I get bored with things easily and nothing interests me, whats wrong with me? how to fix myself?

I get bored with things easily and nothing interests me, whats wrong with me? how to fix myself?

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play video games or go motorsport racing

I play cs:go but I want to do something else


so what? why does what you want matter? when has it ever mattered?

Help me

Your problem is stupid but ya got dubs man so here's a (you)

ADHD, get diagnosed.

This thread bores me

That's because you probably conditioned your brain to quit at the very moment you lose interest. Work on yourself, force yourself to go beyond the initial peak of interest when you're doing an activity.

Ignore these diagnosis, seriously never believe internet doctors- YOU sound like you're a cynical unnappreciative lazy person. No offense but that's what that does. Go out and get hurt. That's all it takes. Get hurt and that meal afterwards tastes better, fresh air smells better. Just go fall off a skateboard or something.

I guess I meant the one guy saying ADHD- I'm sick of Jow Forums looking like early Tumblr
>Bipolar thread! NO TRIGGER WORDS
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You don't get bored. You just give up on things.

These too but this is the remedy
You're bored because you think things are pointless. You see no fun in getting up after failing. You're just cruising dude. Take a challenge and fail, I'm not saying go build a house, I'm saying try and let a hammer hit your finger. It's primal, once that pain and anger kick in you'll either get in to it or you'll stop and realize "holy shit I'm glad I'm not doing THAT anymore" and you'll feel a little better about regular shit.

So really it's not boredom so much as- you're hiding from life.

>t. never had tumblr, let alone before 2010

So what am I supposed to do? Should I see a psychiatrist?


I feel like this too. I have a feeling it's a symptom of depression. Literally nothing interests me. I'll sit there, absolutely furious at myself from not wanting to do whatever thing it was I was going to, but I won't be able to. And even when I do start, it doesn't take long for my brain to go flat-line, and I just drop the task, even if inside I'm screaming to continue.

Are you unhappy with any part of your life? I think when you're fundamentally unhappy, no random hobbies/tasks are going to make up for it, and your subconscious realizes that and doesn't allow you to get stay about stuff because it wants to you fix the main problem.

So what should I do?

Well you gotta look deep inside yourself and be completely honest, if you're indeed unhappy with some part of your life (maybe you didn't even realize), then you should take steps to fix that.

The other thing I can say is figure out what you actually want out of life. It's certainly not easy. Again deep down you might be longing for something, so you're trying to fill it with random hobbies that don't fill that void, which is why you get bored.

If you have the resources and opportunity, a therapist/counselor is a good idea to try. Also do not that above you mentioned a "psychiatrist". Psychiatrist's really just look at surface level issues and are allowed to prescribe medications. You'd do better with a psychotherapist or counselor.

Sounds like me when I spend too much time online, or alone, Do you have consistent human interaction?

Yes I have consistent human interaction

I've been to psychologist and he told me to try many new things, but I see everything as boring





help me

only if you erp w/ me




>OP says he gets bored with things easily
>won't stop bumping his own thread

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This has been happening to me since I was born, only thing I don't get bored of is vidya

I'm even bored with vidya


Maybe you're depressed, what did you have when you weren't like this? I lost all my friends a while ago and have been sort of like this but it disappeared as soon as they came back, then they left again..........

I was at psychologist and he said I'm not depressed


OP you are going to hell

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Because you never take advice
Someday you'll pay the price I know
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Stop being a boring faggot with no hobbies or interests, that might do the trick. Fucking dipshit.

I feel the same way OP. I think my background differs from yours, but I think it stems from being talented at something at an early age, and then as I got older, and got upstaged by others who practiced(unlike myself, who thought I was a gifted natural and therefore did not practice), I got frustrated and just quit. There were also things that I wanted to get into but did not because i was pushed by my parents to not pursue it, and also things I was put into out of guilt and parent pleasing emotions, that I eventually quit bc I did not enjoy.

I’m really scared. I found something I enjoy, which is dance, but the feelings of anxiety are still there. I really want to get into it but there’s this build up I feel physically in my chest.

Recently, I’ve been running, bc it’s the only sport I can tolerate besides dance. And the anxiety I feel when I’m about to quit and just is infinitely worse but the same as the anxiety I feel when dancing, my goal is to run to not only experience and recognize this intense anxiety, but also overcome it during my runs. Hopefully this helps OP.

Find something you enjoy that pushes you to your emotional limit, and then crush that limit. Today I went on a run, and felt the build up of anxiety. I failed to overcome it, but I went a little bit farther than yesterday, and it felt good retroactively. During the run, it felt horrible. the activity doesn’t have to be fun, it just has to be emotionally invigorating OP and tolerable.

Sorry for my grammar in advance, but you’ll get the point of my rattling.

Thanks for posting this meant more than I think you could imagine

Like if you boil it down, I’m basically saying get a hobby. But some hobbies can be like sugar pills that don’t last long and fizzle immediately. It’s gotta be something that 1. Will last a long time when you do it 2. Requires intense focus 3. emotionally triggering(frustration and pride and all that Jazz)

I’m just giving an example of a bad hobby. Note, I’m not experienced w the hobby, it’s just assumptions. Say your hobby is just collecting anime figurines. It’s a valid hobby. It takes time and resources. you can feel accomplished. But you can’t really improve in that hobby.

Now take reading or running. It’s the same as anime collecting figurine. It takes time and money. you’ll spend lots of hours on it. But you can gradually improve in it.

Find a hobby that forces you to push yourself mentally. You could probably do this w any hobby, even anime figurines or anime watching, but it’s just easier to do the popular stuff desu.