This fucking bitch yesterday. I was walking and talking with her. Then I asked if she wanted to have something to eat. She said yes. Then I asked if we should go over to a park nearby and sit there. She said yes. But the fucking bitch said she was leaving the country early next day. I've been told this so fucking many times now that I think it's a lie most of the time if not every fucking time. When I asked her name she didn't ask my name back. She didn't want to go have a drink. Why the fuck did she even go and eat in a park if she wasn't going to even ask my name? Just for free food? For entertainment? I hope she fucking burns in hell.

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Bro she was just hungry.

I had already been walking with her for maybe 20 minutes with no clear rejection

You give her free food and don't even know her name? Smells like bait.

Stop buying food for strangers

When we were walking she stopped outside a place and said it was her hostel. I asked if she wanted some food as a way to get more time. As I said I don't even think she is leaving the country early today. Next time someone tells me they're leaving next day I'll walk off instantly because it's 99% chance it's a lie.

So you are flirting with tourists? Maybe she just wanted a quick chat or you were creepy and she was looking for a safe way out of the situation.

the safe way out of the situation would have been to go into her hostel, not to go sit in a park and eat, fuckwit

Wait so you only knew her for 20 min before going to eat?

Yeah, as I said she said she was leaving the next day. I took a chance that she wasn't lying and was interested in doing something that evening. But when she neither wanted to go for a drink nor asked my name back when I asked hers I knew she was probably lying about her flight early today.

plus it wasn't an expensive dinner, it was sandwiches

So why are you mad. Maybe she wanted to be nice and have some food with you but she was in fact leaving. Since she is a tourist, there is a very high chance she was leaving. Anyway you sound desperate so she possibly picked up on those vibes and didnt want to reject you.

Find someone else and move on

"be nice"
She didn't even care what my name was. That's not my definition of nice. She can go to hell.

OP, you're fucking retarded and you're mentally ill. You keep spamming these retarded MEN ONLY threads and each time it's the same story, it's you sperging about some chick and having a fit. You're too mentally deranged to find someone. Fucking drop it and stop spamming these idiotic threads. You're not going to find a girlfriend.

You're still approaching random women on the street, right? They don't outright reject you because they're scared of you, because you're a fucking lunatic and they want to get away as soon as possible before you murder them. Stop harrassing women. Just fuck off to your hole and never come out again.

Plus even if she was in fact leaving early today she would have sacrificed some sleep to spend time with a guy she was really attracted to. Plus she would have drooled over him and asked tons of personal questions including his name just so she could get to know him, and then either just taken his contact details or postponed/cancelled the flight. If it was Chad she wouldn't have fucking cared that she was flying early next day.

I've approached 62 women this summer. Got 7 dates but no sex. I'm fucking tired of both approaching and of dates.

>they want to get away as soon as possible before you murder them
No, then she wouldn't have agreed to go eat in a park when we were standing just outside her hostel. Fuck off.

You probably cornered her into going because you're a nutter. How many of these threads have you made so far? You're an asshole, that's why they don't want to fuck you. If they don't notice that you're an asshole right away, they notice it within the 15 minutes of meeting you.

no, there were people just outside, she could easily have just gone into her hostel

You sound desperate and crazy. If I knew where you lived I'd call the police. But just in case Im going to screenshot the conversation.

>You sound desperate
Because I approached 62 women this summer? Fuck off retard.

Thats desperate. I'm not sure how you are oblivous to that. If you have to go out of your way to meet women on the street by approaching them at random then you are desperate.

Why would she go back into the hostel after just leaving the hostel? Also, you seem to lack any social awareness. It can be hard for women to outright say "no" when they feel pressured, even in public.

>OP answers his question in his own post

Nice diary, what exactly do you need advice about?

>Why the fuck did she even go and eat in a park
Because you asked her.

No, I don't have a social life and I'm tired of dating apps so cold approaching is the only way to meet women. They recommend like 10 approaches a day 5 days a week so 62 approaches in 3 months is nothing, it's less than one approach a day on average. Fuck off woman/fag.

Calm down, women are this way

Get a life and a job. Fucking loser. No wonder you haven't got laid.

Where did I say she just left the hostel? Dumbass.

I said she didn't ask my name and hardly any other personal questions either. I think the only personal question she asked was where I live, immediately followed by why I was in this part of town. Women often ask this, probably to know if I had some business there or was just walking around. In the latter case they might suspect I was just walking around to hit on women, and they probably don't like that.

Stop crying about it like a fucking retard. Be a man and get over it

I have a job retard

OP, as always, the mártir of cucks.

She was prolly getting a creepy vibe from you. You should try to be nice about it. Say something like “It’s a shame that you’re leaving the country tomorrow. I’m just glad I got to share lunch with you on this beautiful day. I hope you enjoyed your visit in this country, and I wish you a safe trip home.”


All that anger has nowhere to go but inside your head. Instead of throwing a hissy fit over your lack of success with women, figure out what the common problem is between every rejection you get. I have a hint, it’s not the women who have the problem if they all want to leave you.

OP is a moron for trying to date a tourist that is by definition not sticking around, but the rest of you are morons too. He's approaching women and getting some dates. Now you're telling him not to do that either?

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1. Don't buy women food. Coffee dates are the best first date because at worst you're out a few bucks.
2. Most women are so cowardly they will string you along for comical lengths of time until you figure out they're not interested, rather than have a potential 'confrontation'. My advice is to not bother with any woman who says they're 'busy' but want to reschedule a date. That's their way of telling you to fuck off. If they're really interested they'll show some sign of pursuit after the first date.

>I wanted something from her
>She wanted something from me
>She got what she wanted but I didn't get what I wanted
>What a fucking bitch!!

You're psycho . No one owes you anything. You were trying to manipulate her and failed, so why are you mad? She's no more deceptive than you were being

You sound scary. You sound like the kind of guy who feels entitled, and you believe any woman giving you anything less than expected is scamming you since you believe they only have one use to you.

You're telling us all of this but I don't know exactly how shit played out in your conversations, interactions, etc. Did you sound like you were desperate? Even if you weren't a lot of women will only accept the first date to test the waters with you and if they don't find you compatible they'll ghost you.

Out of curiosity is she a woman you cold approached as in just asked out without knowing her at all? This is why cold approaching is extremely risky, it'll either work or it will not.


Stop trying to fuck American tourist girls then, if you don’t want them leaving the country. Euronigger.

OP, I watched Alpha Males Strategies on YouTube for a year! I must say that it was one of the best decisions I made in my life!

I'm not watching a nigger

>So why are you mad
OP if you could elbarote on that, it would be great.

You said that it was just sandwiches or whatever but here you are posting your angriest saddest pepe the frog picture and wishing that the fucking bitch dies and burns in hell because... what?

Not at all, just had some similar experiences with flaky bitches wasting both our time.