Gf going to nude beach

I'm not down for it, I've expressed it and she finds me to be possessive and controlling do I pull away?

She brought up that she wants to take her female friend from out of town to a local nude beach. I told her that would be breaking my boundarys and I wouldn't date a woman that stripped nude in front of strangers. I've laid out my lines and told her she's free to do whatever she wants with that information.

So I guess my only option is to pull away and fuck other women? Anyone who fights me on this isn't what I want in a relationship.

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Definitely bail, anyone who calls you possessive and controlling for having a different opinion on an obvious grey area is either retarded, or manipulative themselves.

>So I guess my only option is to pull away and fuck other women?
Pretty much.
Good on you standing firm senpai.

And why can't you go with them?
It's ok to be ashamed of your body, but it's not your call to prefer what other's do with their bodies.
Enjoy being single.

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Unless said person is in a relationship. Don't give advice if you've never been in one, dongleberry

100% break up.

You did well, op. A woman that is happy to display her naked body to strangers and refuses to respect your boundaries is not anything worth keeping around.

>Don't give advice if you've never been in one
Hi newfag, lurk more.

Your dog doesn’t count

Well, it's pretty simple. You expressed boundaries and she disregarded them. It's completely fair for two partners to have standards for sexuality and nudity in public.

>why cant you go with them?
Because A: I don't fucking want to
And B: I'd lose all attraction to my girlfriend if she showed her pussy off to the world. Same reasons I don't date strippers and sluts.

Going with them has nothing to do with the issue. I'm manogomois and expect exclusivity.

There's something ineffably sad about being a tripfag on Jow Forums.

>Enjoy being single.

What a cunt

You can't do anything sexual in a nude beach. I'd say it is the least likely place where she would be able to cheat on you.
>I wouldn't date a woman that stripped nude in front of strangers
Why everything must be about what YOU want? Fuck what you want. Stop controlling her. Talk with her about this, tell what you feel, but don't be a dick.

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You should go with them bro and maybe bang her friend. Most of the people at nude beaches are gross so if you're a 5/10 in real life you're probably a 6.5 there.

It's not about showing her pussy off, it's about her checking your self esteem and you are failing this test bad.

Excuse me? Fuck what I want? What kind of weak cuck would forgoe his own interests so his woman can slut around? I know a nude beach is the last place people fuck, I'm not worried about that, I'm not insecure about that, I lose all attraction for her if that's the choice she makes in a relationship. I'm not arguing my boundaries, they're already set and I won't change them.

>want to know how I know youre a woman?

SeeThere's nothing insecure about it. I'm in better shape than both of them and if lose interest in her if she goes nude in public.

>What kind of weak cuck would forgoe his own interests so his woman can slut around? I know a nude beach is the last place people fuck, I'm not worried about that
You hold a contradictory opinion that is based in your own insecurities. :)
>I'm in better shape than both of them and if lose interest in her if she goes nude in public.
You're still placing your own sex value on her image, which you acknowledge is not the reason that you go to a nude beach. You are insecure.

Oh you sure convinced me

ofc break up with her, you did the right thing when communicated your boundaries and she was clear in her knowing intent to breach them so fuck her
you will find a better person

This is bait but I'll play along. You already sound like a confident dude. If she goes leave her and be single. You are still young right? You don't sound controlling. When people are in relationship there should be a mutual respect. A good women is submissive. If she is making a big deal out of it she knows going to the beach will be wrong.

There sure are a lot of incels in this thread. You should probably break up cause its clear you guys have different perspectives. Personally I dont get the problem. It's a nude beach. Everyone is naked, and no one gives a shit. Her body isn't a forbidden fruit only for you. Go find a chick that likes having their collar buttoned all the way up.

On the one hand, you have the right to disapprove. She's in the wrong for not even considering much less respecting your opinion, even if she disagrees with it. Relationships are about making sacrifices for each other, and she clearly isn't willing to work out a compromise on this.

On the other hand, it's just a nude beach. It's not like she's going there to show off or attract anybody. You compare it to a stripper, but she isn't naked FOR anybody, she's just naked in a place where everybody else is naked and nobody cares. Nobody will gawk if you're with her, unless you look like a beta bitch.

So basically, you're both wrong.

You sound beta.

Who are you quoting?

She should honestly break up with you. The boundary thing is fine but youre talking about her like she is your item and eventually this will turn into you control her clothing she wears because "men will stare" and she will only be allowed a giant jacket and 3 layers of pants. You need to grow up she isnt gonna strip down and dance in front of everyone and chances are no one will give a shit about her also the way you talk about her makes it seem like you dont find her that good looking so who gives a shit. Youre a weirdo dude honestly need to grow the fuck up and change your "boundaries"

There is no point talking to OP he is a retard and doesnt understand trying new fun things with people. He's gonna grow up controlling his partner one after another and everyone will leave him until he finds the perfect girl who doesnt say no to him.

My money is on she is gonna go to the beach and he is going to have an autistic meltdown then "break up" with her then come crawling back.

The topic of whether going to a nude beach is improper is irrelevant.
You've made your boundaries clear, and she has made her intent to exceed those boundaries clear.
If she does indeed go to the beach in question, and you don't break up with her, you're a weak bitch and deserve to have her walk all over you in the future.

t. cuck

You sound like a buttblasted thot.

Yeah I dunno if she won't respect it... maybe it's not the kind of relationship you're after.

Shift the whore to FWB status. It's easier to get a gf when you're still getting your dick wet regularly then it is when you're single.

You sound like a faggot desu OP.

You should break up with her so she can find someone better

>if you don't literally let your girlfriend get nude in public you're an incel
dude, what kind of fucking world am i living in

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The world where people go to nude beaches all the time because they aren't insecure little faggots who are worried chad is going to steal their girl with his monster cock flopping about

I know many people and none have ever been to a nude beach.

Sounds like you know a bunch of prudes

t. degenerate

it has nothing to do with being insecure, it has everything to do with letting your woman go out in public naked. only an absolute beta with no control what so ever over his woman would allow this to happen. i assume you're a pasty, 5'6 manlet that gets cucked constantly. it's okay, just have some sex.

brainwashed puritan detected

Only an absolute beta would throw a hissy fit about his woman getting naked because he's terrified of her getting stolen once somebody sees he lacks a pair of testicles

>but it's not your call to prefer what other's do with their bodies.
I knew you were retarded, but this is the worst I've read from you so far
his preferences are his and noone else's and if he doesn't want a relationship with certain people, that's also his decision


>degenerate and a cuck

>I have no arguments so I'll just call him names

>pot calling the kettle black

To any anons saying that OP's request that his gf not go to a nude beach is controlling behavior, is it also controlling behavior for someone to ask their partner not to have sex with anyone else?
Where is the line drawn? Or should affairs also be perfectly fine, with the only alternative being sharia law?

>going to a nude beach is comparable to sex
Hello puritan cuck

So what if your girlfriend was going to a public pool and went into the changing room to put on her bathing suit?

Is that forbidden as well? She is getting naked in front of other people after all.

Personally I force my girlfriend to wear a burqa whenever she's not in my bedroom

>If you don't like your gf being nude in public you're a cuck

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>changing rooms don't have stalls
Yuropoors everyone

>my only option is to pull away and fuck other women
OR you can say she can only go if you go, too. See how she feels

>that kid that gets changed in the toilet stall because he is afraid of being naked in front of others

>changing rooms are bathrooms
Yuropoors everyone

It's OK user. We know you are afraid of public nudity. We don't judge you for it.

Don't worry fuckboy I have just the thing for your delicate eyes

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>degenerate talking about judgment
oh i am laughing

Go home Mohammad

No user it really is fine. I am sure lots of young boys have issues from being teased in the school changing room.

Does she not want you to go with them? That sounds like a fun thing you could all do together. If she's inviting you to join then it would be nice and supportive of you to go, but if you feel strongly about not going then you don't have to.

If you really don't want to go and you also are uncomfortable with her going with or without you, then you should calmly explain your reasoning to her. If the two of you can't have an adult conversation about it without throwing out ultimatums then you're not compatible with each other. If you can calmly discuss it but it's something the two of you can't reach a compromise on, then I guess you should dump her. Personally, I think that's a silly reason, but it's your prerogative.

>degenerate talking about young boys
Are we going to have to get the FBI involved user?

>yuropleb automatically assumes a non-degenerate must be muslim
This is how far Yurop has fallen. SAD

FBI has no jurisdiction in Europe. You are slipping.

FBI cooperates with Interpol and European agencies to bust perverts and degenerates using American sites to peddle their degeneracy.

Imagine having such a backwards culture that you see the naked body as something inherently sexual

God damn so many soibois and roasties itt

Horrible, horrible...

>implying any country will let you walk anywhere you please buck naked
Please try it. I can't wait to read about user in Yurop being dragged to prison on sex charges for walking down Main Street naked.

I wouldn't want a gf that I have to constantly chaperone.

Bait. An insecure faggot like OP wouldn't he able to get a girlfriend.

Actually legal in plenty of European countries you dumb amerifat.

[citation needed]

Ever realize all those "public nudity" picture sets are from somewhere in Europe?

>sex charges
Those are a Burgerland thing only.

I think you're being very silly but there's no point in arguing. If you two don't agree then move on.

It's fine for you to be uncomfortable with this. But it's also fine for her to want to do it. You're not being controlling because you haven't told her not to, but she isn't doing the wrong thing either, because she has the right to pursue her interests. So yeah, if you want to break up with her because of it go ahead, but no one is at fault here.

How about this you irate bitch: he has boundaries, he expressed them clearly to his girlfriend and she doesn’t care. That’s called being a man and not some pussified wussy that will let her do whatever she wants. How in the hell is it right for a woman to say your being possessive when she is actively placing herself in a situation where she could possibly be ogled and taken by another man sexually since she isn’t wearing any clothes, and it’s perfectly fine to go crazy if your man wants to travel to Cancun with his boys for spring break? I applaud op for knowing what he will and won’t tolerate from you loopy females.

If he wasn't too much of a pussy to go with her she wouldn't be at any risk of being ogled and taken, you fucking worthless beta male.

Dude, that’s great if you want your nude girlfriend at the beach with her friend ready to take some dicks but op doesn’t want that. It’s a clear boundary that I think needs to be respected. It shows that op has a healthy dose of self esteem and knows exactly what he wants.

those "public nudity" pictures are all taken on property cordoned off from the rest of the public.

Your girlfriend gets naked and/or strips for medical exams. She gets naked when she goes to the gym and changes in the locker room. She takes her top off to get a massage, probably. Maybe she even gets partially naked when changing or trying on clothes with friends. Why do we accept these forms of nudity? Because most well-adjusted adults understand that not all nudity is sexual. We understand that nudity is very contextual and just because we're taking our clothes off doesn't mean its for the purpose of having sex and/or violating the sanctity of our romantic relationships. The only reason people in this thread are arguing so vehemently against it because they're pretending not to understand this concept for the sake of justifying their insecurity. There isn't anything wrong with admitting that other people seeing your partner naked might make you feel weird. What is wrong, however, is simply digging your feet in the sand and exercising control over your girlfriend's body sensibilities because you're too infantile to confront your own issues with control and possibly entertain being a little uncomfortable for the sake of personal growth.

If you honestly stop and think about it there is no tangible or intangible aspect of his relationship that is even remotely affected by his girlfriend sitting with her tits in the sun for a few hours. The only thing that's at all being affected is his own internal struggle with control, insecurity, and the rather irrational fear that the sanctity of his relationship is somehow damaged by his girlfriend being naked on the same stretch of beach as a bunch of other random, naked people. His inability to separate the sexuality from nudity is kind of his issue to deal with, not hers. Regardless, there's no point in staying in this relationship if he refuses to confront his issues. It would be better for both parties to break up if he really insists on being a child about it.

>Your girlfriend gets naked and/or strips for medical exams. She gets naked when she goes to the gym and changes in the locker room. She takes her top off to get a massage, probably.
None of that is in public.

He doesn’t want to go. I don’t fucking blame him because he probably has more to do than to placate his girlfriends every whim, just like, you know, a grown ass man should. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used irate bitch but seriously, you or whoever should understand that this man does not feel comfortable having his girlfriend on display like a meat rack and expressed it clearly to her. Most guys aren’t nearly that mature or proactive, they’ll let her do it, she comes back with a sly grin on her face whispering to her friend, and now his girlfriend wants to take a trip alone for two weeks in Moscow. “I have to meet work friend raoul, I can’t stand him! It won’t be for very long...”

That’s an extreme example but seriously, in a relationship two people have to come to a mutual understanding in order for it to work. If op was a cheating fuck and was stringing his girlfriend along while she wants to get
Married, that’s wrong and he’s destroying all sorts of boundaries. Same deal.

>you're just too immature to get why I like my gfs to be nude in public
okay cuck

>How about this you irate bitch: he has boundaries, he expressed them clearly to his girlfriend and she doesn’t care.
You fail to differentiate boundaries that you are responsible for maintaining and boundaries that other people are responsible for maintaining. You think that just because you've established something as a boundary that it somehow makes you entitled to exercise whatever fear, insecurity or irrational whim that compelled you to set that boundary on somebody else. For example, I'm afraid of swimming. I almost drowned as a kid. For this reason, I don't go swimming. Now ask yourself - how fair would it be if I demanded that my girlfriend not go swimming too because my fear of her drowning was too great? Its a boundary, right? Why is she obligated to respect my boundary simply because I said so? Wouldn't you say that my issues surrounding my fear of water and how it may or may not affect the people in my life is mine to deal with and not hers? I think the inherent issue is your insanely antiquated puritan sensibilities are compelling you to stretch your logic on this issue farther than it was meant to go. The foundation of the argument that it isn't okay for your girlfriend to participate in any activity in which another man could find her sexually attractive is fucking bananas insecure and illogical. With that logic then she literally couldn't go to the gym or even swimming at the beach or pool in a bathing suit. The only way she'd be able to follow that role is to roll around town in a fur coat and sweatpants. Just admit that you're a pent-up religious weirdo and naked women freak you out. Your logic is beyond nonsense.

>None of that is in public.
Well, aside from the fact that a gym is rather public, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the concept that nudity isn't always sexual and we understand that base concept in our every day lives. There are tons of situations in which we get naked where the express purpose is not expressing sexuality. This is also a very isolated sentence from the rest of my post. It was rather lengthy so pulling one sentence out of context to argue with it doesn't really do anything to address the entire foundation of what I said.

Wrong. You can see plenty of them in open public places. Why is it so hard for burgers to accept the fact that some countries have more freedoms?

Its obvious you're very young and bad at engaging with people you disagree with. You also failed to employ a believable strawman at all. Not being threatened by something and actively enjoying it are two vastly different things. I know you understand that you were just probably pretending to be stupid for the sake of employing that very weak strawman.

THIS. What part of public beach do not understand? And a child throws a temper tantrum when they don’t get what they want. Op, as a mature fucking adult gave a healthy boundary and she wants to cross it. He is being proactive in responding that he does not want a girlfriend that parades her body around. He isn’t being ugly, defensive, or passive. Now, those are clearly YOUR beliefs on how you feel about public nudity, and that’s fine if you feel that way. But I understand where op is coming from. It seems innocent enough to be naked on the beach, but coming from a man if I saw a hot woman suntanning naked on the beach and I got a chance to show her my 9 inch eighth wonder of the world, you best believe I’d do it in a heartbeat.

i Really hope isn’t a guy. That really scares me for the future.

Changing rooms in a gym are not "rather public".
Go outside once in a while.
>doesn't really do anything to address the entire foundation of what I said.
That's because it destroys your so-called point. All of that happens in private, away from the rest of the public.
Even so called "public nudity" is mostly kept confined on property specifically set aside for nudists, away from the rest of the public.

>open public places
"Naturist" locations are properties specifically set aside for nudists away from the general public.

This is a very based post. Anons in this thread are literally seething at the thought of their hypothetical girlfriend exiting their bubble of of control.

It is not illegal to be naked in public in some places in Europe. Some "public nudity" pictures are very clearly in a completely public place such as a square or subway station.

Why do you insist on being wrong? Why can't you accept facts? Why does this whole thing make you so angry?

>Op, as a mature fucking adult gave a healthy boundary and she wants to cross it.
I don't agree that its a healthy boundary. I don't see what part about their relationship is damaged or threatened by sitting on a beach with your tits out for a period of time. You're entitled to disagree with me. I also don't agree that your partner deciding that a boundary you've set is unreasonable makes them the one at fault. They don't agree on it. That's okay, regardless of my opinion. Nobody is at fault. Everyone has their sensibilities and their opinions and at the end of the day OP is more than entitled to go find someone who agrees with him.

>I saw a hot woman suntanning naked on the beach and I got a chance to show her my 9 inch eighth wonder of the world, you best believe I’d do it in a heartbeat.
Well, you believing that women being naked on a beach gives you license to immediately make it sexual and expose yourself to them seems like your own personal issue. I'm not sure if this is a safe thing to project onto the rest of the world that doesn't think sexual harassment is an okay thing to do.

>i Really hope isn’t a guy.
I am a dude. I've been in a relationship for 6 years. One time a few years ago my girlfriend went to a hot springs with her friends and *gasp* they took their tops off while they soaked. Wanna know what happened? Nothing. She had a good time and came back and we continued about our lives because it literally meant nothing.

It would actually be a dick move for your gf to go to swimming parties with other guys if she knew you had a fear of swimming and would be grounds for you to break up with her, if you weren't a cuck that is.

>in some places
Most of them set aside specifically for nudists.

Yes, I agree. Forbidding a woman to take part in an activity that another man may find her attractive is silly and illogical. You know what’s also silly and illogical? Stifling your fears and insecurities about your significant other taking part in an activity that makes you uncomfortable and placating their desires. You obviously don’t understand that a relationship goes two ways, and if there is not clear and present beliefs about what you will and will not tolerate in a relationship you’ll end up far more miserable and depressed with someone who only says with you because you placate their desires. Fuck that. His girlfriend is free to go show off her cootche to whoever wants to see it on the nude beach, but op is also free to drop her like a bad habit. Just admit that you are a placating virgin with no spine.

>I don't agree that its a healthy boundary.
Yes, we know you're a cuck

>That's because it destroys your so-called point.
It doesn't and I explained why. If you don't want to address the rest of the post thats fine but lets not pretend like singling out a single sentence and hanging it up on one rather inconsequential detail dismantles my entire argument is even remotely sensical.

>All of that happens in private, away from the rest of the public.
Incorrect. When she goes to the doctor her doctor is there. Maybe a nurse or imaging assistant. When she goes to the gym there are strangers there. Other people see her naked. That's the entire basis behind OP's complaint.