Is it a redflag if a girl never drinks any alcohol?

Is it a redflag if a girl never drinks any alcohol?

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Next question.

What if i want her to drink alcohol?

For me, yes. But I would be a "normalfag" by Jow Forums standards.

don't be a bitch

Then you're a degenerate cuck who will enjoy the used up roastie you deserve.

>drinking alcohol is degenerate

Yeah, I can tell you guys don't have any friends.

What if she wants you to stop drinking alcohol?
Stop being retarded.

It’s literally poison that destroys people’s bodies, families, and communities

I heard you the first time, Mr Billy-No-Mates.

It brings people together more than it tear people apart and it is fucking delicious.

I have friends and I do drink alcohol sometimes, but I still think it's degenerate. It's the shittiest, most overrated drug you can get your hands on. It makes you stupid, then it makes you sick. Your girlfriend is objectively making the right choice by not drinking, and I wish I had the willpower to do the same. I haven't actually enjoyed drunkenness since I was like 22.

Dude you don’t need to drink to have friends. I’m probably closer to my friends than you are since our relationship isn’t contingent on us lowering our consciousness in order to enjoy each other’s company.

You don't need to drink to have friends, but calling people "degenerate cucks" for simply enjoying a drink is certainly not going to endear you to the vast majority of adults.

It's literally just another chemical substance like every other that when used by weak willed people who abuse it may result in severe consequences for that individual.
Next you'll say that coffee and aspirin are fine.

What's "degenerate" is to have a problem with people that don't want to drink. The narrative in your head is that "aw dude I'm just tryna have one drink why are you raining on everybody's parade?" when in fact it's a constant battle with alcoholic friends and family who will INSIST endlessly that you need to drink poison and be just as wasted as they are or otherwise that makes you weird or something. FUCK YOU

Most people don’t have a problem with people who don’t want to drink. If you’re hanging out with people that insist you drink or you’re a faggot then that’s your own fault for hanging out with actual faggots who think like that to begin with.

The point is OP is that exact faggot that you are describing and that was the whole point of my response in the first place

But that's the subject of the thread. OP is judging his girlfriend for not drinking and wishing he could pressure her to drink with him. It's fine that he drinks, but he is doing his best to be a corruptive influence in the lives of others and pass his own vices on to everyone close to him. This is literally what the word "degenerate" means, it's not just an empty insult in this case.

He’s asking if it’s a red flag. He’s not implying necessarily that this girl is or isn’t any number of things. Don’t jump to conclusions about his or her character based off a question. I will however jump to a rational conclusion that op is however a retard to even ask that question to begin with. Like what kind of stupid shit is that. Fucking red flag fucking what

the post, the "degenerate" comment was directed to waswhich as the other user pointed out, is the textbook definition of degeneracy

Yes, I've never met an interesting girl that doesn't drink, and they all were like "tee hee yeah thats right I dont drink!" and then they end up drinking at some party and act like it's extra edgy, like a 12 year old who started drinking.

Why is it bad that I'm corrupting my gf? I've been doing that since the start because corrupting people turns me on.

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you argue like a liberal. I bet your of average looks and intelligence. I drink dipshit. some people don't

>coffee destroys your liver and braincells
>asprin is addictive and gets used recreationally
How many deaths are linked to coffee and asprin each year?

>corrupting people turns me on
Hey same here

holy shit this!

There is something incredibly gay however about larping about being an edge lord on a laotian arts and crafts forum

>on a laotian arts and crafts forum
It baffles me that some people find this meme funny at all

It baffles me that anyone would get a kick about larping about having a girlfriend let alone “corrupting her” or fucking whatever. On said funny meme forums

It depends. If she's young (18 - early 20s), she just might not have been introduced to alcohol properly. Almost always it's due to (often religious) family background, but most people tend to get loose with these things once they grow up. Now if she's like 25+, almost always it's a red flag. Unless she did meet the fore mentioned conditions when she was younger, then she is almost certainly a thot in denial. I've met a bunch of woman in their late 20s, even early 30s, and I can say for sure that the only reason they stopped drinking for was to contain their urge to be disposable bitches in parties and such.

It's a red flag you have to ask this