I guess i'm an asshole

I guess i'm an asshole.

Tried to make plans with friends to watch once upon a time in Hollywood. Hardly anyone responded and no one showed up.

I wanted to see a movie anyways but not that one. Saw midsommer instead, knowing nothing about it. Turns out the horror themes is relationships.

Spend most of the movie on the edge of crying, end up laughing at the movie with the audience. Leave the theatre with a bittersweet feels.

Later I find out one of the friends thought I was trying to hit on her boyfriend???

ignoring the fact that I'm not attracted to men, ignoring the fact I just got out of a nine year relationship. I just want friends, I'm not ready for romance right now.

Why would my friend assume something like that from me? Did all my friends think my desire to do something with them was under the guise of a hidden agenda?

Why do people seem to always think the worst of me?

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>this one person did this thing once
>do all my fiends do this all the time?
>why does people keep doing this to me?
Do you notice anything wrong here, OP?

Yes, it's like i've done something. Like i'm an ass that no one wants to be around. I don't know what I did.

Did you respond that you weren't gay?

when I found out I just said.

"I'm not looking for that right now''

No, user, what's wrong here is paranoia. You got one (1) example of a person misreading you, and extrapolated it into thinking that everybody does it all the time without any reason to do so.
The problem is entirely in your head, not in theirs.

It's so hard to not be paranoid. I agree with you, but it's hard.


Actually, it's really easy. Most people don't do it at all.
Get therapy.

Can't this place me my therapy?

I can listen to you for a while and give you tips, OP, but it'll never be the same. Is it a matter of money or fear that you don't want to go?

lmfao it's not your fault people suck that's all, i would have just straight up insulted this person

Bit of both.

I was too shocked to say anything witty

There are plenty of places in many countries that help people find an affordable or even free place to get mental help. What part of it scares you?

Growing up, I was taught to not talk about how i'm really feeling, how sterotypical I know.

But thats why it's so easy to be open about my feelings on a place like this instead of real life face to face.

I can get that. My family is like that most of the time too. Have you always had hese kind of thoughts? I mean when someone does a thing and you start imagining other people doing the same, or having done the same.

Not really? Not unless there is a connection, like family or club. This case being I found out through a different friend, so clearly there was some talking behind my back.

I think you should confront them about it, in a non-aggresive way. For example, the person who told you: "did you think the same too? what made you think that?"
Also, I'd like to know why you said that people seem to "always" think the worst of you.

Okay I am gonna start calling the friend that told me 'Friday'.

The reason why Friday told me in the first place is because she knows that I am not looking for that, (side note, Friday didn't come to the theatre because she doesn't live in town, she only visits every other week).

I did confront my other friends about it 'hey why did you think I was trying to do that?' And the response was just kinda 'idk'

Seems to me then that it was just a matter of them not really putting much thought into things. How old are you?

Were all in the mid 20's range

I kind of expected younger people the way they acted. Sorry for the long questionnary, I just wanted to confirm a few things. All in all i'd say there's really nothing to worry about, maybe today you got a bit anxious because it was something that happene dout of the blue, but you need to control the kind of thoughts that lead into wrong ideas (that's how this all happened: they had a wrong idea). ometimes people make mistakes or unfair judgements, but there's nothing more behind that.
If they don't seem to care or worry about it, try to forget the whole ordeal.

They are shit friends stop talking to them Id never leave any of my buddies hanging like this

this op.

Don't spiral. ONE (1) weird incident that wasn't clearly your fault in some way shouldn't make you doubt your entire friend base.

Why did you include the part about the movie? it has nothing to do with your fucking question