What are the minimum requirements for getting a girlfriend in 2019?

What are the minimum requirements for getting a girlfriend in 2019?

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It's called the Law of 6's

6 feet
6 inches
6 figures

Actually talking to girls.

Asking a girl out in person.




Depends entirely on how high standards you have.

How many girls have you asked on date this summer op?

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I would say being a human but there are girls out there who make out with dogs so there you go

just be yourself

>to get a girlfriend

As you wish, Satan

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summer? year? decade?
the answer is still the same

>there are girls out there who make out with dogs
>make out with dogs
>with dogs

First day in the internet...?

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>must always have a job
Most people do.

>have friends, be sociable
It's how you get through in life, if you struggle with this to the point you can't socialize at all - it's usually a problem.

>be really good at something
Debatable. I've attracted women this way but many people I meet, men and women, don't have serious passions or hobbies.

>be at least somewhat muscular
Not a requirement, no.

>constantly approaching women
Despite what the current "Manosphere" may make you believe, many women aren't turned on by dudes who are constantly chatting up new women. Yeah, they like the confidence of a guy who is "spinning plates" or whatever, but it's just that - they like the confidence, not the fact that he's a manwhore or acts desperate.

>don't be meaningfully shy
Depends. A good number of women will approach you but you have to have something redeemable about yourself.

>no disabilities
Some guy with a seriously messed up face just married someone in my HS class who was pretty attractive, next.

>sexual experience
Like most of this list, certain women care, others do not.

>relationship experience
If you know how to socialize and aren't incredibly painful to be around, you don't need a lot of experience to be with a woman in a romantic relationship specifically, no.

>low body fat

>intelligence to succeed in life without being a nerd
No, MANY women like straight up dorky dudes.

>don't have bad skin
See above with the dude with the messed up face.

>be able to provide
No but the more your shit is together, the less it hurts.

>own home
...is basically the same as the above? This list is clearly banged out by someone who is insecure and terrified of rejection. And if you haven't moved out you should really consider it.

>have a car
>and drive it
Why have a fucking car if you can't even drive it?

>income potential above hers

>older, taller
Not always, and I've known this from dating somebody older AND taller than myself.

>more education

>chasing her
If you're not willing to put in effort to make shit happen, maybe she isn't the right one. I feel like too many dudes run away at the first sign of rejection or indifference, as if a woman they barely know is supposed to be head over heels (if she is, it's probably largely physical attraction, and while this can matter, it's but one of MANY factors to consider before dating someone).

I see you are very talkative user. That pic was a joke. Like this one. Dont be so serious :3

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1. Be attractive
2. Don't be not attractive

how do girls know if I have any sexual experience?

I will tell you tldr of one user asking similiar question on /adv
>be me virgin
>tldr i ended up in one bed with a girl
>after a while she asked me if i am virgin
>how the fuck could she tell?

Do you know how could she tell? Because that dude didnt try to have sex with her. Imagine: you are half naked with some thot under blanket and xou dont even try to grope her ass... This is how girls can tell you are virgin :3

It is kind of a joke but I believed in it to a degree for a while, and I'm trying to help out any dudes who come across that list and feel insecure about it.

I have dated women or have gotten interest from women taller, older than myself, or otherwise "better" than me in some way or another. What really matters, at least to me and who I'm with, is emotional connections. In fact, maybe some guys here would benefit focusing less on what "women want" as a monolith, and more on what they desire for themselves, and in their relationships, and in life. Then, instead of being neurotic about what women want, they can think about what they want, and screen women according to their standards. This helps you stop worrying about whether or not you bring enough to the table or meet enough of the "minimum requirements" to get a girlfriend.

Having a pulse.

>tfw 0 for 3

don't be scary and "creepy"


*actually being a well adjusted, decent looking person with the kind of social circle where frequent introductions to girls are possible

>MANY women like straight up dorky dudes.
After they're done riding chad's dick and need someone to look after the gaggle niglets lmao

I don't make six figures; never had an issue with finding a gf though. I’m fairly average.

I mean, all you have to do is look at the median income in the US and you can see this is retarded. Statistics actually prove this false unless you think 75% of the men in the country are not having sex.

>75% of the men in the country are not having sex
Not regular sex with their looksmatch, no.

You just have to be able to give a girl the impression that her boring life would be a little bit more exciting with you in it. This is how both the "bad boy" and "rich guy" angles work. Provide unique opportunities and good times.

I'm 5'10", just shy of a six inch dick, and I only make six figures if you count the two after the decimal point; but I'll grab an 18 inch pizza off the counter and run.

Incredibly low, I'm a cringey sleazeball and I have a literal underage gf who is head over heels for me and let me take her virginity, not the only time I've taken a girl's virginity either. So long as you don't have an inverted jawline and aren't incredibly short you can get a gf just by unironically 'being yourself', most guys are total pussies who live only by other people's standards and therefore never let anyone else know what they're really like. Every girl has really specific interests and it's just a matter of seeing enough of them while showing what sort of a guy you are and soon enough you'll bump into one who likes that kind of guy, then it's just a matter of being reasonably nice to her and not being a faggot and getting mad over every stupid thing and she'll think that you're a saint because most "men" these days were raised by shitty mothers who taught them its okay to screech about every little inconvenience. (Note that in the long run you do have to stand up for yourself sometimes, but pick your battles and just get over it and comfort her when it's not worth fighting over.)

TLDR: Don't be a total phoney and don't start fights over little weird thing she does and you'll be ahead of at least 90% of guys.

How to know if a girl is too pretty for you?

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If she is a she then here is your answer

you don't, plenty have over-inflated egos thanks to their orbiters or that one time they got boned by chad.

Just being yourself should land you more than one relationship in 2019.

look at this dude.



6 inch diagonal CRT display, 60kbaud serial, 64 K ram

At least 5 years of experience and three references from past girlfriends.

Not being you.

Okay, grandpa.

Joking aside, there's an escort forum based in my town, where you can set up appointments with sex workers. But most of them require references from past escorts before considering you.

An iPhone, a Netflix account and onions-face..
Oh.. also you gotta be six foot to ride!

Sounds about right.

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I know too many fat nerdy assholes with women to really take this seriously.

Thing is they're cocky little shits that bully people habitually, and it works great on girls

Better act fast, it's going up to 7/7/7 in 2020.

Bullshit. A lot of women are really just looking for a guy capable of offering stability. What you're describing only applies to women with the highest standards so the top 20% as they say. If you have a good job making enough to get your own place and raise a family that's all women really look for if they're average or above average. You also have to factor in age and social status, both are important but you don't have to be a leader in the world to get a girlfriend.

getting a girlfriend in 2019 is cuckoldry many women arent faithful nowdays

1. match a girl on Tinder
2. hold conversation
3. meet up
4. wear a dress shirt, clean jeans, cologne, and shave
5. be confident
6. congrats, youre above 70% of this generations gene pool and she will likely be into you

confidence/dressing and smelling well are the easiest and biggest things. dating for money or whatever is a huge red flag, ive dated girls of all income/finance. as long as they hold a stable job and arent in a huge amount of debt, i dont care

kelly dude & shina barrette cutest couple ever and shud be married

>1. match a girl on Tinder
stopped reading there
literally worse than "bee yourself"

how so? Tinder is literally the easiest ice breaker, as long as you dont fudge your pictures or falsify them you already know shes into you for looks and youre likely set if she doesnt have a shit personality.

ive asked out/gone out with girls longterm picking them up the old fashioned way in a bar, but that shits way more nerve wracking than something like Tinder


you're assuming all the people using tinder get matches AND meet up irl
just loling at your whole outlook

Not having chosen to be an incel

#1 is not caring what women want, and I mean that with complete sincerity. 'What she wants' is a question you ask about a particular woman, not women in general. When you're obsessed with the standards of women in general, then you're fucked, because you're always running around trying to fix shit that doesn't matter and you look like a pushover. Which is gonna get you fucked in the long run because some bitch thinks she can string you along for no payback.

2,4 and 5 is easy and I do that.
I don't know why I can't get girls to match me in tinder so it 2 us only for the people I meet which isn't that many.
I delete tinder once I run out of girls, try again next year. It is so soul crushing every time but I keep having hope that I can meet someone who I can share my otherwise good life.
I get that rejection online isn't the same as in person but the numbers are bigger.
Getting rejected by 10 girls in real life takes a lot of time. In the same time you can be rejected by the entire city you live in.



That's not true, even the average woman feels entitled to Chad

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Everything I know about women I learned from incel memes: the post.

Hate to say it, but this dude gets it.
Anyone who doesn't have actual proof of this being wrong is lying out of their ass (not angry about this, just saying).
Women's standards are much higher than a man's standards especially nowadays, there's no denying this.
I genuinely appreciate the advice you guys have shared here, but this user (21241606) isn't wrong.

More like browsing roastie-twitter everyday

Lies. Women don't value physical attractiveness. Shit up you fucking incel

I'm an incel and I'm proud

Blow it out your ass

Same here, our numbers are growing (and shootings XD) whether people like it or not.

I hope you fucking die. Innocent people dying is an atrocity

Hello FBI