She's long dead. Dems are hiding that fact so Trump can't fill her seat with a Republican...

She's long dead. Dems are hiding that fact so Trump can't fill her seat with a Republican. She hasn't been seen or heard from in months and anyone who would know anything is refusing to talk.

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The folks in DC realize the country won’t survive another Kavanaugh fight so they are pretending she ain’t dead.

why is one seat so important

Can her house be spied inside with a drone or something, it's amazing that nobody asks where she is gone

Will shift the balance of the 9 Justice's

If The_Zognald wasn't into the schnoz too, he could, you know, just ask the Ginsberg-Question in public. Or demand a meeting, or whatever.
Wake the fuck up, you brainlet.

I don't care if she's dead or not, I want proof she can do her fucking job.

GOP Pussies are too afraid to ask that. We already know they Dems won't give up her seat even if she's in a vegitative state (that's technically still alive)

OBVIOUSLY, she's no longer able to effectively do her job -- we just need someone who isn't a fucking sissy dick licker to say it.

What? She was photographed and filmed receiving a prize in Sweden less than a week ago.


Take your meds

She's alive and she's going to dunk on all your abortion bills, nazis

Oh 1-555-COME-ON-NOW. Surely the MSM would be on that like a fly on shit.


if i have to pay taxes i want a functioning god damn government

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She's not dead, but I keep reading that all her clerks have been carrying her for a couple years now.

This. Unforeseen events like sudden death might break narrative, Donald is a swamp creature 100% behind narrative - which says split judiciary.

She is "alive" but in dead brain situation.

The last picture we have was Nov 2018. The NYT tried to pass it off as pic taken Feb2019.

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Is there a way a concerned citizen can call the authorities to request a wellness check on her?

Hasn't it been like 6 fucking months?
the absolute AUDACITY of these kikes. "weekend" at bernie's my ass this bitch been dead half a year. NO ONE IS CALLING IT OUT

Goynald is in with the heebs. But he's only affiliated.
They have to bend him over by means of intimidation, tom-foolery and his own greed. Outwitting him and hitting him from all sides

Over filling his plate to where their inside men can sneak in their objectives right under his wig

Some real life wheres Waldo shit

Yeah. Just call the local PD. The won't do it for just any pranker, though. It's official business and you'll have to go on record.

I believe you're right, OP. Is it time for a hashtag to start trending about it?

>split judiciary
Our Opposition, over here, is very famous for blokk/delay-politics. Easy to spot the kike tactics, once understood.


Seriously, I think she's dead too. Anyone have a pic of her? Are the Democrats really just going to hide her death until the next election?

If anything this proves the government is out of the control of the people

she is pure evil. i can tell from looks alone. her aura i mean. just like saville. demonic like.

It's impressive that everybody is stalling this hard, though. At least it tells you there's a hard game of chicken going on.

Imagine if it were an ebil non-Jew justice gone missing. NPR would run stories about it every day blaming Russia for poisoning people to death or whatever.

She's a main perpetrator of blood libel.

They're trying to stretch it out till later in the year, so they can claim the biden rule and be like election year gotta wait to appoint


All Drumpf has to do is tweet a short question like
>Where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg???
and it would open up the whole issue again. But of course he won't because Bolton holds one of Dumpf's testicles, Pompeo holds the other one, and Satanyahu's tip is teasing Drumpf's anus. The moment he does something they don't like they will squeeze and push in at the same time. Owie Yowie!

Drumpf is such a fucking loser, I can't believe it. The guy who sold himself to us as having the biggest balls in the world is a total fucking pussycat. Obama had bigger balls.

If she's dead, then everyone is in on the joke. Everyone but the American people. Anyone have the Fox news graphic?

It'll give the "conservative" judges a 6-3 majority, so it'll be harder for one of them (Roberts) to flip over with the liberals and fuck things up.

We need to demand proof. We should start a campaign again.

The problem is if you spy on her house and you don’t see her anywhere, then people will just say “oh she went to the supermarket”. She’s dead and they probably cremated her so that nobody will get any physical evidence of her death.

This. Even if she's alive it isn't fair that she isn't even healthy enough to make decisions, yuge decisions too.

You're right though, why the fuck hasn't he said anything? Oh maybe because Gunsburg is a zionist controlled judge too and Trump has a gage order. Allen Gunsburg was a writer..A jew...and a NAMBLA promoter... let that sink in.

She's probably being kept technically alive in a medically induced coma. They'll wake her up like a zombie for one last good show.

>proves common knowledge

K sweaty


Maybe Trump knows she is alive (technically at least) and knows the Dems are trying to bait him into saying she's dead so they can roll her out and prove he's wrong and a big meanie liar.

they can't shes lost too much bodily function, they will fake appearances though

Sure it's fair, just ask McConnell.

Agreed, until they actually need to prove she's alive. If I'm correct they can do one more time in a serious way.

Yep. And he doesn't need to bring it up yet because it's the elephant in the room. Eventually the MSM will have to talk about it because the internet won't shut up wondering wtf is going on.

she will die in her supreme court seat and technically still judge until physcially removed

>She's alive

And the longer they pretend the elephant isn't in the room, the worse they'll look once the issue has to be confronted. I disagree with this tactic on the MUH RUSSIA front, but it's pretty much the same idea.

this is a very good point. She likely has the mental capacity of a retard by now and they are hiding it from everyone. Spoon feeding her what to write and sign. It's ok Justice, nothing to be worried about, just sign here where it says "Trannys get to adopt young children and we need to take guns from everyone."

Yeah, can't you call the cops to do a welfare check if someone hasn't been seen for around 48 hours?

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guys, she's not dead. trust me.

daddy want.damn what a body

Start shitposting for proof of life on politician's Twitter, Facebook, and IG accounts. If it's a big enough thing, it can't be ignored.

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>be me
>cops knock on my door
>don't open it
>they leave

huh wow how did I make them disappear so easy

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she won't make it through the next term so trump is basically guaranteed another justice. we elected that guy at the best possible time. it's so great.

This actually works. Although it works better if you don't have to consider the possibility of a landlord letting them in.

my door has a chain

and I'll sue those people into oblivion if they dare enter my dwelling with shoes on their feet

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Yeah, she's passed away. The silence is bipartisan, though -- the game is establishment Republicans AND Democrats versus Trump. Make of that what you will.

They know they're not allowed to come inside without being asked here. Somebody called that shit on me once and I made him hold the screen door open until he explained why he was at my house without stepping past the door frame, and only after that kindly held it open for him in order to make sure we both knew how it works.

No advantage in being antagonistic. It was a pleasant exchange of information. But it's a simple fact that the law says I can shoot a man dead if he comes in my house without being invited.

>If The_Zognald wasn't into the schnoz too, he could, you know, just ask the Ginsberg-Question in public. Or demand a meeting, or whatever.
If you want war in Iran or Venezuela immediately, Trump could do this. Amazing how you brainlets still don't seem to understand that being POTUS doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.

I know right? According to most predictions, he's gonna be able to nominate more SC justices than any other president in modern history. Comfy af

The government is an illegitimate joke and must be destroyed. Kill your leaders.

Yfw the new abortion laws are to flush her out.

You are all a bunch of retards:

Someone in power should make a big display about sending his wife to bring her soup. It should honestly be Melania. They would have to cover it, and name themselves in the process.

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They are going through febreeze by the gallon!

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I know it's a meme, but god damn do some jews look like lizard monsters.

I lol'd!

The Dems and RINOs are stalling because the expect Trump to lose 2020.

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show your flag tranny


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If you think about it, somebody should pour water on her. Surely a wicked which would melt if baptized.

Please, she hasnt stood that straight in years. Old pics.

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You said this last time like a week ago

Glow nigger

>implying the hunchback of notre dame was a jew
Just how evil are these so-called """people"""

>Obama had bigger balls
He was every bit as owned as Trump is, the difference is he followed the (((agenda))) to be T. Pretty easy to act like the biggest swinging dick in the room when you've got the entire (((Establishment))) acting as your hype man.

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That's vampires you idiot....

Report that’s she’s been a victim of a vicious anti-semetic hate crime.

The law has some interesting historical parallels. Interestingly, my local Jew state rep flipped his lid when we got castle doctrine back.

rly maek think

>If you want war in Iran or Venezuela immediately, Trump could do this. Amazing how you brainlets still don't seem to understand that being POTUS doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.
Stfu, dumb Golem. Having a member of the highest judical instance of the US of A missing for fucking month, is a presidential issue. No matter how hard you don't want this to be true.

>Everyone I don't like doesn't have friends, family and colleagues who care about them. They simply exist in a vacuum.

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Murder one and hide the other's death sounds like the District of Criminals to me

Why don’t we just open up the question? Are we mot capable of memeing something like “Where is RBG?”

Just get people thinking about it and it will resolve itself for you. She is obviously dead and they wont be able to hide it

They dont have a majority in the Senate.

That's just it, though. She has to have friends, family, and colleagues that regularly talk to her and would know what's going on, but no one is saying ANYTHING. No one's been able to confirm her status in any respect.

> August 31 from 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. The full schedule will be announced later this summer.

So if she doesn't turn up (note the photo is from 2016 as usual) then we can start spamming this.

Remember when just days after being in a coma she was "at the back" of a concert but no-one saw her, heard from her, got any photos of video of her being there. All got memory holed pretty quickly.

"Where in the World is Bader-Ginsberg?"

Should be easy enough to meme

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Jokes on you nazis. Queen Ginsburg has secretly been planning her 2020 campaign to dethrone the orange clown. Once Ruth becomes out first female president, she's going to elect Hillary on the Supreme Court to lead on it for the next 40 years.

It's this shit that drives me up the wall. If Trump really did want to call out deep state bullshit why not get on Twitter and get and get #wheresRGB trending. Why is the twice a daily "no Russian collusion" more important? Why not bitch about both?

>Why don’t we just open up the question? Are we mot capable of memeing something like “Where is RBG?”
Because, at this point, it is a presidential issue. And it has been memed long and hard enough for the Judenpresse/controlled opposition to adress it. It clearly got memory-holed.
What does this tell you?

because (((they))) refuse to talk about the inevitable.

She looks a LOT more spry then the last time TMZ caught a photo of her. My guess is, it's easier to send in the clones to a foreign country. No real proof of life USA pics in 7 months.

She is most likely in a medically induced coma.

Is there a way to do one of those presidential petitions that only need 10k signatures?
"We petition the president to speak on the issue of RBG being absent from the court for six months."

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Tarrant-Chan approves this doubledubs.

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It’s what gets me. How the fuck has no one asked the question publicly WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE!? And how the fuck is she still being allowed to cast votes!?
No TV people, No congressmen, even ones like Jordan and Gohmert who usually give no fucks... NO one. Not even hannity or tucker