It's a whole new life!

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I'm so fucking horny but not in my genitals but in my head like I wanna fuck but my body says no.

I don’t know if I’m an extrovert or an introvert. I’m way too chatty and I live off of social connections but at the same time I only talk to my mother, sister and grandmother on a daily basis. I don’t have any friends and I’ve never gone out drinking or partying. But I crave social interactions. I just don’t know, I love talking to people and I love small social events but at the same time large stuff like weddings and concerts make me really mad, like I want to punch a wall for no good reason. I’ve been in situations where I live with people for months like on camping trips or when I was a kid at summer camps and I loved being around others. Sure I had my alone time but I shat with others, ate with others, spent nearly 23 hours of the day within a 5 meter radius of other people. Never bothered me. Can you be a friendless extrovert? Does anyone else live this hell? I talk to myself all the time, post on chans. I imagine full blown conversations with myself and made up people. Fuck I’m so lonely. I love living with people. I go on walks and stare across the street at the patios of restaurants during the summer nights and I see all the people and their friends and I get so depressed. When I go out training I see people my age in cars going places and I feel so empty, when I get home I just sit and talk to people, real or not, who I can’t see. I’d love to never have to eat another meal by myself again. I’d love to have buddies I could talk to about shit so I don’t explode all my ideas and thoughts on the first person I talk to. I just need to shut up but I fucking can’t.

A girl I know suddenly deleted all pictures with her face in it on instagram. I've seen her absolutely cake on make-up and its just so obvious that's she's really insecure.
But the thing is, she is cute. Insanely cute. I think I'll tell her she's pretty at some point, but I got to think of a way that isn't too forced/weird.
The people who go out of their way to compliment me make me feel warm and valid. I hope I can get her to feel that too.

Do it bro, spread the positivity

Why can't I ask or just have a normal conversation with strangers in general I can say hi or what's up but I can never usually get it up off of that

I've started my self improvement journey about 2 3 months ago and I think this is my last step to put me on the correct path but i still for the life of me have a hard time initiating a conversation but when I'm in a conversation im fine it's just the leap at first
Is it all really just a leap of faith?

My colleague is def pregnant, it’s visible and she talks about breastfeeding. It feels pretty bad.

I can't stand dealing with people who can't speak English or think properly. It is so god damn frustrating that its gotten to the point that I would do almost anything to live a few weeks without seeing or having to deal with a non-White, but that seems like an impossibility. One can dream.

Worrying is what gets me into trouble.

I think I love A but it's best not to share that information now.

I really hate my new part time job and plan to quit after I pay off some debts (around $10k). I really don't want to work with people overseas in India anymore but shit sucks because I'm in tech, where there seems to be a huge amount of them. Time zones, bad attitudes, and holy shit the meetings where I can't understand anyone's accents.. I just hate it so much

I took medicine but still have a headache. I've eaten and drank plenty of water. Really why am I sick all the time.. I want to be healthy.

The potential for us when we first met was magnanimous. We share a lot of the same passions about the important ideals, both have a need for independence such that we respect each other’s hobbies and need for time apart, and the physical chemistry was incredible. But our issues have turned everything to shit. We never even got to put the car into drive. Where I am now is that my trust in you is gone- and my hopes are nil that you can earn it back. I can’t even fathom a friendship with you which you know is very significant given my character. However good your intentions may be, my skepticism assumes the worst. Although my fighting nature is to never give up on the possibility of an “us”, I have allotted this possibility too much time and too many chances. To the point the actual definition of crazy is applicable. I’ve been working hard on growing as an individual and I must tell you that I no longer see a future for me with you in it.

I am not good with goodbyes and have no experience with closing the door on those I care(d) about so this will be a challenging experience for me. I’m sure I will falter but those moments of weakness will only be temporary. I own my actions throughout our history and will try to learn from those mistakes moving forward. I also release any hurt and sadness such that there are no grudges or ill will towards you. There is no need for me to worry about you as you’ve made it glaringly obvious you are always all right without me. I’m sure you will consider this a relief.

Holy shit dude, friending you on Insta was the worst mistake I've ever made. You're a complete scumbag and seeing you happy makes me want to ruin your life.
Fuck yeah, you sociopathic shithead, I can't think of a single person less deserving of nice things than you. And it's not like you don't try to rub it in my face as much as possible.

Are there any Canadian males who would like to pretend to be my boyfriend for a month?

Are you gay?

No. I can pretend to be male if that's your thing.

If odds I passed

Why do you need a boyfriend? From O town if that matters

Ok, still sad :'''(

Research purposes.

lately i want to fuck a lot of guys and i want to post nudes online. i have boyfriend so i feel bad for thinking about this shit.

All these stupid Ali express packages wth? I’m just throwing them away unopened.

He was only just a fabricated version of me. Not even a good or moral one at that.

Live in a commune. I totally relate... I’m basically friendless but I’d love to live with a bunch of people. When I had roommates it was nice. I think I need people to fill the empty void that is my soul.

I'm doing roughing it in the ghetto


Some people are just simply hopeless.


What's with Japan and associating vampires with jazz?

You not liking me is a deal breaker... finally.

kek ya I'd say that's a prereq

You couldn't even lay down your pride all the while I made a fool of myself, submitting to your every whim. Fuck you, you have no real vision. You're headed into a brick wall.

Why? Mind your own business. If you crushin just ask her out.


Ofc I’m good without you. That’s what a healthy relationship looks like. I don’t want a codependent relationshit like you do. Go.

You can't even see past your penis, let alone, your backyard.

You still don't see, do you?

You needed to change. You didn't. End of story.

Change what? I can’t get any taller, sorry.

Such a stupid larp. It’s not codependency, it’s wanting someone to be a part of your life.

All you had to do was ONE time tell me that you liked me. I’m not that needy but I did want to hear that. I tried to ask. Everything else is perfect between us. I love how we are together. You’re my first real love, maybe you won’t brlieve that.

I’m larping, I’m not the person you were responding to originally.

I'm super excited. In half a year, I'll be leaving this toxic place for good and start a new life somewhere else on another continent. Leaving this heartbreak, leaving that shitty family, leaving this toxic hellhole altogether. That's given me so much power even though every day feels like such a hustle right now. Fuck, I even started playing the piano, something I never thought I could. They won't know what hit them when I finally drop the bomb on them in November. When I show them the acceptance letter, the funding and the plane tickets.

I finally know what I'm worth now. I'm coming for all the things you assholes said I'd never have.

Finally finding someone that I love and appreciate so much was honestly the worst thing to happen to me. I never cared what anyone thought of me, I never needed anyone. I hate this so much because he doesn’t feel the same way but he was a constant in my life for years and it was so good and I was so happy. Now, idk... it’s like he’s moving on but won’t tell me. I want to die. I need to stop trying to keep someone in my life that doesn’t want to be there. I’m going to miss him a lot.

Wait, if bacteria can create water from air, then is it possible life existed on earth before water ever did?

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Can you link something that says bacteria can create water?

Aquifex aeolicus
>It requires oxygen to survive (though it can grow in levels of oxygen as low as 7.5 ppm), and its method of respiration produces water as a byproduct. ("Aquifex" means "water-maker.")
And also
>Aquifex, meaning "water-maker," got its name because the the final product of this reaction is water.

Don’t they need carbon dioxide to survive?

That'd be very unlikely because water only needs three atoms arranged while a complex thing like a bacterium needs a lot more. My educated guess is that it's far more likely that water existed before bacteria.


>As autotrophic organisms, Aquifex fix carbon dioxide from the environment to get the carbon that they need
>It needs oxygen to carry on its metabolic machinery
Based doesn't read the link they asked for user.
I was thinking more along the lines with that aliens seeded this planet to support their own lifeforms.

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I have adhd ;_; I actually did read but just didn’t comprehend.

What whims did you submit to? Not one that I can remember.

Where are you now (so I know where not to be) and where are you going (so I know what a good place should be)?

A part of me is, and will always be, Lelouch


I'm constantly plagued with intrusive thoughts of my ex. I wake up everyday thinking about a break up I went through 3 years ago. I should probably see a therapist or grow some testicles.

I don't love you. I don't love anyone else. I miss the feeling of loving someone.

Yes, sounds like you should.

I don't love you either. And that's a good thing. Now I should find the other man.

Why don’t you? ;_;

Reading summary of Epstein files and not sure what is more embarrassing for Prince Andrew: the fact he got busted using underage hookers, the fact he was sucking one of their toes, or the fact he once turned a mff threesome into a mffp foursome by using a puppet.

>Be yesterday
>Make a new GIOYC thread
>Come back home hours later after work the next day (today) and check Jow Forums
>There are now 3 GIOYC threads with low reply numbers
Fuck off

>didn’t use gioyc image
Who needs to fuck off

Over the years I build a personality, almost like a mask, just to hide my acedia from the outside. I don't know what it feels like to be emphatetic, I know I've to pretend in certain situations because it's not socially acceptable to do otherwise but on the inside I just don't know: I feel I couldn't care less. The first time I realized it was when my grandad died, I don't have bad memories of him, he has always been a loving parent yet when it happened I wasn't sad nor mourning, I felt simply nothing. Maybe at the time I was too little to comprehend but I happened again more years later.

Some people talks about family but for me is close to be meaningless. I cannot connect to mine, I just isolate myself because I'm always out of place. When I hear my friends talking about their family experiences and relations I almost envy them, they are able in something that is alien to me. My indifference makes concepts like being cared or caring for others really hard to comprehend. It's sad I really would like to be otherwise but how can you learn something that's supposed to be hardwired into me?

Ironically I do suffer loneliness so the whole mask I build was to make some friends, so I don't have to talk with myself but is rather hard work. I did tried to go natural for a couple of days but everyone was on top of me asking whenever everything was ok, something happened and stuff like that... I build a character so convincing that my natural self is alien to them.

It is a big penis

Can I see it?

Did you do it?

*walkie static*
yeah, we're in



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You sound like my ex.
He didn't understand that it's okay to rely and depend on people when needed, specially if you love or care for them. This doesn't mean you give up your free will and your idea of self, but when you're in any type of relationship you depend on them and they depend on you. It's a mutual give and take, it's how bonds are formed. Being too independent is what caused the down fall of my relationship actually and the multiple, multiple down falls of the other ones my ex got into. It's actually really heart breaking to see...

Maybe he's gay maybe it's maybelline

I think he tried that, or at least hinted he tried it the last time we talked.

Yeah it's still pretty hard to come out of the closet in this year
How did he hint it?

Just tell me why you choose to ignore me.

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Just for how long I've known him and just how he put the type of people he's dated since we stopped talking, he tried to hide the genders pretty hard. Plus around the time we broke up he was into mgtow and seems totally off that train now.

My bf doesnt think his bad habits effect our relationship but we live together and he has gotten so distant. We hardly talk. We'll fuck. We won't really cuddle. He usually has his headphones in so he can keep up his gross habits. Most of the time we argue or just exist in the same room. Im so lonely and I know he is too.

What's his habit?

>he tried to hide the genders pretty hard
I just wished they'd focus more on self improvement and directly appeal to the unjust aspects of the law such as divorce rather than the women as much as they do

He's gay too anonette i'm sorry

>keep up his gross habits
How gross are we talking here
Video games, vr porn or piss bottles?

I hate this shit. Have a group of friends, one of them said something about trannies, now everyone else is mad and trying to force me to choose a side. I don’t know what to do


I'm sick of regretting things.

1 day I'm going to just pack my shit up after finding a state half way across the country and just go. I'll tell nobody. Not even my parents. Nebraska is a fucking shitty state if you want to expand and do more with your life. Whether it be professional or social, the options are limited by a death grip. There's only 1 person here I genuinely care for but the second his kid pops out in a few weeks then our time together will be even rarer than it is already. The only other "friends" from this area moved away and/or only show up during a once a year Christmas get together. And even then they are forcing smiles and conversations. FFS, they still talk about our fucking musical that happened 8 years ago when we were sophomores EVERY. FUCKING. YEAR. There's nothing for me in this state. I've figured out it's people and landscape to a T and I'm not impressed. I want more out of life.

When do you know you need a therapist?

There's nothing wrong with me.

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Please don't be so vague. I'm rather nonsensical. I know before you show me the truth...

I've been hurting my gf a lot physically but she gives me permission to do so. Kinda weird but ok.

Also I've been off drugs for almost a week now which is quite an accomplishment for ms


Finally developped a masturbation addiction.


I just started a new job as a public school teacher. The students haven't even had their first day yet and I feel like I'm in over my head and I have too much shit to do in the next 5 days before they start. I knew this career is stressful, especially when you're just starting out, but Jesus Christ.

Same here. I'm tired of the intrusive thoughts, which leads to worry, about making future mistakes that lead to regrets
I'm trying really hard to work on "being present" by working on some different techniques. I can tell when I've been slacking because all the bad feels come back

You're an asshole. Hope that clears it up.

I gave the orders.

The girl I’m crushing on tried to FaceTime me the other day but I was legitimately busy and couldn’t answer. Now I’m too chickenshit to call her back.