Why shouldn't I shoot myself in the head?

Why shouldn't I shoot myself in the head?

I've met so many amazing girls, I don't want to continue to live knowing I'll never have anyone like that in my life. What's the point in trying to better myself if I'm going to die alone regardless of my input?

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what gives you this idea?

Why do you think getting a gf is the only thing that's there in life?

Yeah. That or train. You could also move to a monastery or something. Study and become the occult

you are going to meet an amazing girl someday you know. not everything happens overnight, doesnt mean its not going to happen

>not everything happens overnight, doesnt mean its not going to happen
At some point you have to accept that it's not going to happen.

A lot can change in a short period of time.

In addition, don't focus too hard on the future. Think about the here and now. Think about what little things you can do. Think of the little and otherwise insignificant pebbles mountains are made of.

You're just idealizing people.

man as long as you're actively trying, it'll happen eventually.

is gonna be ok fren

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Tired of hearing this shit. I’ve been good at making friends and people cheer when I walk in because they know I’m a good time waiting. Women give me looks, always hug and make physical contact (light, not too suggestive) but at the end of every day, no matter what we’ve been through, ever girl has a reason to completely ignore any advance.

I get girls kissing me on the cheek in pics, all wrapped around me or in my lap but when I show any hint of being attracted to them they shut me down.

Fucking cursed. Pic related is me on a Friday after work. What do I need to fix?

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Not yet.

Try a few things and your life will bloom.

Then blow your fucking brains out of your skull.

Take up a new crazy hobby and get good at it.

Good luck, you got this.

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You need something to live for, a passion, something that carves the man out of you. Right now you look sad and dead to the world, as if life has no meaning whatsoever. I want you to find your reason for living, then I want you to eat, sleep, breathe it. You’ll have no issues attracting women after that.

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Yeah it was motorcycles for about 12 years. Even travelled interstate quite a bit, lived on my bike with no shelter, then got my own place and grew to have 4 bikes. Always had girls say things like “I’ve never ridden” etc and then I’d casually offer a ride and they’d want to split right after.

Why do women fuck with me without fucking with me? If I’m not attractive then why the mind fuck. Shit.

It seems to me that you’re unhappy and it shows.

What’s next on the passion list? Next project?

You’re fine in the looks dept, you need a smile, a glow, a feeling of living with purpose.

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I’ve sought help from dozens of people but my “passions” aren’t for our society. I want to provide for my family. Apparently that’s something lost in western civilization. Women don’t want a guy that wants kids and will fix the car, disposal, and a window frame in the same day. They want the guy that represents their queer eye Hollywood fantasy that can afford to buy off a mechanic, a plumber and a handyman.

I’ve had people lost off a hundred things all of which I’ve tried or already know I won’t enjoy because they’re normie tier and I’m (far) above average intelligence.

Anything involving alcohol

When it comes down to it, if I had to list the things that truly make me HAPPY, content and fulfilled they would be;
Fixing things
Meme compilations
SOME video games, just a few

I wish I could KMS ever since I was 13 but this stupid lucid dream I had about hell is the only thing scarier than existing in this hell on earth. I hope I have a tumor and they only give me two weeks to live. I’ll ask the doctor if we can move the date up ASAP.

For me, you look too cute and boring. You may be not, but I judge only by your pic. What you are doing wrong 100% is that you go for the wrong girls.
You are well put, have a job and are not mentally ill. It's a given there are girls that'd me interested.

Women want to feel safe, and don’t want a stale life.

Travel more, explore everything you can. Find new things in life to be excited about.

Do shit because you want to, recipe for a successful life.

I hope you take some of my advice, it’s not to late for you. Best of luck to you.

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I haven’t had (((a))) date in nearly 4-years. I’m 29 now, I doubt this will be my year.

Every time I do initiate convo with a girl, they will sound genuinely interested and continue to reciprocate and laugh at my punny dad humor shit. Cut to asking them out and I’ve been laughed at, told they have a BF, roll their eyes, or in one case just turned and walked back to her friends.

I don’t understand the fucking mixed signals. If I turn 30 while single I’m just going to live on the road again and hope I already have cancer. It’s a curse that we can’t kill ourselves due to what waits on the other side. Fuck. Life.

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>Do shit because you want to

But I don’t. I don’t want to do anything. Everything is aggravating. Life is excruciating. I wake up every day disappointed that I’m still breathing. There is NO joy in life

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Gun is useless. It’s about your mind, not your body, for who you want.

You probably see a lot of illusion and don’t know what’s real

>I've met so many amazing girls

How many of them did you ask out? How many did you even let know that you where interested in them? How many did you even try to spend more time with?


If doing nothing doesn't get you a girlfriend then perhaps actually doing something will.