Evening Jow Forums Our gender studies teacher has asked us to research 5 developed contries that are primarily...

Evening Jow Forums Our gender studies teacher has asked us to research 5 developed contries that are primarily non-white and Asian and their contribution and Influences on todays society.

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Pick some african shitholes. If the teacher argues that they are not developed, call them out for their violent racism.

This, it's perfect tbqhfamalam.

pick Sweden

They are not developed because whites drain their resources and oppress them.

Singapore, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Brunei.

All completely anti gay too btw. Focus on that angle.

Pick South Africa, primarily black, and talk about the inventions like heart transplants and stuff. It'll be painfully obvious to all that those things are white Afrikaner inventions, but if your teacher dares criticize that fact, blindly reply "Rainbow Nation" and their color-blind flag, one race the human race, Desmond Tutu and stuff.

Thank you, good advice.

Brilliant, reject the classification as patriarchal and oppressive

1. Mauritius - Pic related is the Capital Port Luis - Tourism Economy (Gives aid to other African shitholes)
2. Botswana - Diamonds & Tourism economy (Contributes to saving wildlife across shithole continent)
3. Maldives - Tourism economy (Contributes by sponsoring & aiding all refugees especially Somali refugees across continent)
4. Seychelles - Tourism Economy (Contributes to sponsoring refugees across Africa & helps in marine nature conservation.)
5. Gabon - Oil Rich (Helps France & U.S kill Islamic terrorists in West Africa.)

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Except SA became powerful bcs of whites

I would say Wakanda

All of those were white colonies
Moot point

Go with Japs, show them the power of our honourary Aryan allies, also shows the benefits of being racially and culturally homogeneous such as low crime and great infrastructure

Hey gypsie asshole, we're here just to help our fellow Jow Forumslack ace the roastie's assignment

Saudi Arabia. Talk about how influential and generally awesome the Wahabbi death cult is and how Sharia Law is based and will allow Islam to take over the world. If your radical feminist teacher doesn't like this, call her a racist.

South Africa. Go complete We Wuz Kangz. If she doesn't like it, call her a racist.

Rhodesia. Say they could be Kangz again but they just need more gibs from those evil white farmers who left because they're racist.

Iran. Talk about their great contributions when Persia was white (the name is a permutation of Aryan). After being raped by Muslims they are not so great, though still better than pure-blooded dune coons.

Israel. Taught us the value of National Socialism, genocide, walls, propaganda, political blackmail, false flags, victimhood narratives, financial fraud, dumbing down the competition, and tricking the dumbed-down races into fighting ones' wars.



>Singapore, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Brunei
All effectively created by Britain, one being a financial centre and the other four oil colonies.

No one mentioned Israel and how it's incredibly prosperous and also alluding to the fact that kikes aren't white.

LOL yeah, posted before I read this. Bonus points for shooping Tyrone's head over the transplant doctor's head.

Africans invented the Bunga Bunga cure for AIDS. Even the White Man can't cure AIDS.

Africans invented Jenkem, the only drug based on recycled human waste.

There was some African country that had a moon program back in the 1960s but they were too retarded to realize none of their shit would work.

5 developed non white non Asian countries? Is that a truck question?


something to ad if you want to choose Safrica

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Pretty much.

Besides Israel plus a few Muslim countries who got lucky from oil and then went on to invent great things like the Dubai port-a-potty, it's hard to think of a non-trollish answer. India mmmmaybe.

also look up Zambia
exporting food to neighbouring nog countries
don't need gibs from USA anymore


also don't mention it's white farmers helping that will hurt the narrative

Jenkem is an old Totse meme, I thought someone there made it up. I vaguely recall a thread where dude responsible copped to it.

ummm . my country, until the whites relinquished power. does that count ?

Your faggot fucking flag.

India, I heard it's almost a superpower.


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>Our gender studies teacher has asked us to research 5 developed contries that are primarily non-white and Asian and their contribution and Influences on todays society.
They're not all developed countries, but they're all nonwhite.
USA: nothing
France: nothing
UK: nothing
Germany: nothing
Sweden: nothing