I have a gf but she is OLD AS FUCK (48) love her a lot...

I have a gf but she is OLD AS FUCK (48) love her a lot. But I can't get myself to marry her and have kids cause she's so much older than me.
Thinking of breaking up is so painful, Damn it. Why did I fall for the "milf meme" ??!!!
Now I'm at a cross-roads.
I want a family, a want a young wife with a big fertility window, like a 21-23 year old, who will be able to raise several kids and grow old WITH ME.


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She even able to have kids at 48? If you're young it's not like you're in a rush. Just stay with her and if another girl catches your eye break it off

how old are you though?

>Just stay with her and if another girl catches your eye break it off
Lots of girls catch my eye, flirt with me and want to date me. But I resist the temptation.
The idea of leaving her alone just feels wrong, I doubt she'll find a good guy to replace me, there's a big chance she's just gonna be alone for a long long time...she doesn't have much in her life in terms of friends, just works and stays with me. Been dating for 2+ years. She keeps talking about plans for the future while I'm plotting how to break up with her gently...fuck I feel like trash

I can see the argument for polygamy desu...I know it's impractical in reality, but in theory...it sort of makes sense sometimes.

early 30s

If you love her then stay with her and get some pets.

Based. I want a mommy gf

You're already one foot out the door. Either do what said or break up. If you're in your early 30s then it's time to man up and become an adult and figure out what you REALLY want out of life and try to do that. If you can live with not having children then stay with her. If not, the relationship is never going to work it will just fester and become awful until you accept not having children, if that ever happens.

Figure out what you really want. If you have to break up with her just tell her you love her but you want a family and won't be fulfilled in life unless you can do that. It won't be pretty but if you're the age you say you are then you can act like an adult and handle the fallout.

Why don't you make a deal with her?

Tell her you're gay and break up if she's not buying it download grindr and make some gay friends and bring them over for drinks. Dudes are way friendlier than chicks. Explain the situation to them and just be friends with them

Good luck op

Ask if she's okay with a surrogate?

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user Flanders, OP clearly said he wants someone with a big fertility window to grow old with, not a surrogate. Now diddly darn dangle rope yourself.

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It's a compromise.

>implying anyone who posts here has enough money to afford the almost $100,000 needed in total for a surrogate, the donor egg, and IVF procedures.

Also, science tip for you, it's usually not the womb that's bad at that age, it's the eggs. She'd need an egg donor and IVF, if a doctor determines that she could safely carry a baby with her uterus and she's willing to go through a pregnancy at an older age with increased rates of complications and risk of permanent injury. If she's willing and able to carry the baby herself the cost then goes down to between $37,000 to $65,000, depending on how many rounds of IVF it takes for her to get pregnant. Still a stupidly high amount of money.

I meant the old fashioned surrogate that gets knocked up by OP but surrenders custody.

if you want kids you'd be better leaving her desu.
I know its a shame to leave her but you have to also put your own interests into life.

Don't worry about the kids, she's way too old for that anyway. You have more than a 85% risk of miscarriage at that age.

> 48
> kids
user, just tell her that she can't give you what will make you happy, because she can't and it's the truth. Then go out and find a young thot to give you many children.

Just adopt you moron

Good luck finding something like that, especially which doesn't backfire spectacularly. She could change her mind at any point and just not sign over the kid, now OP has to pay child support to some bitch he hardly knows and his kid spends half the time with the mom minimum.

Time to cum inside bro

At her age if she hasn't already had kids, it's likely she doesnt want them and or is incapable of having them. The odds of a woman her age conceiving are extremely slim, the odds of a woman her age convincing without significant complications for her or the child are also slim. This shouldn't be a question for you. From your post you seem very determined to have a kid and start a real family so staying with this woman because you feel bad is just going to set you back from that goal. Put yourself in her shoes, would you want someone to stay with you who fundamentally doesn't want to be with you but only stays because they feel bad for you? Of course you wouldn't want that, it's toxic and plain insulting.