Your weirdest Fetish?

What is the weirdest fetish that you have?

t. Male with female fart and nose fetish

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Sadism, I guess. I'd really like to see some blood.


Manipulating others into engaging in incest (blackmail, intoxication, etc)

If you are really a girl, what’s your fetish?

I watch lots of beast (dog on woman) porn. That’s about as deep as it goes, unless you consider the occasional tentacle and the like hentai “deeper”

being a mommy

Big black cock. Never had one, never will. But the thought of a black cock penetrating my white vagina is hot.

Why not just try one?

I don't want to have sex with randoms and I don't trust dating a black dude. They dont have a good repuation.

>is a degenerate bbc fetishist
>cares about “reputations”
Yours is already ruined

Tied up/forced edging

Girls taller than me, I’m 5’11”

My fetish is barely a fragment of my personality as a whole. I think you need to shut the fuck up.

I have several intrests, but I will not post them here bluntly.

Toastie roastie LMAO

Well maybe you should change your username then because you clearly don’t break the rules

femdom, but watching femdom porn is gay, so it makes it an odd fetish to deal with

nigga fuk off

That's not even a rule.

No u

Yes it is and you’re too scared to break it

tfw dated someone who wanted me to tell them bedtime stories. have been called mommy by 2 guys. have had similar upbringings and interests and personalities as their moms etc

idk what it is like 3 guys i’ve dated have strongly correlated me and their mom baka oedipus complex.

i’m into somnophilia. i like race/religious play, body worship, and i get a thrill out of tickling others. it’s a fun power play for a petite woman like myself.

i like noses too. mostly for being eaten out and just controlling and thrashing my peach against em and them drinkin it up ;^)

i fantasize about having like 2-3 people worshipping my body orally but i’m pretty monogamous so that will never happen lol

Performing or receiving?

Nigga, no


desu boffum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s enthralling.

Having the girl tell me not to cum inside her because she would get pregnant while she's leg-locking me

hmu senpai, wouldn't mind being roused from sleep to a clam buffet all up in my mug

my best friend can cuck me with anyone he wants to
it'd be great to have him cuck me with my gf while I watch, and he bullies me and controls my orgasms
he's also a tranny :^)

Bloodplay - my slave is a good boi and I can act it out if I want to.

Crossdressing and being submissive to some partner, female or male. Obviously, being pumped in the ass would be part of the process.

penis in vagina

she fucked a dog iirc

I want a girl to fuck a hung black dude in front of me while they both belittle my small white dick. Cuck with humiliation. I also want to be controlled by her with my dick in a chastity cage.
Reading shit like this is super hot.

I'd be into trying it out if the correct circumstances arose but I doubt they ever will and that's probably for the best.

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>be me
>wtf is this place.jpg
>Jow Forums is shit

sucking on smaller than average penises.
is that even a fetish? it's just smaller penises fit in my mouth so nicely, i actually learned to enjoy blowjobs cause of them.

I like watching women do degrading shit like fucking animals and being coerced to fuck guys other than their husband when they don't want to

that’s nice but we’re user for a reason bb. i’m actually not looking for anything right now other than purest of cuddles.

i’ve witnessed my partners at the time wearing my panties/tank top before... i’m kinda into it?

Your loss fren, I cuddle like a champ too. Though I wouldn't have been willing to deliver on the crossdressing anyway.

I'll take you up; kik me

No dice short stuff. Sure you got that one right?


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Gotta keep some slack in the jaw, otherwise you get wicked cramps while munching the rug.

fat fetishism, weight gain especially
not into all fatties though, can't get off to flabbiness and my 600-lb life tier fatties are too damn big

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haha it’s okay. good luck seems like you have peeps ready to pounce. the cross dressing bit is just something a little.. amusing, like okay i guess this is happening sorta deal. i have a thing for pretty looking guys so i guess it was bound to happen. i blame sesshoumaru.

Choking girlfriend
Get a dominant GF

Aww I was really hoping that was you. I've got a soft spot for petite girls' soft spots. Good luck with your prettyboy cuddles.

Getting kicked in the balls.


Girls beating the shit out of each other (or me) in contact sports

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My biggest fantasy is being assaulted by a butch dyke, think truck stop lesbian or biker. I would love to be forced to eat out some hairy muff and then forcefully penetrated, with a strap on of course.

My second fantasy involves a straigh/bicurious (but probably straight) girl that wants to experiment. A lot of these girls are timid and nervous, want to take it slow and 99.9% of the time only ever expect to receive/bottom. I would do none of that. I almost want to make them regret ever wanting to try women. I'd use the biggest strap on I have, go as fast and as hard as I want to to get off, and make them eat me out. Emphasis on make. I do see these types of women as more of a good time than anyone I should take seriously, so if they want to try fucking women, they're going to get fucked, and I will use them as a means to my end, which happens to be cumming lmao

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corruption of innocence (barely teenager girls)
sadism / breaking the cuties

also how it's called when the woman kinda resist the sexual act but totally enjoys it?

It's called consensual non-consent.

Soft vore. Anything dying kills my boner, but as long as it's consensual and non-lethal (hence soft) it's cool.

Pissing probably. Girls getting pissed on by guys turns me on.

Butt stuff. I'm boring.

I'm generally the kindest person you'll find around, but deep deep down I really want to degrade someone with all the secrets they tell me, I want to absolutely break a person and show her how much of a worthless disgusting pig they actually are, I want them to feel like a waste of fucking space and the only thing they could ever be good for is as a cock sleeve.

I'm really a nice person and nobody would ever suspect this from me, but if they were okay with it, I'd more than gladly fucking break them down until there's nothing left.

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monsters and furries
Not the most fucked up thing I've jerked it to I guess, but it's a well I return to.

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if only you were a girl

I want a chick to force me down and sit on my face. Role reversal/ gentle femdom and face sitting is hot.

I actually wish I was, dudes are so much more into it... I'm never gonna find a qt3,14 to break

I don't know about that, a lot of girls on websites like Jow Forums love being totally degraded. I'm sure you could find one.
The idea of a woman doing it to me is so hot though, I want her to break me down until I'm a worthless slave absolutely dependent on her for all my emotional needs.

had a sissy fetish for some time. good god, i'm glad that's over with.

Real life or animation?