I can see my neighbor shower/ change

Moved recently, can see this good looking girl change/shower. She never closes the blinds. Should I not look? I find it hard not to take a peek around bed time now.

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Knock on their door and inform them
They'll respect you more and you'll have a clear conscience at the end of the day

She might like it.

It's the building across the street from mine, might actually be weirder to say 'hey I can see you', I've thought about it though, or maybe leaving a note on their door. At the same time I'm not going to pretend I don't like what I see, but for all my negatives I don't think I'm a creep.

Maybe, seems unlikely. Though no one else's blinds are ever open in their building.

>find it hard
I never close the blinds either. Don't make a thing out of it.

I can't see this ever going well. You must live a very autistic existence.

>I never close the blinds either. Don't make a thing out of it.
Seems like the burden is on you for not closing the blinds then. Don't make a thing out of what?
>I can't see this ever going well.
Neither can I, seems like it would cause more harm than good, though I think the intention is good.

There is no burden on me. Shut up and count your blessings.

If you don't want to be seen, you need to close the blinds. I do when I'm showering. The impetus is totally on you if you want privacy. What blessings, I fail to follow your posts.

Get a good camera and get pics for us


Alright. You are making it a thing. What an absolute idiot.

based retarded white knight

jesus just close your blinds if it's that much of a problem for you, you're giving it too much thought.

speak english, i don’t have any frame of reference for what “thing” i’m supposedly making. Also not OP, i have trees in front of my windows, and blinds closed when i shower even though there are only houses behind my building, because I don’t want to be seen.

just enjoy it
if she had a real problem with it, she'd close the blinds or curtains or whatever, and just looking doesn't hurt her or anyone else

Don't do this OP it will make chlorine gas

I’m going with this

Put a poster saying "I can see you" on your window. She will notice it eventually.

start to masturbate so she can see it, either she will close them or you will get free sex

Nah, I'm not a white knight, but I don't think I have it in me to just jack off to her in front of my window

you will never know till you try