Was Mussolini based?

Was Mussolini based?

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Until the alliance with the retardé Austrian, yes, he was.


As based as you can be at 5'7

meh, that's relatively tall for italians

His only mistake was allying with Hitler.

Yes, he was abandoned and betrayed by Hitler. The invasion of Yugoslavia was essentially a suicide mission he did not know was about to happen. He was promised artillery and machinery and received about 1/10th of the promised amount. The war timeline didn't allow for him to back out of the invasion. His forces were slaughtered by slimy czech guerrillas

At the same time soviets were propagating Communism in poor southern italy. This is what caused the westward migration of the late 40s/early 50s.

For the first couple of years yes. He was really amazing leader up until around the mid thirties.

And within normal height at a time when avsrage westerner was 5'8"

>At the same time soviets were propagating Communism in poor southern italy. This is what caused the westward migration of the late 40s/early 50s.

Can confirm.
T. Southern italian whose family came to us and canada in 50s and 60s. There wss a renewed push for communism after tge fall of the monarchy

this. Jow Forums praises Uncle Adolf but he literally killed more Europeans and Euro diaspora than maybe anyone ever (?).

If Mussolini were left alone in Italy and not drawn into the Pact of Steel or fighting in North Africa, Italy might have been ruled peacefully and well for decades instead of the mafia run shithole it is now.

He made a good pinata

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that's what you get for siding with a jew rat kike.....

Too bad that faggot Adolf (((Shitler))) didn't get the same. He just disappeared after most of Europe was destroyed and most of the gold and art was stolen.



>he thinks Jews wont declear war on Italy

Look at that alpha med jawline

good grief user. also jews didn't declare ware anywhere, perhaps the ones they bankrolled did (I have no strong opinion on this theory). If this was the case though, why was Franco not invaded? Why not Salazar and his Nationalist government? They were left to be fashy edgelords and lead their nations into years and years of peace and prosperity.

Research harder user.

This. Meds are the superior species and romans worshipped the true god Saturn

He tried his best. 5/10 for the effort

>worshipping moloch
user, I....

Also their pantheon was ruled by Jupiter who defeated Saturn, but their patron god was Mars anyway. And you could worship whoever you wanted really.

Another name for Rome was saturnia.. their main holiday was saturnalia and you’re saying their main god was mars? Try again retard. But anyway moloch is not Saturn, moloch is Baal/Marduk/ which would be better fitting to be Jupiter. Saturn is the demiurge but the head deity confining us all in his material matrix of Time

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Marduk literally means calf of the sun. Saturn eating his children is representive of the other deities entering and being confined in his matrix with us when descending to our realm from space. Nothing to do with child sacrifice. The Bible also clearly states a difference between moloch and repham(Saturn)

Moloch is a jewish invention. Like christianity.

Their patron saint of the city was literally Mars. But you are right, they had a Saturn cult.

then why the conspiracy around Saturn and the hexagon and such?

If only things have changed.

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It's hard to tell since Italy couldn't even win with niggers. But as said: "at least he tried"

The best after Mosley

Good ideas, poor execution. He knew Italy wasn't ready for a major war but still let Adolf drag him into WW2 because he didn't think it'd escalate to the extent that it did. If he had stayed out he might've been on par with Franco or Salazar

Few people know that in the first place Ethiopia was getting equipment from Germany, the only big mistake was trusting funny mustache man but he tried 3/5

Yes. Based is a synonym of retarded.