regardless depending on how much of a sociopath she is.

She was never technically your "Friend" if she had a crush on you anyway.

Don't worry about it.
You don't have to be friends with everyone.