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Should I still go through with asking a friend out if he was flirting with a different girl yesterday? I was going to do it this week but now I'm even more scared of rejection.

I'm in my first real relationship - about 7 months now.

Is it normal for your significant other to push you away an excessive amount? I know generally it should be 50/50 with pushing each other away to focus on yourselves and coming together, but I feel like I'm getting pushed away way too much!

She still says she loves me with all her heart and plans our life out together still, but what's with all the pushing?

addicted to cuck fetish. Will my gf leave if she finds out

How long have they known each other? How long have you known him? They might just be friends

Male, I was 145 lbs, gained a little more than 10 the last 2 years, I wasn't getting laid before, but now I feel fat. Do girls prefer a little weight or should I go back to stick figure? 6 foot even btw.

I asked this in the last thread but accidentally didn't pay attention to what I wrote so here it goes again.

Women, how often you masterbate?
what way do you like to do it? (toys, with/out insertion)

Only if you expect her to make it a reality for you without even asking what she thinks.

You shouldn't be asking anyone out if you're afraid of rejection. It means you're asking them out for all the wrong reasons.

how old are you?
i think he is the one doing the asking

i'm 6'2" and 150 pounds (male) and i'm trying to gain weight. you probably aren't as fat as you think at that height/weight combination. if anything, start lifting if you're overly self conscious about your body image.

>Only if you expect her to make it a reality for you without even asking what she thinks.
I don't think it's a healthy fetish for maintaining a strong relationship nor would I do it with someone unwilling. My worry is that she finds at and is so disgusted by it that she leaves.

I'm 5'6, 170 lbs, and have a 32" waist (male). The only way 145 at your height would be fat is if you have virtually no muscle mass.

I'm a guy, but I read the last thread- most said often and non-penetrative.

I have body image issues for sure, but I used to have a Mick Jagger thing going on. My ex told me she liked me better with more weight since I look healthier, but what good does that do me since we're broken up? I should start lifting, I've been putting it off, and not sure why. I eat well and do lots of cardio so discipline isn't the issue. Weight gain is solely from booze. I appreciate the response, user.

I'm more like 157 now, 145 I was skelly

Is it true most girls cant orgasm from intercourse alone?

If not, how should I go about making it happen ?

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Ehh, that's a bad common description. Most girls can't orgasm just from a penis being in their vagina. So the answer to your question should be obvious: add foreplay, oral, fingers, toys, etc. In short, do more. And don't get discouraged if it doesn't work out. There's a mental aspect too which may be outside of your control.

I love me a big guy. Ur 6 feet and have the height for the weight. Of course this all depends on who you ask. Some women like me love a beefy guy n some like em skinny. You will be fine.

>I love me a big guy.
145 is twiggy for someone who's 6 feet

This might sound cliche but honestly, someone will want you and desire you for you. As another person on here asked, if they would be considered attractive with extra pounds it all depends on who you ask. Some females like skinny guys and some like em chunky. Just like men have preferences. Dont beat yourself over it. How do YOU like YOU? That's the question. Once you figure it out, whosoever is worth it will like you too.

Yes it is! But he said he gained weight so his weight gain isn't such a bad thing.

Why do women think showing a little interest means I should be falling over myself for them? And why do they think it's okay to try to feign interest to use me me for stuff?

Can you give more concrete details?

Well, some women olay hard to get. Either for fun, or they aren't so sure exactly HOW BAD you want them and they also don't want to be seen as "easy."

Some women love the attention and think if you show interest they can you use you because honestly, from what I have seen some men are willing to do anything to get in the panties!

I mean women seem to think showing interest in me means I should be falling over myself for them and drop everything I'm doing to give them my undivided attention to them. This belief has less handful to attempt to use me for a number of things, ranging from sex to moving help to even cooking.

I wouldn't say I'm big, just got a a few more pounds than before. I grew up on the chubby side, so I work really hard to stay thin, but have been pretty depressed the past couple years and have been drinking more, in the weight comes. My stomach is still flat, so I wonder if anyone notices? Either way, I'm not happy with the way I feel, more bloated than anything.

>145 is twiggy for someone who's 6 feet
I was wondering if that would be off putting from a 'protector' stance. Because it was twiggy, I miss that it made me feel like a rock star though.

I've been having a hard time getting back to where I was, I've quit drinking and upped exercise etc to no avail. That was me who asked about the extra pounds haha.

Sorry for the insecurity but I appreciate having people to ask.

>dropped all social media
How the fuck am I supposed to meet new girls beyond the places I habitually go (uni, gym, ocassionally out to a pub)? I want to meet someone who shares the same passions as me, but I don't think I'll ever meet her considering my passions are mostly those done in solitude or ones in which there are already rigidly defined social circles. How do i meet my qt introvert gf if not on tinder

Guys, how often do you smell your own farts? I love taking a giant whiff right after ripping an oniony thunder clap.

What's most attractive in a guy for women?

It depends, the older i get the less i like the smell, but i love the sound. Would be lying if I didn't take a whiff once in a while. Girls: do you take massive shits like guys or are they smaller and neater since you seemingly eat less?

Well, if you aren't happy with you, it will be kinda hard to attract someone who will want you for you and you will always have a struggle "am I good enough?" "do I look good for XYZ?" "Do they really like me?" "Maybe I'm in over my head." See...if you aren't happy you will ALWAYS find something that doesn't feel right for you. I'm glad you stopped drinking and realized that wasn't benefiting you for whatever reason. I'm pretty sure you look just fine, this is really about you having to work through your insecurities and accepting yourself as you are.

I only stopped drinking for a couple months, it didn't lead to any weight loss. I work in a creative field, and beyond socializing, drinking is almost a benefit for work. But I've never been happy with myself and I doubt going from size 30 to 32 pants has much to do with it. I have a lot of work to do on my insecurities.

Girls how much force does it take to rip your butthole open? In porn I see it appears women really enjoy the feeling of putting their hands on their cheeks and stretching their buttholes open, that or maybe that's what they think that's what I want to look at, idk but it looks really painful. When I'm having sex I always worry that I'm going to tear a little flap down there.

I think this is just a porn thing, do girls like spreading their ass cheeks irl? Girls I've fucked never have done that, even in doggy style.

Also, are thongs comfortable? Apart from being sexy and visible panty line, I can't think of a reason to wear them over normal undies, seems like it's just riding up your asshole all day? Also whats the hygiene like, do you ever get shit on it if you don't wipe well enough?

As someone who's seen thongs in laundry, yes they absolutely get shitty.

hahah, gross. i've taken thongs off with my teeth before, i bet i got some shit in my mouth. most girls i fuck just wear normal undies though

Ladies, please help me out with this one.
I've had a crush on this really cute coworker for a while now, but we were never able to talk much other than standard greetings. But a couple days back, I had quite a long conversation with her and she seemed really chill and was easy to talk to. I mentioned that I'm looking for an apartment close to work, she said I should check out her apt complex (which i thought was weird, since most people only recommend general areas to look into). Then we talked a bit on Instagram, she said I should come by the rental office to get a tour of the place.
Then she gave me her number in case I wanted to text her. We started texting but the topics kinda dried out and she hasn't responded yet for a few hours.

What I can't figure out is if she's into me, or just trying to be really nice and helpful since I'm new to the city and the same age as her. Did I fuck it up by being boring at texting?

Ladies with graduate degrees do you look down on guys with only undergrad? How about if I'm not in finance, medical, or engineering? I can't shake the feeling that I lose your respect once you find out I do not have an advanced or money making degree.

I'd say anywhere from twice a week to a couple times a day just depending on what's going on in life. And I'll occasionally use a vibrator on my clit but mostly just rubbing it out, I never masturbate with insertion.

If she leaves over something like that then she isn't worth it anyway. What kind of healthy relationship can you expect from someone who doesn't understand sexuality and shames you for liking something just because she doesn't like it herself? If she's a mature person who's in it for the long haul, most she'll do is not understand but accept it. Everyone's into their own shit, it shouldn't matter as long as it isn't harming others.

Not true that we can't but true that it is very difficult for many of us. My very first time orgasming from penetration took about 3 hours of gently rocking, adjusting angles, but it makes it all the more mind-blowing with a man who is willing to take that time (and ab workout, ouch) to help me feel something like that.

I know it's cliche but sense of humor is the biggest thing 100% for me. And it goes both ways, I love being made to laugh and I love being laughed at/with.

Long story meet qt3.14, get drinks as friends, she tells me she likes me and if anything more should happen she would be into it. Every girl I've jumped right into bed with in the past has turned out to be a colossal nightmare so instead of trying to fuck we drink and talk at my place after. She couldn't have slept over anyway. We get drinks once a week since then, but I feel like I fucked it up as I now can't find a good moment to make a move as haven't had real alone time since. Did I fuck it up? She continues making plans and even going to a work event with me. What should me next steps be?

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Just be honest with her and shit goes south, you tried I guess

I know this is the correct answer, was going to do it today, but she had to go after drinks, not really enough time to say 'hey do you have a minute?'. fuck me sideways

Depends on what you do in life. Money isn’t a main factor, but to does count.
I might not date you, but I don’t look down on you.

I believe in you bro

thank you, user

Sounds like you got a gf, but haven’t realized it yet. Might want to ask her before misunderstanding sets in, just call her. You don’t need a time and place for this.

Emotional cheating?

I recently moved back to my hometown after many years. I've been running into an ex a few times now and everytime she sees me she literally runs away.
I broke up with her many years ago because she was emotionally cheating. I don't have feelings at all anymore, but it kinda makes me feel bad to have someone running away from you and it's been a source of stress because last time she did this I was at a public event and her friends were staring at me like I shouldn't be there.
Never been an asshole to her, nor I stalked her or been a creep, though I've might have had a bit of a self-destructive behavior after we broke up, as I thought she was the one. I'm trying to figure out why is she acting that way. Should I try to talk to her next time I see her or should I just ignore her behavior ?

Again, emotional cheating?

She was really close to that guy she's now engaged to.
As they were friends before we dated I didn't really care at first but it became obvious she was into him. She was always talking about him at the end of the relationship and always had excuse to hang out with him. She slowly became cold and less intimately available. Like we were supposed to go see a movie together and when I asked her to go she told me she couldn't, so I went with a friend of mine and she was there with the guy and another of her friend. I'm 90% sure they never banged.

Why do women seem to be far less attuned with what their body likes? I get that they're a bit more complicated than men in terms of what makes them orgasm, but I've met a remarkable number of them who don't even know HOW to orgasm. Some of them even masturbate regularly but haven't figured out the mystery. Are they just too embarrassed to buy toys?

>Sounds like you got a gf, but haven’t realized it yet
Explain, please

If I buy toys, I have to clean them. And hide them. And vibrators are noisy and can be heard through walls.

I know how to orgasm, it’s just that the circumstances under which I can are so specific that I no longer bother. It’s not worth it. Humping a pillow is satisfying enough to sate the itch even without orgasm.

To add: it also takes a tremendous amount of work to orgasm. It involves varying the stimulation intensity at just the right moments and just the right rhythm, while fantasizing about sexy thoughts, while trying not to run out of stamina for the endeavor— it can honestly just not be worth it.

As a dude, you can just rub one out pretty easily. God, I wish I could.

Most people learn their bodies as teens but there's definitely a gender divide there, women are far less likely to touch themselves until well out of highschool, although many of us do much earlier than that, I think most men just tend to be a few years ahead on the learning curve.

A lot of women don't even know we piss out of a separate hole so honestly idk maybe they just don't pay attention in health class.

I find them to be pretty comfortable. The visible panty line thing annoys me a lot so I wear thongs under tight pants/skirts. They don't get any more or less "ruined" after a day's wear than regular underwear.

Does it just rest on your butthole or does it ride up? I'd imagine rest since you said it's comfy. What kind of skirt shows a visible panty line? None of my female friends wear skirts anymore, I kind of miss them.

When I first started wearing them, it felt like it was riding up my butt a bit. But now that I'm used to them I don't notice it's there and it's as comfortable as full coverage panties for me.

Pencil skirts tend to be really fitted and require a thong. A-line miniskirts (like in pic related) also require me to wear a thong, because I have a pretty big butt.

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Interesting, sorry to keep prodding, I've just always been super curious. I grew up in the late 90's and early 2000s so denim mini skirts were a big thing like pic related, I don't remember seeing any panty lines back in the day. Since most girls I know just stick to jeans and leggings.

When you go to the bathroom, what do you do about something like a tight pencil skirt, do you hike it up (can you even?)

The things you ladies do for looks never ceases to amaze me.

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Girl here.

Two men simultaneously want to fuck me. Should I tell one about the other?

You're skinnyfat as hell if you look "fat" at 155, 6'0. Start lifting.

I don't see the upside, are you dating either or want to?

One of them doesn't even live in my city and is just dropping by for a quick fuck. The other one is sort-of dating me. He comes and goes.

Why did she want to arrive to a party together and leave the party together? We’ve been talking for awhile and went on a date recently. Was this a signal that she’s comfortable with us actually being seen together?

I would not tell either, but then again you don't owe either an explanation if you aren't exclusive. I can see the sort-f dating guy getting upset

Good to know.

I matched a girl on tinder, met her and we keep texting daily, sometimes the talk is very casual some other time more personal things, she's very easy to talk with, we like same things, she smart, funny and so on. I like her a lot.
But, am like pretty ugly and look like a kid (am 23), and she's pretty, like very pretty, objectively very out of league.
Our talks never got too serious and we never explicitly say anything about some romantic developments between us.
How can I know if she's just being friendly because she thinks I'm a cool dude to hang out with, or if I actually have some chance to be with her?

this is pretty much a relationship general, so here goes
i'm a guy (18) and i want to get into a relationship, but i have some issues. i have a hard time showing affection, i always prefer rotting in my chair rather than going out, i'm generally dispassionate, my self esteem is always low no matter what i achieve, and some small stuff
i came here to ask; since none of them are illnesses, could just getting in a relationship fix those? if i just get myself in a healthy environment will my mental health slowly improve?

Asked yesterday, nobody answered.
if you hear from your bf that he had sexual experience with his sister in 10-13yo, how would you react? No sex (penetration), just petting, kissing, fetishes from both sides.

I'd be disgusted and weirded out desu

anyone on this?

The other day I was at a restaurant with some friends of mine. I always try to make people laugh and I've confidence in that.

Then the waitress comes over and asks if we're ready to order. She was pretty and seemed to be around my age. She kept laughing at everything I said and she seemed to feel comfortable and she was very helpful with the orders. The fact we were there made her day at work I think. Other girls that were working there would also come to our table but they weren't as receptive to my humor but they did laugh, its just not the same level of enthusiasm.

Could I have asked that waitress for her number? any signs she might've been interested? also, is asking waitresses at work a bad idea? I felt unsure asking her for her number, it just seemed a bit out of place since we were there and she was serving us, and what if she didn't want to give me her number or was already with someone? I'll just sit there for a couple of hours, be uncomfortable and make her feel uncomfortable too

Assuming you're well adjusted now and have a normal relationship with your sister, I'd just think it's weird you decided to bring it up.


She's probably trying to be friendly. Doesn't mean that's all it can ever be, but you should still be happy if you don't end up getting closer to her than that. Also a few hours of silence doesn't mean anything. People have things to do.

I knew this girl for some time and I was interested in her, she really seemed to have the same kind of mentality I do and I really find that attractive.

Later she dumped a lot of her issues and past mistakes on me and I started to lose interest in dating her. She just didn't seem the same anymore and it was just weird how my perception of her changed from "she's the one" to "had I not known her so well, I probably wouldn't even want to go out on a date". I feel terrible that I feel that way about her now. Especially since after she mentioned what she did I started seeing a lot of similarities to what she is currently doing and that makes it very hard for me to trust her enough to be in a relationship with.

Part of me says "its ok, you'll be happier with someone else" but another says "maybe she changed, she realized she made mistakes and not dating her would now be a great mistake on my end" because if I let her go, she might just date someone else and make him happy because I didn't want to chance it and missed out on something great.
But I do fear that if we do end up dating, then we wouldn't be able to be friends anymore and I'm just going to get hurt in the end if her habits die hard. At least now we can choose to stay friends and I don't have to risk anything. Just the thought of her actually being perfect for me like I used to think, makes it hard to just stay friends if I know we could be more and seeing her with someone else would be crushing so theres always going to be this uncertainty. I just don't know what will make me more unhappy.
Wat do? I'm so conflicted. Before she told me her secrets I had a specific image of her that I liked, now I'm not so sure after being told. I feel bad for thinking less of her, but she did do those things and idk, I either have trust issues or this makes me question too much and its already a bad sign and proves this wouldn't work. I don't know for sure though.

thanks user, I just hope I didn't misinterpret things that bad while she's giving me signs. She still hasn't responded though. I feel like I should just let her be and see if we meet in the office and if she acts different

>6' 155lb

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Okay. So here’s the unwritten rules about asking someone out in these situations;
1. You ask the person out on your way out, no one wants the awkwardness if there is a no.
2. The person who is not working is the one who has to initiate, a worker can’t really be asking out the customers, it just looks bad.
3. If a place has a tip system, all bets are off. Whatever you perceive might be fake, some are better than others and there is no way you can tell for sure.
And that’s them rules. Enjoy.

Guys opinion on girls that don't shave their body?

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Ew. I can admit that maybe it isn’t fair as hair is natural and why do girls have to be objectively pleasing to men etc.
but i like what i like, so no hair is a must.

Really gross. I don't think I could date someone who didn't shave them. Even I shave my armpits. Not only does it look really really gross, but it's also really unhygienic. I have trichotillomania, I think, and when I've pulled out armpit hair when I haven't shaved recently enough it's got caked on sweat. And I have good hygiene!

Not optimal, but if she's great otherwise then I can deal with it. Also if it's not obviously visible I don't mind as much. But it depends on the reason a bit too. Is she just not shaving for the winter because it's cold and she doesn't show her legs much? Fine. Is she doing it because she's a legbeard or other type of radical feminist? Not so fine.

>genitals area
Perfectly okay. I won't be as likely to give head, though, but I rarely want to anyway. But I also find the appearance of starting to grow hair there to be really gross. Far grosser than just having full or trimmed hair there. On the other hand, not shaving also keeps it from being a "perfect" specimen.

>random hairs in strange locations
Not a big deal if you have one or two hairs growing somewhere.

any ideas ?

>but it's also really unhygienic
Not true, simply not true

am a femanon and sometimes I don't shave my armpits, sweat and bad smell don't depend on it

Ok so I was trying to see where it goes with this girl.
We were hanging out on a daily basis, she pretty much told me she wants to be with me. She sometimes gives me those "looks" and I can tell she does it on purpose. So we get along super well, things are heading somewhere and its going somewhat at a steady pace, no hiccups. Then she asks me to spend the night at her place, I'm a bit skeptical because we're moving somewhat fast for me at this point but fuck it. Later in that same conversation she says "this guy came up to me today and I think I want to go out with him"
not word for word but that's essentially what she meant.

Why did she say that? I'm so confused and I feel like shit. Like she played me and just told me about it. She knows what kind of a guy I am so I would never go for fwb with her, so why did she do that? it was all going so well and its not like she's new to relationships so I don't think she would mess with my head like that right?

That’s not how armpit smells occur or become worse. Hair is not the reason.

But yeah, shave it anyways. It just looks better.

Who was talking about smell? I wasn't. And obviously sweat still happens even if you don't have hair.

The brainwash is real, so it's perfectly socially okay for men to grow body hair but for women it is gross? (Even though the hair is the same on both genders?)

I don't know man, maybe she got frustrated that you're not following her lead and wanted to make you jealous by saying that?

She knows that I don't just fuck any girl I see and we weren't even together, we were seeing where it goes and it was heading there but then she came out of nowhere with this, she asked me to spend the night at hers and I agreed. Then she said that. I would understand if I was being hesitant and wasn't sure about it and kept postponing it, but it happened when she asked me and she said it anyway. I don't know besides, we've been honest with each other and talk about everything, why wouldn't she just say anything? playing games seemed fairly immature at that point and I expected more of her. It really caught me off guard and I still don't know what to make of it

If you wanna be a feminist be that at home.


I think sex outside of relationships is disgusting. Does that make me a bad person?

Different genders have different expectations. A lot of shit that's expected from me isn't expected from a woman I'm dating. Guys tend to expect a girl to keep her hair under control and not vice versa, get over it or date a guy interested in your hairy ass.

Just curious, how old are you both?

I'm 25, she's 21

I don't have a problem with women's body hair, but the society I live in does. I don't think I could get along with someone who is either unaware of norms or unwilling to fit in with them. I'm just not that kind of free spirited guy.


What would you do if you found out your gf used to be very wild when she was in her early twenties and slept with a lot of guys between her early-mid twenties? If she stopped and hasn’t done that stuff in a long time, would you care?

>If she stopped and hasn’t done that stuff in a long time, would you care?