How does it feel being loved and desired by a woman?

How does it feel being loved and desired by a woman?

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>he thinks I know

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i'll tell you if you post more of that whore

Its annoying. We recently broke up but meetup every now and then. She still gets clingy and affectionate and I try not to be an asshole and push her away but I'm trying to hit up these other girls and I can't have them thinking we still together. Its especially annoying when she gets mad whenever she sees me with other girls. There's a part that does feel for her. She loves me way more than I can ever love her. It sucks. What's more important is whether you're both on the same wavelength of love and affection. It sucks to be on the uneven side.

I don’t know I’m not chad

Feeling desired tho is a decent ego boost

Uncomfortably tempting when you're not single and love socializing


Take a shower, put deo and a masculine fragance.
Put some clean and fitting clothes and youll see.
Does not apply if you are a fatty.

Feels good, i guess. It's not the big deal, trust me.

That by itself just takes you from repulsive to invisible.

Feels encouraging and makes you care about the woman unless you're particularly emotionless or something. You might also find it to be cute or hot or whatever depending on your own tastes. Maybe even annoying. It depends heavily on you as well, not to mention the woman.

Feels nice when it’s coming from a woman I haven’t known for very long

Great. Felt like a literal god in Japan specifically, was like no girl was out of my league. In the west I've noticed girls paying attention to me a lot more often since I've come back. Feels pretty great honestly. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Just pray you have a decent jaw and that you're a above 5'9

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It's completely overrated in every sense of the word. It also fades quickly. Don't seek validation from others. Build yourself up, develop greatness and honor God and your ancestors.

Best feeling I have ever felt. Breaking up is the worst feeling I have ever felt.

Tell me more about your trip to Japan
>decent shape (started working out and getting results slowly)
>fairly good looking
I think I could do well over there

I guess I’m a Norris because I have a gf and a job. But I still post here every day and have been here for 5+ years (I know I’m not an oldfag but whatever)

It feels really good user. To have someone who cares about you at all feels good. But when they’re small and soft it’s even better.

I wish you all the best and one day I hope you can experience this.

2 years ago I was a bitter, woman hating faggot. I still think women are stupid, but I don’t hate them.

Godspeed user and other anons with no gfs

about to be in japan for 10 weeks through uni, please explain more

For reference, I'm 6'2, 150lbs, 20. I'm a signed editorial model so that may give some idea as to what my appearance looks like, I'm a tall guy with very sharp facial features, and although I'm only half white, I have fair skin so I guess I benefit from their white fever. I was stared at constantly, asked to take photos multiple times a day by girls and was often followed around stores with girls taking photos of me thinking I couldn't see it. When asked why they wanted a photo with me they'd cite that I "Looked famous"

Don't know if that's an experience exclusive to me, but I would say if you're a decent looking white guy you'll slay.
If you guys got any questions about the trip I'll try to answer as best I can. Pic related is a pic I took at those iconic tori gates in Nara, found a random cat walking around the mountain.

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What cities where you in? Why where you in Japan?

It's ight. I've been in quite a few very intimate relationships, but I'll be honest man. They are a lot of work especially if you want to do em right. And truthfully, for me right now, not worth it. Call me lazy/selfish. I just like doin what I want to do when I want to do it.

It’s not pretty comforting at times but hella overrated

It's nice but women talk A LOT.

Like I don't know why humans evolved to have one sex only want to talk about stuff when it's necessary and the other talk as a form of bonding. Sounds like a retarded recipe for disaster.

*Its pretty

>women talk A LOT
fucking this, man

With school for a trip. Around 13 days. Tokyo, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. Osaka is where you'll have the best look with Japanese girls imo. In Tokyo Kabukicho is another good one, lots of great bars.

Eh if I'm a socially retarded loser where I am now, that's probably not going to change if I go to Japan.

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feels good man

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>We recently broke up
>she gets mad whenever she sees me with other girls

Bro you gotta just cut that shit off