So I got a bit of a problem. Whenever my dad or older sister get really pissed at me...

So I got a bit of a problem. Whenever my dad or older sister get really pissed at me, they start threatening me by saying they'll break my laptop and game consoles if I don't comply with their desires.

One time in 10th grade my dad actually got so pissed at me that he broke my Vita. RIP. Had to buy another one after saving up enough money a year later.

I got a Laptop, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Vita. I saved up a lot of money for these pieces of plastic, so it would really suck to have a family member destroy them. There's no place for me to hide them either. What to do, bros?

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Don't piss them off.

how old are you?
is the relationshiop good apart from that? this sounds a little abusive to me, honestly
(maybe not, could be that you're a little piece of shit and it's empty threats anyways)

did you at least take the memory card out before you bought another one? ;-;

You have to be 18 to post here.

That's the funny thing. I'm 21 in university.
My relationship with them is okay I guess, it's all empty threats until they finally decide to do it. That's how my father ended up destroying my PS Vita years ago.

I did yes

Tell them that you'll take them to a small claims court if they break your shit.

Fuck them op. If they break your shit, get your money back. Record it if you can.

>if I don't comply with their desires.
What the hell does this mean?

>could be that you're a little piece of shit
I'm gonna assume this.

move out.

Stop buying shit they can destroy. Buy easily liquidate-able (sellable) items (gold, jewelry, stuff that doesn't expire) you can bury somewhere. Never bury it all in one place just in case.

Sounds like they don't have much respect for the concept of property. If you don't have consoles to destroy they'll just take other shit which is why you need to bury it.

Save your money for when you need it and never bring it in the house where they can get it.

Give up games too. They're getting all political now anyway. Publishers take a good game and milk it drier than your nans tits till it's a shitty cashgrab no one really wants to play.
Then get pissy and drop the contract blaming the developers because the game they ruined flopped. Hard.

Shitty industry built and funded by people with no love for games or knowledge of the industry and product, just money-men in suits thinking they know it all and wondering why they fail every single time.

I miss when gaming was the niche of kids and geeks. Mainstream bought the money assholes in.

>I miss when gaming was the niche of kids and geeks.
That was literally never the case. I bet you were born in the 90s as well.

>That was literally never the case.
Are you an idiot or just really really young?

Move out
That or get swole and tell dad if he breaks a single fucking device you'll break a finger for every dollar it cost, and charge your sister interest, and then tell him to 'force you' to do literally anything

But move out

It certainly wasn't like it is today when everyone and their dog plays call of duty, fortnite and a shittonne of other things.

My point was, mainstream bought in the kind of investors who demand full control over the investment, how it operates, what it makes.
Which is fine, except these investors know nothing of the industry, or gaming in general. In fact, they seem to be the only people that don't play games these days. These are the kinds of people who idolize their "aggressive" nature, believe it's how you get ahead, you can bully and get more out of things.
Which might work in manual labor jobs. Making games though, not so much.
They saw vidya growth, thought "I can make more by getting involved, I just have to be more aggressive". They didn't realise why vidya had growth in the first place. It was to avoid people like them in the beginning.

Video games were for everyone and everyone played them in the 1970s when they first came out via Pong and Space Invaders and all the early arcade cabinets. Video games as a concept was brand new, it was like when fuckin movies or books were first invented and released to the public. Everyone casually played them at diners or at roller discos or bowling alleys or whatever else it was a fun way to spend a few minutes.

Google the 1983 video game crash. how old are you

>I'm gonna assume this.
You people make me sick.

why cause only 1/10 posters raised an eyebrow at the fact that OP was extremely vague about why his video games were destroyed?

Only nerds played video games back then.

I'm gonna fucking tell you what do you, sell them. You probably spend too much time on them and that's probably the only way they think they can get through to you. Then get the fuck out of there cause idk about you but I'd fucking fight them over them saying shit like that

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No because most of the time if the child has problems it is because the parent was a piece of shit. Parents should be held accountable for their actions they are the ones who have the responsibility of raising another human being. Stop apologizing for pathetic parenting.

oh I'm sorry I didn't now you were 67 years old and alive in the early 70s.

Your post only applies to kids who are home-schooled and never leave the house. Society and technology have a far bigger impact on kids than parents when they're older than toddlers.

Better be shitty parents to push them into the arms of influences primed solely to milk positive feedback loops, you misfired money shot

Nah that is just the excuse shitty parents use. Of course society has an impact but nothing compared to your parents and people who were in your life in your early years.

>in your early years.
>One time in 10th grade

what am I even reading here, is this English?

Don't be pedantic. Look parents are usually absolved from blame by other parents in our society because they all want to feel blameless together. But parents are the number one cause of so called "mental illness" yes there are exceptions but in OPs case this just seems like a shitty father. If the only way you can "reason" with your child is by destroying their shit that they like you are a failure of a father and need to fucking admit it. Once you admit it you could actually repair the broken relationship it doesn't have to be hopeless. But most parents never do this because of pride.

>but in OPs case this just seems like a shitty father.
We know nothing of the father and situation that led to him breaking his toys.

> if I don't comply with their desires.
Which is worded in an EXTREMELY weird way.

Why do you think destroying things is even reasonable at all? That is not how a mature adult behaves. His father sounds like a brat.

I think it's possible that OP was a real shit kid and the situation escalated from "user if you don't start behaving well I'll take your video games away for a week" and eventually turned into that when there were no other options left.

If you are at that point you already failed. Positive reinforcement has much better results than negative reinforcement.

The goal as a parent is not to control your child it is to guide your child and respect your child as a human being with their own individuality. Ask yourself why your kid is misbehaving at all. Also ask if it is even bad behavior or if the behavior simply worries you. Yes parenting is complex but nobody will react well to demands with no reason behind them.

There are always options left. Its about communicating, and the father is failing, dramatically. Sad actually, not being able to communicate with your son, turning yourself into a monster.

>Yes parenting is complex but nobody will react well to demands with no reason behind them.

Who said anything about demands with no reason behind them?

>There are always options left
Such as?

>Who said anything about demands with no reason behind them?
That is what the child will be perceiving them as. Again it feels like you are being pedantic.

>That is what the child will be perceiving them as
What are you even talking about?


You're the one who's being pedantic my dude. You're talking about hypothetical children from hypothetical families in hypothetical situations. and being as vague as OP.

Yes because it really doesn't matter the situation destroying things that aren't yours is just barbaric and immature. A good father would never do that. Also the child is not responsible to be a good child for mommy and daddy. The parents are the ones who have the responsibility.

Yeah, destroying/selling property is abusive parenting/straight up bullying. Point blank. No excuses.
In a world where it takes internet to apply to most formal jobs/find information, and technology entertainment is a genuine investment+commitment, there is never a good reason to waste it.
If you think destroying something of value to another is a good way to teach anyone anything, please go try running a 16 wheeler off course with your moped.
These are anger/control issues that need therapy, they do not qualify as parenting.

limp wristed snowflake generation holy shit lmao

what is grounding your kid or putting them in time-out also abuse now?

>baiting Jow Forums
That's an oof from me, Chief.

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Too much solitary confinement also causes mental illness. Not to mention the Geneva Convention calls it torture.
Really by now, if you are incapable of communicating with a healthy child about behavior and society, you should be sterilized.

children are literally too dumb to understand slightly complex concepts, their brains haven't even begun to finish forming yet.

If you are too dumb to simplify a complex concept. The problem is you, not the child.

"If you don't behave, there will be negative consequences" seems like as simple of a concept as can be.

And then there are times when not all misbehavior recieves negative consequences, because you didn't get a speeding ticket when the cop pulled you over. Then what.

are there loads of children around your area that are speeding around cops?

You're deliberately avoiding the point. No sane parent invades a child's space and takes a hammer to their possessions, no matter how dire the behavioral issues. If you're seriously at the point where you feel the need to wreck hundreds of dollars of hardware and any sense of safety your kid has as a punishment, you're better off just taking the kid to a therapist or sending them to military school or a million other options that don't sound like they come from a "You're know you're a redneck when...." list.

From his original post

>Whenever my dad or older sister get really pissed at me, they start threatening me by saying they'll break my laptop and game consoles if I don't comply with their desires.

no one starts off at "really pissed". it escalates. If this was that much of a problem it wouldn't have been the one broken game boy or whatever, his shit would get broken all the time if he really was the poor innocent victim here. We're not seeing the whole picture. He's obviously leaving out loads of details.

>no one starts off at "really pissed". it escalates
You do not know anyone with actual anger issues, do you?
There doesn't need to be details, these words all mean the same thing.

>We're not seeing the whole picture. He's obviously leaving out loads of details.
Of course. For all we know he's fucking his sister's pet gerbils and leaving their hollowed-put little bodies in his Dad's slippers. That still dosen't make breaking his belongings an effective way to deal with that. If it's really so bad they need to break shit, they also have more civilized and effective options for dealing with the problem.


OP buy a gun. Don't tell dad or sis. It'll be funsies.