Dating single mother

How do I date a woman that already has kids? Im a 25(m) that has his shit fairly together, and I’ve been talking with a hot 32(f) on Facebook that has 3 kids by other guys already. I don’t feel like I’m ready to step up to that kind of commitment yet, but she is really nice and I feel like she might be the one for me so I’d like advice from guys that date singles mothers and how it has benefited your life stepping to the plate.

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>How do I date a woman that already has kids?

You don't

You’re not their dad and don’t act like it. Also, talk with her about it. She knows she fucked up with other guys who wouldn’t commit like you might.
You’re walking in to a package deal. You’re dating a woman and a mother. She’s gonna need support and babysitters and help picking up kids from school and soccer practice and mowing the lawn. You’re getting a LOT more than a girl to chill and fuck sometimes.

Why not? Physically she is pretty much my ideal woman and she’s really nice over text. Pretty much the nicest woman I’ve ever interacted with and she works 2 jobs to support her kids, I figure she would be a nice match for me and I’d be able to help her out it’s not fair she has to do all this on her own.

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She is 32 and has kids with multiple men.
You are 25.

I dont know how much more red I can make this flag for you.

From what she says the two dads are both scumbags and both ditched her once the kids were born. They were very immature manchildren and couldn’t take responsibly for their actions and put everything in her. I don’t want her to face this alone, she’s very beautiful and doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she has. When I meet her I’m going to do everything I can to help her and build a stable family with her, but right now she lives a state away. I’m saving money to have her and her kids move in with me once her lease is up.

There is nothing wrong with dating a single woman it’s just that you are a bit young to handle the responsibility. Go slow and see how it works.

Remember, seldom do the guilty fess up. If two out of two guys have left, there could be a reason.
Only you are gonna look out for you bro. Don't jump with two feet forward.

>when I meet her
No no no no no I rescind all advice. I don’t care how much interest you have, you haven’t met her. Don’t make plans or have these big dreams if you haven’t even been on a first date.

If you do that, you will help the cause of the other mens genes wilst your own genes will die out, and you still need to pay for it. Not a good deal even if she is 10/10

Go for it

>dem mixed kids

America is fucking shithole. I pray to jesus it will explode soon.

A big NOPE from me

Is this a bait thread?
>3 kids
Dodge the shell

She will EXPECT you to be a surrogate father.
That means even when you objectively can't. There will be no mercy on this, even if the sex is great.
Your move.

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So nobody has any useful advice? Figured not, you’re a bunch of judgemental pricks. Everyone makes mistakes it shouldn’t define who they are.

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I was a piece of shit. my ex was a cunt who always got smug when she lied. it takes two to tango boyo. she has her own issues. be prepared for that

Date as any other girl and pretend their kids are invisible

You don't. Single mothers produce murderers and rapists.

It does define who you are when you create other humans and give them a crappy life thanks to never thinking things through.

This is called a "red flag". It means an attribute that makes someone undateable or not worth dating.

And it's a red flag because if you are willing to make the kind of mistakes that cause you to end up as a single mother then you are willing to make mistakes at the expense of other people in order to make your life easier. Negligent selfishness is not a positive attribute to say the least.


big red flag user

I really hope your trolling son
32 is past the fucking wall. Women become undateable at 30
Never date a woman older than you, especially almost a decade.
Prime age for the human female is 15-22
18 is legal, and you could push it to 25
So your working age range is 18-25
No single mothers. Ever.

Even if she is the nicest person in the world, please for your sake meet her IRL and find out you like her and want to live with her and her family. Do this before you turn your life upside down trying to accommodate her and her kids.

If I were you, I'd date her then get married instantly. I have to take responsibility of her children so I can take that heavy load out of her and finally get the chance to raise my wife's son into my ideal men.

I would say there is nothing wrong marrying a single mom, just think of those poor children...

Don't, shes just going to abuse and use you the same way she did with the other men. The orgy benefits women more than marriage because it allows them to control several men at once with their pussy while only procreating with the best men that came along. Dont be a beta supporting a matriarch.

Nice b8

Dunno if that helps, but i was flirting with a 28y old mom of 2 for some time, and basically once i told her that i don't want to just be a provider for her lazy ass, she lost all interest in an instant.
user, run. Don't get tricked. Don't get fooled into committing to something you don't want. Once you are in there, you can't get out that easily without feeling guilty.
And trust me, she might *seem* like the most loving and caring person in the whole world, but in the end, once you are hooked, you'll see her true colors.

Similar situation
>be me
>talking to a qt with a baby daughter
>same age as me
>find out it’s not the common one night stand without protection type shit that most single mothers fucked up with
>actually feel bad about her situation but won’t go into it here
>she’s super nice, really nerdy, pretty quiet too
>basically my ideal woman
I understand that getting involved with a single mother is complicated, but idk. I feel like my maturity has spiked over the past year and a half. I really really really like this girl. If this were to become something serious, I’d like to think I’d be able to handle it. One of the positives of dating a single mother is that you don’t have to worry whether or not she’d be mother material.

this It's only acceptable if she's a widow, otherwise it's a huge red flag, especially if there are multiple men in the equation.
Ah yes, she has no responsibility for her actions, they are at fault, not her.
>couldn’t take responsibly for their actions
She was not raped, she was with the scumbags out of her own free will. She could have prevented the pregnancy, but didn't.
Poor intelligence, poor judgement. Huge red flag.

First advice was the most useful.


>put everything in her

Yeah they did

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