I don't know how to say the things I want to say to you...

I come here in hopes of reaching you. Whether you're here or not, at least I've gotten it off my chest...

Vent away.

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I'm caught in a love triangle and I don't know how to escape with my mentality intact.

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Flip them both off and walk away.

>and I don't know how to escape with my mentality intact.

Probably for the best.

Caleb, I give up. It's like you never even existed. People hardly remember who you are and the ones that do know nothing about you. When you uploaded that picture way back I let my guard down and you slipped away later when nobody was looking anymore. I can't even remember what your face looks like. I can't even find out if your alive or dead. You're just gone.
You're hurting me inside even though you're no longer here. You win you heartless bastard. I'm sorry I ever tried to find my supposed.friend.

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I feel like I'm bounded to failure and loneliness. Since the end of my childhood I always was treated like shit by others. My childhood friends became shitty people and turned against me. I was too coward and pure to fight back. Others delusions and heartbreaks happened on my teenhood. Now, as an adult, I barely feel hope and things only promise to get worse and all my attempts to improve and reach dreams feels like they're nothing but me pretending and fooling myself, so is my archivements. I'm not ugly or fat. I've noticed a lot of girls finding me beautiful, but I'm so damaged by the society that I cant interact with others. People feels so empty, futile and stupid. The world feels like shit. I find almost everyone disgusting. I also have a friend for years, from the internet, and he's a fucking lucky chad and yet isnt corrupt like the others. How to be happy and surviving without selling your own soul? How to without betraying your principles? How to find light into the middle of darkness? Hope in doom? Heaven in hell? I just want to believe there is indeed a way out.

Maybe I should focus on being less disgusting

I can't wait to start living the life, I'm starting late so I can't expect to be the best at it but I'll be normal at least. Non-degenerate.

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Can you please just block me? It’s not fun anymore and I want to be alone.

You're not starting yet. You'll get there.

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I’m tired of being used by you, that’s why. You’re a shitty friend and I no longer love you.

We had some good times. If you want to get together for a drink sometime I'll always make time for it.

whatever you say, just block me now

I'm larping cause my friends have all gone their own way and caught up in their own lives now. I really miss time with the boys, but nothing lasts forever.

Just be honest with that person and tell them to stop texting you cause you are too busy or something

That wouldn’t be being honest.

Then tell them they are annoying you

He’s not annoying me. He’s hurting me by taking advantage of me and using me.

I can't think of a better word. Maybe non-shite?

I swear I'm going to die lovesick.

Semantics. You're afraid of living a certain way. That'll cost you.

then block him yourself

he'll get the memo

Ya, I guess you’re right.

I think it's only fair that you leave me alone so I can be with other guys. If you don't want me, let me be.

i'm sorry i can't help you more right now. we're each going through our own shit at the same time. you don't know what i'm going through, and i don't know what you're going through.

I don't like the role I have to play in order for people to like me. I've gotten great at not caring what other people think, but I've taken it nearly too far. There's a lingering, natural craving for companionship inside me, but I tend to find myself playing a role I don't like playing. My authentic self is not all that likeable, it would seem.

i am jealous of other girls who say their mom is their best friend. my mom is a woman full of hate and anger and narcissism. we do not have a healthy mother-daughter relationship. it's not even close to normal.

I'm dying, that's all.

I no longer care about you the way I used to. The fantasy I constructed about your character has completely eroded. Maybe I will get to know the real you, maybe I never will, I just know my feelings for you are different for better or for worse. I don't feel the desire to get close to you anymore. Whatever happens happens.

When you cared did you tell them? What changed?

I want to see you.

No you don’t.

More than anything, anyone.

I’m blocking you now. You gave me no other choice. I love you and hope things go well with your music and new job.

I don't like how the instant you were in a relationship with someone it's as if I didn't exist anymore. You and me used to talk nearly every day, now I'm lucky to get once a month. Just be the friend you say you are again.

I felt this way about someone once. Because I was too afraid to get close to her and actually get to know her, my negativity filled in the blanks and I started thinking she was a terrible person who did nothing but spread terrible lies about me and laugh at me along with everyone else. It turned out later the opposite was true - that she was standing up for me and wanted desperately to know me better as well, but my own fears kept that from happening. I don't know the specifics of your situation, but I guess the point I'm trying to make is maybe this other person feels the same way about you because of the imaginary walls you're both putting up between you.

I wished things worked out between us my dear, but the reality is that we can't be together because we can't afford to.

I'll wait for you in the future- wear we can afford to.

Thank you for all the times you showed me you loved me. We will meet again in the future and it will be forever.

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I can't categorize features that I find attractive and I am confused when people ask for a preference

I have a lot of emotions running through me right now, I'll be as brief as I can.

To paraphrase: "if someone wants to hang out with you, they will MAKE time for you."

It's important to follow people based on their actions, not their words. If you talk to someone, and they seem genuinely interested, chances are they won't tell you that they don't have any free time for a least another week. A lack of responses since then and them still being on the dating market told me all I needed to know, she was interested in someone else, someone better, someone more attractive, despite us hitting it off VERY well.

She had very cool niche interests and good humor and was far, FAR too attractive to date me, she could have any man she wants, why would she settle for me? I am constantly dumbfounded at my own stupidity, I know better by now that I am not, never have been, nor will ever be someone's first choice to date. I will always be used for attention until someone better comes along. I don't deserved anymore better. I know this sounds harsh, but it's sadly true.

I know your objections you will raise, but this is the way of things. I have no animus against anyone (save for myself), only my grievances to our own human nature and my bad luck with the hand I was dealt. I am completely valueless to all romantic interests and it is repeatedly beaten into me as a reminder every time I strive for intimacy. This is not hyperbolic and it brings tears to my eyes to be reminded of it, but it is the cold, harsh, uncaring truth. And there is not one god damn thing I can do about it, and it is pointless to make any attempt to better myself since it will never be enough to be seriously considered as a romantic partner. I am at a loss for words in exactly how to articulate this poisonous hate I have for myself. People never change. Nothing ever changes.

I feel like I could write a book addressing all of my grievances, but it'd just be 100+ pages of me whining.

based song choice

I miss you

I wish you hadn't died before we could make amends...father.

It's strange how I spent so long obsessing, fantasizing, and then almost suddenly it just changed. It didn't happen instantly, but it just sorta happened out of the blue. I just don't care like I used to. To think I was completely different on this a week ago. I guess my brain finally burnt out on you?? Don't know how or why but thank god, this needed to happen in order for me to grow.

I had something haunting me for about 13 years until recently I had am epiphany about it (her) and everything made sense, and it's changed how I view myself (for the better). Sometimes all it takes is time man, it comes to us one way or another, good to hear you're in the right track though.

I have a huuuge crush on my boyfriend's best friend, and I always fantasize about cucking my boyfriend and fucking his friend.

My boyfriend isn't really my """type"""- but his friend ABSOLUTELY is.

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I don't recall making these posts.

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My crush at work is leaving to go back to school next week. Things have been turbulent and a little awkward between us the past week, but I've decided if she reaches out to me within the next day or two, even if it's just one text, I'll definitely ask her out. If she doesn't reach out, I'll be much more unsure of myself, but likely ask her out anyways. She's one of the most charming girls I've had the pleasure of getting to know. I wonder what she thinks of me.

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Still haven't heard from her yet. She was supposed to be back today and there is only one flight left but I am 70% sure her flight was one of the earlier ones. Upgraded from worry to borderline panic.

its not that simple, she's really far away and i've got no idea how to contact her safely without making her freak out or something

You think you’re so slick letting someone else use my account. Your gf/bf whoever the fuck, I hope you love them. You could have just asked. I’m done with you. You have put me through way too much. I’ve made so many excuses and concessions for you because I love you but you’re just a terrible person. Gg you did good, con man, narcissist... who even cares what your problem is. I’ll never know nor give a fuck. I prefer humble people who don’t put others down constantly and think they are smarter than they really are. Bye.

Try something for me: sit or lie down somewhere comfy, close your eyes, and let your thoughts drift away from the object(s) of your desire.

Then, imagine looking at yourself, intently. As if you were in a hall of mirrors. Imagine being You, and then the Observer of you - from many angles. Imagine yourself above you, below, on one side or another. Focus. You aren't looking for or at anyone other than yourself right now. You aren't looking for any feelings of 'love' or goodness, just attention.

If you think you might be judging yourself as, say, ugly or lonely, or even beautiful or powerful, you're not there yet. Keep looking from all angles and distances until you see Fact in your existence. Even love and pleasure dissolve in correct sight of yourself.

And whenever you are in turmoil because of a hottie you can't resist, return to this view.

I really used to think you cared. I felt it so much. Was I imagining it?

I was crazy about you. Baka.

Who cares anymore. L-love is stupid I hate it

Three different different cities? Do you think I’m that stupid? You’re a such a huge piece of shit, are you aware? I’m not talking to you again. You were just using me... oh and I’m sure this is true about all the stuff I bought you. Not all of it was for you. God you’re such a faggot, do you think for a minute I believed you were straight? And the thing you were going to send, which I’m sure you never were going to send, stick it your ass. Never contact me again or I’ll hurt you and that’s a fucking promise.

Ive been married for several years and caught feelings for a european woman. Shes definantly into me too. I cant bring myself to tell her im married but I also cant bring myself to just stop talking to her. She gives me those butterfly feelings again.

Bitch you the one who ghosted me and ignored my questions. I tried my best so fuck off, move on because I know I am.

What questions? Liar...

She's probably dating someone already and I need to focus on being organized and disciplined in my work before I can even think about relationships.

I know how you will view me, I will always be second best, third best....seventh best. Maybe I don't even make it on the list. Today, I accept that I will be never good enough for you, in the way you want me to be. I am much more. I have all these amazing qualities that you will never see. I think one of the most tragic things to happen to people is they lose sight of what they are. How can you find yourself when you are lost?

I like your outfit from your latest vlog tho :3

I'm really fucking proud of myself. I fought for my life and I won. I did it for my angel.

I motherfucking knew it

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Are you turned on?

I am

I really really wanna mature

No you didn’t.

It's always the fucking same I fucking go insane and she's somewhere getting dicked down. Fuck my gay ass life, I just want someone to hold me

The worst feeling is loving someone, but their own toxic flaws and choices just continue to eat them alive.

I believed one day she would figure herself out and realize how to mature, grow, and have a healthy relationship with me.

But it's been 8 years, of on and off again attempts and every time you have managed to destroy us, and I'm done.

I've given up, but I find no peace here either. Your almost 30, the wall is speeding towards you and the signs were obvious even to me. You will likely end up alone, your past your prime and even your family knows your wasting both your limited time to find a good partner. They always approved of me, treated me like a son, and saw exactly why things never worked, they know your the problem. They tried to warn me to run, and I'm finally taking their advice for once and giving up on you, and leaving you to your fate.

This is not what I wanted for either of us, but it's the only choice I have.

Regardless it hurts.

If you hurt him..

I will torture you forever. We've all felt the difference to someone huting us physically to someone damage who we are, as a person. Sexual abuse takes that to a different level, at this level, you aren't even a person, you're a gadget for sociopath urges of the worst carnal disease. It wasn't you that raped you. It was someone horrible and someone that doesn't deserve the life you had. They shouldn't exist. Their life shouldn't exist, it was a life of nature.

I think I may have overreacted when I got jealous for no reason and ghosted you. I just hate how you feel the need to show how desired you are by other people. "oh this guy sent me this DM." "oh this guy followed me" "this guy sent me a pic of his 12 inch dong."

You already know how I feel aboot you. Why would you try to make me jealous?

You shouldn't have ghosted them, but you should absolutely tell them off for that. Anyone who knows you like them and feels the need to brag about other people to you is being an insensitive asshole.

And look at you now. You can't see what you are.

I was deeply in love with my boyfriend I was willing to be a housewife and everything. Then I found out he was level 1 cheating and after a while he proved himself to be semi trustworthy and I gave him another chance. But after this happened I just kind of felt like dropping the desire to have long term relationships because it seems almost impossible to actually keep someone interested in you for longer than a year. Maybe that’s why girls just whore themselves now because they’ve given up on men being committed. After that I feel like a life long relationship that’s healthy isn’t possible.

You say that you got jealous 'for no reason', however, your intuition told you something was not right at all and you felt this on a visceral level and responded accordingly. I think you made the right decision.

Triangulation is a common psychological tactic used by narcissists to play off your insecurities and to put themselves in a dominant position over you. I would recommend looking into signs of narcissistic abuse as it's become an epidemic within modern society.

B I couldnt stay hard during sex because your pussy literally smells like shit.

Im not some dumb virgin who thinks pussy smells like roses or anything but yours literally stank, also arguing with me over nothing while you menstruate in a toilet and throwing tantrums isnt exactly sexy.

One day your pussy literally smelled like hot garbage and you accused me of being gay and if all pussy smells like trash then go ahead and call me a fag.

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Tell her to use summers eve and to wear cotton underwear and drink more water

One of my three friends ghosted me tonight. We were gonna go see a movie and he decided to ignore my texts an hour before the movie. So, I had a nice depressing evening by myself, playing vidya online with a bunch of loudmouthed assholes. Yay life!

Dude, I need your advice. Do I get the thing or not?

Ugh, she never drank water and used unscented soap, her diet was shit and probably still is, we tried again months back but the damage was done by then.

I ghosted her but I get the feelings when I go a long time without fapping.

Also she was a dead fish and never reall reciprocated in foreplay, she just sat there and took it which is hot in its own way but when you see a girl throw a fit like a child when you just want to go home youre not exactly in a mood to fuck.

I don't know if this nofap shit works, or how it will go, but I'm going to fucking find out.

Best to get out simply not taking care of hygiene could probably get you sick anyways

>Knew friend before he decided to go trans
>Years of estrogen later he looks like a girl and usually has guys trying to fuck him when we're out.
>Started having days where it's just us two hanging out because other friends are busy
>Apparently this person decided I'm now someone to start doing some sexual projection towards which is making things confusing

I'm discovering there's a part of me attracted to this but I really don't want anything to escalate between us. The whole thing is really uncomfortable when it feels like I'm fighting against a desire building up when I don't want there to be one.

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Are you doing that on purpose like you spend money on me so I can’t reject you and pretty much have no choice of not dating you because I owe you?

Are you doing that on purpose like you spend money on me so I can’t reject you and pretty much have no choice of not dating you because I owe you? The truth is that I really don’t want to date you. It’s cute as some online romantic chatter, but I do not want anything real life. Stop putting me into this position.

I can't get my mind off of you. There's so much I want to do to you. Get drunk and listen to metal, sloppy makeout ending in 69 once sober enough to pull it off. Ride with me on my rounds. Fuck me as soon as I'm off work right on the hood of my car. Chain you up, have you lick me clean until I'm ready to get dirty again. Drag you by the collar into the shower and make you wash me while getting me off. I want you to need me. I want you to beg me. I love hearing your voice when you do. Damnit I need you.

See you Thursday.

Man this kinda sucks. Everyone else gets to talk and laugh with each other and it's fine, but because I'm a man it's always interpreted as flirting. I'm just really lonely and have no friends, I'm not trying to hit on these women, but they think I am and then when I say I'm not interested I look like a manipulative asshole playing games. Even if I keep to myself and only speak when spoken to, if I'm polite and positive they just think I'm shy and that's cute to them or whatever. I just want someone to hang out on weekends and get shitfaced with, man.

I don’t want you.

Your attitude makes me want to cry. I want it to be over.
And you don’t even fucking dare to say “what attitude”. I’m tired explaining that to you again and again in different ways so you fucking understand it.

Your fetishes are overwhelming. I will never be able to marry you so I'll be breaking up with you tomorrow.

Why is it so fucking hard to reply to me when I’m asking you?

Jeg var fandeme træt af din pis. Jeg gider sgu ikke at finde mig i det lortedrama vi havde. Det var enten det her eller selvmord. Jeg vil hellere do end at suge al elendigheden til mig og lade som om at det er sådan man lever livet. Det var det kraftedeme ikke, det var fandeme noget lort.
Så det er derfor jeg skred. det var en ordentlig lorteshow, det bliver sgu ikke bedre end det vi endte med.

Can you at least explain me what kind of effect you’re trying to make? You want me to make decisions by my own? You don’t want me to have my own thing so I don’t appreciate your effort? You just sick of that and can’t say directly you’re sick? I need any kind of feedback, please.

Why is it so hard to tell me you’re sick of me when you’re sick of me?

Just Text me hey and I'll tell you how I feel, that is what you want right? Have your cake and eat it too, hope you enjoy the taste.

I want to die most of all, fuck this gay ass world.

I did. Now what?

I want to disappear from this fucking country and start a new life. Fuck all this shit. My job is ruining my life. And girls here are too fucking difficult.