How psychologically fucked up have women actually become Jow Forums...

How psychologically fucked up have women actually become Jow Forums? Even the tech giants feel morally obligated to act before society completely burns down.

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it's too late now reap what you sow.

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I feel that it will only dawn to laymen of the future how insane it is to have a like feature in personal social media accounts. Once some detachment to this era is gained, people will wonder what the hell we were thinking, how could anything go wrong with hijacking cognitive reward mechanisms in such way?

It's easy to blame the tech companies but this is an unprecedented situation. But them doing this is nothing short of a straight up admission that their services have fundamental shifted the course of human development in terrible ways

You really think hiding feedback is to help women? Hiding likes and comments makes it so they can fake the grassroots support of political issues and candidates.

It's going to fundamentally change the way people use the platform. Women are young girls are literally killing themselves in mass over this shit. A huge number of women won't even use Instagram anymore because showing off how many likes they get was the only reason they used it to begin with. Just watch people you know are going to pretend like Instagram is boring now

problem is not like feature but the lack of dislike button to balance it.

I'm 1/64th German

Spare us, El Atrocidad

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>Women are young girls are literally killing themselves in mass over this shit.
who cares
sexbots and artificial wombs are on the horizon, women are obsolete soon

Faceberg did something similar and likely caused thin skinned social media addicts to anhero. Social media is cancer. It ruined communication instead of improving it.

Jow Forums is (anti-)social media too.

The fact their entire revenue systems are based on algorithms that display content based on likes just proves they know the damage they have caused

It's not competitive social media though which is the problem. Girls don't use Jow Forums because nobody knows how popular they are here

This, in the the same way men use video games as a substitute for acheivement, women use social media as a substitute for social gratification.

So what you are saying is that women belong in the kitchen or the bedroom, should be barefoot and pregnant, that we should lower the age of consent, and engage in a little domestic discipline when required?

That we should vote for far right christian fringe groups that have no chance of winning, so that the mainstream parties (conservative / republicans) politicians will start to represent the above values and people like you? (moving the needle)

stop bitching and do something about it

While we are on this topic, what can be done about the plague of match three colors games like candy crush and all of its copycats? These are intentionally designed to be as addicting as possible by exploiting the intermittent reward cycle and making it so you “almost” win just often enough to keep you playing and purchasing booster items. The makers of these games have a huge data set of play throughs that let them maximize this. Women especially seem prone to addiction to this shitty game mechanic.

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>barefoot and pregnant

Well shit I have a new fetish now

Some redpills on oxytocin

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Women being overly protective of shitskins is a symptom of false pregnancy.

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No news that women cant stand truths. Especially truths about themselves. Age old problem. Only solution is ban all women from whole internet. They can take only controller media with cats and no wars. Women is not made to be out there.

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Female extinction is a better solution.

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You know that men use Instagram too right?

ye, but the way it's used is different for the most part. anyone that has nothing but pics of themselves (male or female) are legit retards and narcs. they hate themselves deep down.

Based facebook

Yeah and those men are faggots. Acting like there is even a comparison to be made between the social media behavior of men and women is pure retardation

The companies do not feel "obligated" to do this.
The main goal is to create more profit, and if hiding the "likes" allows people to stay on Instagram longer, then Instagram will do it. It is the reason why the chronological feed won't come back; people stay on Instagram longer without it.

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instagram is kind of a girl thing though
what is the point if you are a guy? I don't care if someone likes a photo of me, it doesn't do anything for me, so why bother having it
I get the impression the men who use instagram are pretty feminine
maybe my personality is just too disagreeable idk

Its not a fetish, its biologically hardwired to be superior

Holly shit, that digits!


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Hiding the likes will completely change the content being posted. Girls will no longer post selfies or slutty pictures in anywhere near the numbers they currently do. It's literally e-sports for women which is why it makes so much money. Women will literally stop using Instagram if they can't prove to other people how liked they are

Mikä vittu tuo keskustelu on :DDDDDDDDDDD.

Ei jumalauta, vois vittu tän matrixin luoja jo lopettaa koko simulaation.

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You know they're just going to use this for right wing accounts.

this doesnt fix the problem

just because fat/ugly/older roasties dont get as many likes as the young fit hot ones, doesnt mean you ban likes.

it means you change who you are using to advertise and sell your products. thats what instagram is: staring at advertisements 90% of the time

Jow Forums is the antithesis of social media.

I believe that most Western philosophers are correct about women. They will lead to the end of civilization, especially if given power as they are right now via feminism. Females on average have lower IQs than men do and are more emotionally unstable. Imagine that being Madame President.

I remember when the internet was younger and these features were added. We all thought they were retarded, low ball ways of adding interactivity to user generated content. Wow, you click a button and a number increments. Who knew the fairer sex would become so obsessed with these like counts that it would destroy their lives? It's the same with shit like instagram. Basically a first year project, an image gallery with some shitty filters. Why would anyone give a shit about this retarded thing? But give it to women, "OMG I can take pictures of myself and people can see me!" I am wondering if someone can come up with an even more retarded idea that can catch on like wildfire like this.

Not really.
It's more like one big open university where you have to really try to post something properly wise, revelating or funny in order for people to make a screencap to post all over other (related) threads, and even then you won't get any credit due to this site's anonymous nature.
Anonymity is such a cornerstone of this structure that using a tripcode will just get you shouted at, made fun of, called faggot and all that nice stuff.
In the end you won't get to post your own shit and go "look at me ain't I awesome for doing this", which is the essence of female social media.

Ironically this means that intellectual progress and redpilling is actually much faster here than it otherwise would have been.
The only reward is that you develop your thinking and by posting it here, getting to help compatriots develop their same thinking, and if they disagree they get to do the same for you.
It's reciprocal, selfless sacrifice for the betterment of all.
We're all Dark Knights.

There’s no likes or “upvotes” here. The only thing that can get you attention is a quality post.

I'm 1/64TH German

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>thats what instagram is: staring at advertisements 90% of the time

underrated post

Fucking Mutts are digit wizards

The problem is girls treat it as a way of determining self worth. It's literally impossible to date a girl who is active on Instagram and cares about the performance of her posts. They will literally obsess about the ways in which dating you will make her look on Instagram and how they can best present the relationship to everyone else. And the ones who admit they don't care are straight up lying.

dating is a degenerate modern concept

Dislike would make sense... Otherwise the "like only" supports a false "positive social-validation feedback loop."

>Implying (You)s aren't just as addictive

Instagram is the worst fucking social platform ever created. I want to punch Zuckerberg in the face everytime I see another thot pose with a stupid fucking face and an army of thirsty idiots writing 5000 inane comments on each photo

This is modern women
My mom was finding new recipes for us to eat, making us sweaters, growing her garden. I can't remember a single time my mom wasn't working in the house.

>The only thing that can get you attention is a quality post
It's way easier to get attention with a shitpost than with a quality one.

>We all thought they were retarded
I still do

>preventing roasties from removing themselves from the gene pool
wtf cringe and bluepilled

>Jow Forums is one big university
please zoomer it’s not too late, go to college. save yourself