I hope you mutts are training hard you're going to have to die in Iran for us verrryyy soon...

I hope you mutts are training hard you're going to have to die in Iran for us verrryyy soon. Thanks for voting him in for us by the way.

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but user what about democracy :D

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Okay make threads about it with your Jewish flag and remind us all who's responsible.
Why do you do white supremacists jobs for them often? Is your wild arrogance that insane?

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this board is so fucking retarded I know longer think it matters. I actually used to believe you were smarter than niggers

>I actually used to believe you were smarter than niggers
We're smarter than you.

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>He knows the goyim will die for isreal.

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this, wh*Toids are retarded and soulless and were made to be the perfect slaves

is that pic supposed to prove you're smarter than us? LOL

Well you certainly didn't disprove it.
Seems valid.

Woops I dropped another one.

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>kikes keep ignoring the amount of Iranians in the us military
Can't wait to gun down kikes

I hope you are making more allies for when all the boomers die

Fuck you retard

I already died 3 times for Israel this morning though

Herro Jew-san. Tell me your honest opinion on these presidents:

Bush Junior

as it relates to Israel

You're so fucked.

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Bush is bad goyim
Clinton is bad goyim
Bush Jnr is good goyim
Obama started as good goyim in 2009 but finished as bad goyim into his second term
Trump is best goyim


the chad shlomo vs the virgin donnie LUL

That is my impression as well. But one thing about it has always confused me - How Junior was such a good goy for you yet Papa was much more cool on you? How could there be such a difference? Didn't Papa introduce his son to all the neocons around him? Didn't he control his son?

1) Was Perot your agent? Did you plant him to make sure Papa Bush didn't get re-elected?
2) Was Lewinsky your agent all along? Or was she just right time right place for you?

>dead amerimutts
>dead shitskins

Hmmmm should we go down that list and sort all the "more intelligent countries" into the

t. kike

Some of your honest fellow countrymen don’t appreciate your nation’s bullshit.

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An American.. arguing that he is more intelligent?

Fucking KEK

Based and kikepilled.
Can I join the IDF?

But wait a minute, Wikipedia tells me ZOG is a myth, r-right?

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VPN shill

Just wait till mommy is in there, you faggots will burn

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Hilary wanted it too and it should be clear to anyone with mouthbreathing IQ that your vote doesn't matter anymore and they're rubbing it in your face.


Trump's going to implode any day now kek.



Why are you upset? Because you're probably the faggot that says that gay shit all the time.

Oh sorry, we thought USA was #1 and had the most "freedoms". What happened? Did you get shafted by the president you shilled for the past 4 years?

Based. I wish we had such loyal slaves like you do, Shlomo.

>going outside

there's over four trillion united states dollars
invested in chinas currency from private government
investment funds. doesn't matter if they stop buying
our debt, if that private currency gets called in, china
collapses over night. the whole us vs china thing is
just theatrics by the elite, they need to feed their God
bodies or lose power over the country.

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You’re a massive Israeli faggot

Iran isn't capable of killing one us soldier lol

You know... it always hurts the most when it comes from what Churchill once called the soft underbelly of Europe

>As of June 29, 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Defense casualty website, there were 4,424 total deaths (including both killed in action and non-hostile) and 31,952 wounded in action (WIA) as a result of the Iraq War.

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