I look 99% like pic related and I'm 5'4 at 24, is there any actual hope...

I look 99% like pic related and I'm 5'4 at 24, is there any actual hope? every time I leave the house I feel like a walking abomination, I don't see why anyone would ever engage with me ever over any other average guy with a better personality. I work a dead end job, no friends, and none of my hobbies make me happy anymore.

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you can find someone who has an equally boring personality. if you look kind of like the dude in the pic then you're pretty hot.

yeah sorry bud there's no hope. You're at most a 5/10 and without the height advantage. Give up at women now and become a twink for a good looking 6'3" man.

or you can suck it up and fix what can be fixed and not ruminating on what can't be.

I know I have no options but to just suck it up, but its honestly so demoralizing that even if I spent 100% of my time trying to improve I will never be enough

Get a good job and be a beta provider for women, at that height it’s your only option

I see lots of short dudes with nice chicks, but they probably aren't insecure and fragile either

>also look 95% similar to pic related
>bald af
>have a hot 6'0" gf

Have you tried not being a little bitch about it?

this is just more shit that fucks me up, Idgaf about making money or having a good job. I hate the rate race. everything is so unfulfilling, I'm just wasting more time, and honestly, I don't even care about relationships much since they all fall apart anyways. I don't know what I should do besides off myself.

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5'9 is only short on Jow Forums, you are still average height, I'm right in little boy sized territory.

Nah dude, you're in the "little boy-minded" territory.

There are girls out there who will like you, but you're too insecure to give it a shot. It's the same sob story over and over from you guys. I understand confidence isn't easy to achieve, and "just be yourself bro" advice will always fall on deaf ears, but fuck dude. Play the hand your dealt and stop being a faggot.

Look at what you're doing right now. You're bitching about yourself on the internet. Cut the fucking "woe is me" attitude and read a self-help book or something.

its so fucking easy for guys who were dealt an average hand to say deal with the hand you're given. its why there are literally no guys out there at the 5'4 mark who are preaching this shit. I know I'm wasting my time, I don't know what I'm looking for. self help only works on those who have a basic foundation to build upon.

>self help only works on those who have a basic foundation to build upon.
First of all, that was a fucking joke. Self-help books are retarded.

Second of all, I wasn't dealt an average hand. I started balding at 18 and was an introverted nerd my entire life. There are guys who bitch about their balding, their height, their small dicks, their acne, their fat, their face etc. There's always something to bitch about. Everyone still finds someone eventually once they fucking get over it.

I'm bald and a nerd. You're bald and short, so you bitch because I have an average hand.
If I was bald, short and was fat, and you were bald, short, fat and had a small dick, you'd still be bitching about how I had an average hand.
If I was bald, short, fat, had a tiny dick and had acne, and you were all those things + something else, you'd be bitching still.

Everyone has their insecurities. Everyone has issues. No one's perfect. If you look "99% like pic related" and are just short, you're pretty fucking average in the looks department, and are being a little bitch. The only thing that is making you unattractive to women is your fucking attitude, and it's pretty clear.

Okay, hear it from me then. My last girlfriend was 5'7, Im 5'5. It doesnt matter. Many girls especially the older you get dont care much about height. They do care, however, about little man's syndrome. Learn to love yourself

being 5'9 is absolutely workable though, you are still taller than most girls. also, being a "nerd" isn't something you can't change that hinders you, whatever that means. 5 whole inches in height makes a world of difference, you can't even compare me to you

>the older you get
>the less options they have
they will always care in the back of their minds, just like how men will always care about how girls look too, its non negotiable

I would like to think a lifelong relationship is more than this

lifelong relationships don't exist in the secular modern west

OP biggest bitch ever

Yeah you’ll be fine.

I’m only 5’8 but I’ve had tons of girls ask me out, tons of girls taller than me too. This was all back when I was younger, I’m older now married with kids.

But yeah don’t worry about it. Hell I even lost my hair and shaved my head back in my 20s, didn’t affect anything. Just be confident and everything will work out.

Get a sick car and some bad ass hobbies.

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>only 5'8
you are average lmao, op is fucked as a 5'4 turbo midget
mega cope, nobody gives a fuck about ur hobbies or dumb car when you're an ugly little hobbit

Wow, you're kind of interesting looking. You're still in the young part of age, but getting out of college range. It's time to shoot for some big girls (I just mean professionals and not literally).


If you take any of that self-deprecating attitude out on a date, you're going to have a hard time.

You also really need to get out more. Go to public events, concerts, and clubs. Explore your world more. You're an adult now! Also, cute girls can't notice you if you stay inside all night.

Oh shut the fuck up. Go save up your money and go on a vacation. Treat yourself to a good time somewhere away from your daily life. Learn to surf or camp or pet goats or whatever. Just shut up you sound like a pissy asshole.

I'm barely scraping by in my lowest rent housing to support myself and my 2 dogs, I can't just up and leave, I barely have the motivation and discipline to keep struggling like this at my current job, I don't know what to do with myself

You do know what to do. You just don't want to try doing it. Self improvement is a long term commitment that scares people who don't believe they are worth it. Some opt to play things too safe and not put their neck out for financial help to go back to school or learn a skill and so remain stagnant in the dulldrums. Whoever says I can't, it means I won't.

this play beta sex game

I fucking hate how accurate this is.

t. Fat balding manlet with a fat unemployed wife

I started dating her when she was 18, I was 20. Its about maturity, not lack of options

Honestly if you look like that, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Short and bald is nothing with a face like that. There are people who don't care about those things or are even into it.

>but getting out of college range. It's time to shoot for some big girls (I just mean professionals and not literally)

why not just stick to college girls? They're hotter and expect less than a yuppie

and also that's slicker a twitch streamer not OP

lmao being bald fucks his face dude

>take the black pill

>being 5'4
hahaha OH NOOO