These threads keep getting deleted

These threads keep getting deleted.

My blood is boiling.

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It's a Turkish bath house

There is an active Kappy thread

Its a hammam

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Red flag
>Description: Vlad III Dracula cult

So what is it?

Is it to fuck lolis?


I feel your pain bro, but cunny threads aren't allowed on Jow Forums unfortunately

Is this the child molestation and washing molestation off chamber?

I've been at more than one Turkish bath house, never saw a child.

Notice the soap dispenser at 10s

I never go to bath houses because that's where I hear the homosexuals meet.
Bath houses should be banned, the idea itself is degenerate. Clean yourself at home like every normal person.


What is this video about? I don't want to watch pedo shit so please explain.
And where does it happen exactly?

Also nice hexagons at beautiful Turkish bath house with 6 columns, very nice architecture.

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Shills keep saying it's a Turkish bathhouse as if that excuses the video

Turks are the greatest homo civilisation out there.
Whenever a mob of rabid Turks attack you and you see no way out just kiss their leader and they'll let you go.

You are some kind of fucking moron. Most bath houses aren't for degenerate homosex, you ignorant cunt, some are apparently for pedosex too.

Its 4 girls playing with vases in a bathhouse. One of them gathers water from a sink and pours it on the thing in the middle. Then, another girl asks the man behind the camera something. We can't hear cause webm.

Star of Remphan shit is probably fake, they've found >2000 year old Torahs with this symbol, so this can't be some Rothschild design.

Not suspicious at all

It's a deleted scene from Eyes Wide Shut. Big whoop.

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>Don't look at their apperal

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Okay, but does something pedo happen in the webm?
I haven't watched it and don't intend to.

Seems like energy was buzzing then it just died. Does this place have the attention span of a 4 year old?

Looks like literally nothing

Not politics

Exactly, and there has been 5 threads, that I've seen, on this video and are deleted once the bathhouse angle stops working.

Holy shit mate you sound fucking retarded.
Never mind you sound like a scholar I apologize.

Star of Rempham was referenced more than 2000 years ago

Recorded with a smartphone, holy shit.

One more reason to ban bathhouses. I thought that kids weren't allowed in there because everybody knows that there will be homos fucking each other in there.

They’re all scantily clad

>Roths aren't Jews
>They don't worship the Jewish God

Can confirm.
Also if you kanchō your haschich dealer you get better prices.

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I wouldn't say they are playing user, I'd say they are doing something they know they have to do or have been told to.

Then a part of Jewry must have been Satanist already even before Jesus came.
To be honest, the Torah I reference has all kinds of depictions of demon like creatures in it so it might be true.
But what I often read about the star of Remphan is that the Rothschilds came up with it first which definitely can't be true.

You blind?

Not politics, true, its much more than that.

Not at all, they are calm and clearly know tge cameraman. If i had to guess they are just tourists and they are playing while their dad films them

>Then a part of Jewry must have been Satanist already even before Jesus came.
Jesus to the Jews:
"You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me."

Found another one!

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It's still weird because it's a bathhouse. But maybe their parents are just absolute morons who don't understand that you should never visit a bathhouse.

the threads aren't the only things being deleted

nothing to see here. move along.


Who am I to argue with Christ? He is right.

if no one is gonna post a link or explain what the fuck this is all about, this is likely to die aswell...

Solar Plexus Clown Glider, Budapest bath houses

This didn't get deleted:

A webem of young girls, in a bathhouse, alone.

>a bunch of lolis in skimpy bathing suits ritualsitically pouring water over a hexagon
>it's just a turkish bathhouse bro

Looks to be pedo shit, clothed tho thank God.

Bump for Knapps

>Turks are the greatest homo civilisation out there.
too much greek genes

it's clearly some kind of ritual

hm... you people are aware that bathhouses/sauna/hammam are very popular in all of northern Europe and there's nothing weird about going there with your kids

This was debunked.