What does Jow Forums think of them?

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literally not even human

Echoes are for Jews you dimwit

i think they're swell, waryaa

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fellow caucasians

On par with Paki's and Abbo's at the very bottom of humanity.

Just a few generations of inbreeding and you can cross out humanity

Great people, great sense of humour

>thinking about niggers
Not even once


Trips don't lie

niggers of niggers

Sub 80 iqs
Gas pirateniggers

we have one in my village. all he does all day is sit in the market square and beg for cigarettes... we all hate him.

Somalia is Africa's only ethnic nation-state, being comprised almost entirely of Somalis, while all other African countries are an amalgamation of many ethnic groups. This could have turned out great, and Somalia could have been the one based and redpilled country in Africa, but too bad tribalism and terrorism got in the way of that.

>What does Jow Forums think of them?
if these low IQed cunts just stayed in somalia, I wouldn't have to think of them at all!

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they're also fucking manlets
iq is unironically sub 80 too
just gas them all

I had a Somalian friend, they are okay as long as you're friends with them.

In the small 4 months I knew him he stole multiple phones, attacked/molested multiple woman and was eventually sentenced to prison for 9 months for assault or something like that.

But he always wanted to be a rocket scientist so I guess he is okay.

Well they're definitely not Jewish. Don't know where you got that from unless you're just a newfag who doesn't understand echoes

their iq is sub 80
they're the same as chimpanzees except that chimpanzees actually contribute to the ecosystem unlike somali niggers who only destroy it

That's somali for: please talk to me.

never met one.

You sound like you have resentment, bully victim most likely

mouth breathing banana peeling low iq monkeys that breed with their family producing more low iq mouth breathing banana peeling monkeys.

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>dont complain about whitey
>actually do something for a living
>live adventurous lives

More based than high estrogen basketball americans who chimp out over words

ThEy MAkE GreAt FoOd.

ItS goOd.

LeT thEM iN YoUr BorDErS

what it's just natural sentiment to abominate these subhumans
you're most likely a somali nigger

>not nordic
>not human

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She has a beautiful nose.

Bulbheads are a biological hazard.


Better than bantus, still niggers though

See this they have the worst of them

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Dunno about Somalians, but god I want a QT3.14 Ethiopian gf

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Niggers of niggers


>pic related why are all of their faces crooked?




is it true they have their own city somewhere in sweden?

Worst people I've ever met. They're dumb, malicious and doesn't give a about anything. Literally chimps that just want to destroy.

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Lightbulb headed alien niggers


Literally nigger Muslims. What's not to like?

>What does Jow Forums think of them?
Pretty much the worst type of nigger, on par with Haitians. Pic related is the result

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i should make a t-shirt with that text

They're mentally incapable of creating a society and are completely unable to govern themselves or be governed. That country needs a virus to cull the herd.

Abbos and Somalians are effectively the only people on earth that require extermination.


Somali, I'm surprised you can even read.

Ethiopians aren't Somalis. Too bad the Ethiopians didn't succeed in wiping them out.

The nigger's nigger

so low IQ that they thought combining communism and islam would result in a glorious nation


Bulb headed insectoids

Implying we want goat fuckers any more than we want kikes. Both are sub human.

Literally the most mentally unstable, violent and retarded fucks I have ever had to deal with. My town has some of the higher percentile in Norway when it comes to Somalis. No matter if they are first or second generation, they are violent thugs who fight, sell drugs and create a shitstorm every time. Fuck them

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Don't be such a gullible naive faggot. The enemy of your enemy isn't always your friend. In this case we're talking about Islamic niggers too. Rethink this opinion asap.

They are proto humans.

They are ruining the country of my birth. I have noticed that even immigrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea put aside their hatred of each other and come together in their mutual hatred of Somalis. They also tend to look incredibly inbred and involve themselves in massive amounts of crime.

I do find it lulzy how so many of them who have moved to Alberta to sell drugs have ended up dying in unsolved murders...sucks having one as immigration minister though.

The list of Somalian inventions and societal contributions would be thinner than an Ethiopian cook book.

The only thing they add to is our crime rate.

they are literal cockroaches. fucking vermin of the highest kind.

anywhere they are in the world, they act like a pack of rabid hyena's, scavengers and pests

Genetically there seems to be ancient links to the Somali ethnicity and that of the Egyptian one

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Do the right thing and take inspiration from the former premier of Alberta Ralph Klein..."shoot shovel and shut up"...if it worked for Mad Cow Disease it can work for dealing with him.

Absolute retards

>the town rapist

The definition of a nigger. Basically insects in shape of humanoid.

>ancient links to the Somali ethnicity and that of the Egyptian one

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the niggers of niggers

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We don't have many in NZ but i heard they are awful in other countries like Sweden

Ethiopians in my experiences are much better, they also unironically hate Somali's because they know what horrors the Somalians are capable of enacting.

>the niggers of niggers

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turbo niggers

We call them Peanut heads, on account of the empty space that seems to reside within their cranial cavity.

You can tell a lot about a group of people based on their skull shapes.

Again; Shoot, shovel & shut up.

They're good Canadians.

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For once a Brit has a based opinion, have a (you) you.

>They're good Canadians
Trudeau I...

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Somalian in early larval stage

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More Canadian than you and I he said

kind and generous souls, good strong work ethic

Here everyone, have some laughs and maybe gain some inspiration.







Again, Shoot, Shovel & Shut Up.

That rocket doctor is from Mali.

They are the worst scourge to ever enter this fair land...at least they are dying in record numbers, but not dying quickly enough.

We need another ice age to wipe out all of the people from shithole countries who are not naturally adapted to cold winters.

>More Canadian than you and I he said
I can't even stand to listen to that faggot anymore

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As OP pic confirms

We loooooooove our Somalis

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They wuz dickwashers in the court of Thutmose II.

The genetic legacy of their time in captivity there has sadly not been eradicated.

Very witty

Vote him out and take out anyone you
Know who will vote for him if you really feel that strongly about Socks' heinous mismanagement of Canadaland.

>rocket doctor
Zambia's forgotten space program 1964:

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I know some that go to a school nearby that act like monkeys. Cant speak proper English, probably have the same verbal speech ability of a gorilla

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"TAKE up the White Man's burden -
Send forth the best ye breed -
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness
On fluttered folk and wild -
Your new-caught sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.
Take up the White Man's burden -
In patience to abide
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain,
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain.

Take up the White Man's burden -
The savage wars of peace -
Fill full the mouth of famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch Sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

Take up the White Man's burden -
No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper -
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go make them with your living,
And mark them with your dead !

Take up the White Man's burden -
And reap his old reward,
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard -
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah slowly !) towards the light:-
"Why brought ye us from bondage,
"Our loved Egyptian night ?"

Take up the White Man's burden -
Ye dare not stoop to less -
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloak your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent sullen peoples
Shall weigh your Gods and you.

Take up the White Man's burden -
Have done with childish days -
The lightly proffered laurel,
The easy, ungrudged praise.
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years,
Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgement of your peers."

-Rudyard Kipling

Fucking grow a pair and kick him out.

Again, practice the Three S's and it won't be as much of a problem.

Props if you can get them to exterminate one and other.

I've seen a black guy at the trading firm I work at call them "niggers of Africa". Personally I would go one step further and call them "niggers of black people". But fundamentally we literally lack the vocabulary to be racist towards them. Associating them with niggers gives completely street credible niggers the bad rap and all.

Exceedingly Good.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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>Shithole destroyed country flooded with rapists and criminals
I'd say they're worse than abbos

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there cant be anything worse than a somalian nigger muslim

they all look the same.

Kipling was a man of infinite wisdom and his words might help guide us into a better age....

If you mean the Somalians living in Somalia, tribalist-anarchists.