Ask a pretty girl anything

Maybe I'll answer it :)

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Why are you so conceited? That isn't attractive.

Why did Itachi have to die?

Recognizing my beauty and having self esteem isn't being conceited. Everyone should feel this way about themselves. If you feel that way you are projecting your own low self esteem onto me. How you feel about yourself doesn't affect how I feel about myself.

Besides I am not photogenic, I have my bad days, I went through severe body dismorphia, relax.

What's your kik? Tell me.

I guess everything and everyone has their time in this world.

Omg not this bitch again

I don't use any kind of social media, I guess except for this site sometimes.

No, you're conceited and likely a liar. Pretty girls don't need this type of validation. They get it all the time.

Tits + timestamp or GTFO

whats it like to be pretty and at home on 4 chan wondering from pretty girl to pretty girl saweeeetie

We see right through you :) mentioned you were pretty and this shows a need for validation!

let me see your face so I can make an objective judgement on whether you're pretty or not.

The title is to rile you up and it's working
And by "we" you mean just you?

You aren't old enough for that
Graduate middle school first

Since it is everyones first experience talking with a girl, let alone one who is attractive, this is the expected response. But you should try to learn from it, you can't demand respect when you don't give it, you can't expect women to like you one day if you don't like them.

I’m a handsome guy, ask me anything

Hey cutie, I'm handsome ;)


Make your own thread :|

At a cafe doing research and studies
Weather is nice too, maybe I'll go for a walk later

Wow doesn't present any proof of being handsome, exactly like op who doesn't give a simple proof of being a pretty girl and instead """"she''''''' only show us a pic of '''''''her''''' disgusting dyed hair

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Why are you guys so often dismissive of people who are normal and treat people who aren’t in your attractiveness range as people below you? So many pretty girls I have met always care about their image to the point where they are so valid and insecure. The mean girl mantra seems to be something celebrated when you are an attractive woman, and the joys of constantly rejecting men seems to be a pastime. Many girls I have met that are sweet, wonderful people are too often not the most attractive, yet girls who flaunt their assets seem so out of touch with reality. To me, it seems very difficult to be a beautiful woman. You had no chance to develop a genuine character since you have been placed by society on a pedestal to be worshipped by people who are miserable in themselves, looking to you for affirmation of their own existence. Meanwhile, there you sit, surrounded by others and yet always alone because you will truly never receive the experience of someone to genuinely express interest in your being without your physical attributes. I feel as if very attractive women, deep down inside, are the most miserable people in existence.

No thanks bro this one’s comfy I’ll stay here
Mortal minds go mad with lunacy if they so much as even peek at my true form. Trust me, I’m doing you a favor

good thing I'm a god, tragically I'm not omnipotent so show me your face

While there are undesirables of all races, are you a racist? I dislike strangers equally, until they've shown that they're a good person.

Do you think global warming is real? Sometimes I believe it, especially due to Antarctica's cliffs be melting, but then, even seasoned meteorologists with degrees don't think global warming is real.

I've asked my friends this. If you and a group of friends legit tried to summon a spirit via ouija, or any other method, do you think yall would succeed?

I honestly think no on my part, as much as I want to believe, and research about it.

Will this upcoming decade look like it's going to be the nu-roaring twenties? Alot if strides, really good and really bad are being made. Hopefully, more good and efforts to save the earth get promulgated more than dumb celebrity shit

By day I am OP..
but, by night, I am someone else.
Something, else

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It sincerely looks like the roaring twenties. There’s going to be a massive economic downturn the likes of which no one has ever seen before. We have never had such consistent economic progress for so long before. I bet you that this next recession will be the most miserable recession yet, and it’s being manufactured by the higher ups to take care of global warming and human damage once and for all.

Why do women play mind games? Why not just come out and say how you feel about someone? Why make a guy guess and play waiting games and try to analyze what your actions mean? Why is it that guys who lavish you with attention and take a genuine interest in you happiness and well-being are of no interest to you, and yet the guys who treat you like dirt, who have no interest in you further than your body, and who would throw you away like a parking ticket the moment you become of no use to them receive your adoration and praise? And finally...what happens when your looks fade and you realize no one likes you for who you really are. If you even know who that is...

So what things are you qualified to give advice on?

A quick google image search shows it's not even OP's pic. Why is Jow Forums so easy to bait?

Alright let me unpack this.
While what you describe sounds like a characatur, there's a lot of validity to it. I don't know who you are but I want to explain something in the dynamic of girls growing up. They are very insecure. And they are also taught a lot of things by society, not always verbal, but just in the way they are treated,and it sticks with them. Even an attractive girl can not take care of herself,I never used to wash my hair correctly and it was often greasy, because my hair was different from other girls and my mother wasn't giving me any guidance as a woman. I didn't have great skin either. I didn't understand my body type, how to take care of it or how to dress for it. I had social anxiety. I was a mess. So often girls would try to include me but conclude I was too weird and ubrelateable to them. I have seen this again and again that the girls who form cliques are far more insecure than the girls who have their friends but don't feel the need to define themselves. But even so, girls are still children. Teens are still children. They don't know themselves.

Often girls do have personalities and character but will hide their true selves to fit in. I tried for a moment and couldn't do it,ending up as an outcast instead. I can say I used to be quite miserable, but I have learned to grow from that.

Ok you can stay, here's some tea

Fuck off roastie

*wtf.. caricature

Sorry guys.

I'm just making conversation
Nobody here is really qualified on a professional level to offer any advice

You're making too many assumptions based on what media or the internet forums have taught you, or you have had some bad experience. If you want that to change then learn to see people as individuals and not genders, and make better choices in who you associate with.

Ah yes, just like everyone else posts their real photos to start a thread, silly me

I don't consider myself racist.
I think the term is used too easily nowadays, where prejudice might be a better term. My parents and extended family are well traveled so they instilled in me since I was young to be tolerant of others. They also experienced prejudice themselves.

Global warming is real because our planet goes through these cycles of warming and cooling, it already has been through several, which we refer to as the Ice Age and period of extinction of many animals, as well as the decreasing oxygen levels supposedly making everythimg smaller. Are humans speeding it up? Yes it's likely, but we can also slow it back down, but wr can't stop it. One thing to remember is it is very gradual, disaster movies aren't real, with exception to an asteroid hitting Earth.

I believe in spirits and am weary of these kinds of games but I think the power of the mind often tricks us. I can't say I've ever experienced any spiritual presence with it and I am skeptical of others experiences. But I still won't go to a graveyard at night.

I dunno, let's see what happens.

That would be wrong. I am certainly qualified to offer professional level advice on some subjects. And I am not the only one.

Sure I can too, but I don't want people thinking I or anyone are their psychologists or doctors. This is such a casual thread to keep me from getting stressed from my work right now. Anyway I have to take a break

The honest answer to that statement is that the guy who has quote “genuine” interest in her only has genuine interest in her backside. Let’s be real for a second. The guy who tries desperately to understand a woman he finds attractive is only doing so out of his own neediness and insecurity. He does so for validation of himself. If he can learn everything about his love interest, than perhaps that person will one day fall into his arms and he will have everything he desires. And yet, too often, this forced narrative seen in movies has no barring on reality.

Women crave men who have no lingering attachments to their crying souls. They desire a man who has arrived in his being, and is simply himself with no excuses. They feel comfort in the man who has taken the road of self-fulfillment, who honestly believes himself to be the guide of his own fate, and the lord of his own reality. She looks for a man simply just as he is; a wild, raving beast who looks to have sex and conquer those around him.

It is the reality of nature. Every problem bends to the reality of nature. If you can learn the nature of reality there is no problem that can’t be solved, no fear that cannot be done. Learn the nature of women and use that to your own ends.

Man that must be really tough. I think we guys don’t really think about what you guys have to deal with on a daily basis.

I won’t lie to you, I often as a man am so turned on by attractive women like yourself that my brain ceases functioning. The very thought of being with an attractive women makes me so horny I’m surprised that I can contain it. I went to the movies with a girl from my dojo, and she usually looks very plain and normal, but she came in with short shorts, long beautiful black hair, and she smelled terrific. I was doing all that I could not to grope her in the theater. I don’t know if girls like you realize what effect you have on us as men. I think that’s why we can’t see the problems of self esteem, we are too busy lusting after you.

how long is your penis?

for sure bigger than yours

I mean we know, and while flattering, part of breaking the message society tells us is to not find our worth from our attractiveness. It's a compliment but it doesn't mean much, unless we like you.

Have a nice day everybody

How do I turn Ubuntu into arch

Would you ever dom a man in bed? Like peg him?

How do you maintain your beauty user?
What exercises do you do? How do you manage your hair?
I'm considered beautiful by many people when I go outdooes but I seem to loose all my beauty when I'm in my home staying comfy.
Plz give me some tips to be sassy indoors and outdoors.

are u real wohmans?

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what a great thread, some fatass ugly needs attention and Jow Forums starts drooling

What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?

>Man that must be really tough. I think we guys don’t really think about what you guys have to deal with on a daily basis.

not op but
what's new?

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Show tits or gtfo, roastie.

You lost me

Personally no. But the internet has lead me to believe plenty of other women would

If you are beautiful going out then you are already fine

Real tips:
1. find out your skin type and hair type
2. find an appropriate face wash and cream for your skin, and appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair
3. keep in mind the climate and time of year

Personally I only use one brand for facewash bevause my skin is so sensitive, and that is a natural food product from a Korean brand. I cleanse with warm water and gentle fingertips, rinse and use cool water, then aloe, then vitamin E cream. The morning is the same but skip the cleaning foam. I exfoliate twice a week, one chemical, the other clay. And always use sunblock before going outside. Massage the face and beck muscles for increaded bloodflow.

For hair it doesn't matter much what I use but I don't wash my hair everyday, and I don't blowdry often. When eashing I finish with cold water. If it is dry I put a tiny bit of oil in it. If it is greasy I use baby powder.

My body.. just do yoga and pilates every morning and night. Try some dance classes or sports.


here is some validation for posting user, you get a cookie

Ulaanbaatar.. I listen to Mongolian music often, so it isn't as obscure a country to me, as say Sudan or Moldova

The weather is officially autumn like here so my mood has increase ten folds

Show me your dental records

can I be your findom orbiter?

i too, am a pretty girl yet i don’t post about it. why would you? are you really that attractive?

what does this mean?

technically you just did
I just felt like it.. thread's ending anyway

it means I pay you money because you're better than me

Hey pretty girl, say you're in the bus. You keep looking at me. Is it because I'm attractive/interesting or is it because I'm ugly like a car wreck and you can't look away?
Never could figure this one out

First one. People don't go out of their way to stare at something unpleasant, there is always a sense of curiosity or enjoyment in what they stare at. Sometimes people stare off into space, but it will be obvious.

How big is your girlcock? Or do you dilate?

You know Jow Forums isn't just for mental problems. There are people who might want to know about career choices

They could try asking or make their own thread, if anyone wants to talk about music, dance, or foreign languages then I could help a lot. Did you want to ask about a career choice?

> larping this hard

Respect is not given, it is earned

It is not a good you can simply exchange, it's more like an honor

It's something like: Hey this guy saved my dog yesterday, maybe I should help him with X

You can't earn respect simply by being older nor you can earn it through social status, it is only earned through DEBT

If you feel like you OWE someone something, this is because you respect them enough to remember something that might not be in your favor

I actually agree with this. I’m an attractive dude and I know I’m the shit. That being said starting a reddit ama thread is conceited so go fuck yourself

As opposed to the million of other quality threads on the holy grail which is this website. Also no one will question you for stating you think you are handsome while a woman apparently can't do the same.

Also to note the thread wasn't active but you had to bump it just to hear your own voice, as if your voice is more valuable than hers

>just an observation

reddit spacing, also
>legitimately caring about this "holy grail" website
Oh no! More quality threads are getting pushed down! whatever shall we do!


>this is you

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Does a guy need a bunch of hobbies to be interesting to you, or can he be interesting just in a general, emotional sense?
Does it help if his career is good? Something sexy like an emt.

Honestly wondering, why would you come to Jow Forums and make this post? How do you even know about Jow Forums?