Makes you work 40+ hours for 45 years

>makes you work 40+ hours for 45 years

Heh, nothing personal.

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The absolute state of wageslaves

40+ hours a week for 45 years*


Useless eaters will be purged

"Your true wealth is your Time and Freedom" -Mike Maloney

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nobody makes you work, you choose to because you want to buy a lot of useless shit

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lmao no.

I work 1 or 2 years then I go on benifits for half a year or a year and keep getting 80% of my last paycheck every month in gibs.

I will leech the socialist system like they leeched my parents wealth.

40 hours is nothing compared to what humans were expected to do to survive throughout history.
I for one welcome our green overlords

Yeah its not like you have to work to survive or support a family, am i right? "Hey mom are the tendies done?"

Yeah, i'm sure she's totally cool with sleeping on a couch. Chilling at the library. McDonald's on special occasions.

build your own home and grow your own food, like your ancestors did before money existed.

Live to work, work to live.

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Work can be done outside the realm of moneymaking

just put your money in ETFs bro
just stop buying useless shit bro

absolute state of wagies. if anyone still has to work at 40 its their own fault

Don't worry things are changing beneath the surface, a new system is emerging. You don't like to work like a donkey for nothing? Well ok, no work for you, go home and live off your neetbux. Fiat currency ane welfare state murdered labour. Say good bye to starting a business too, small enterprises will be made so diffult to setup that it will be practically impossible. First they'll come for the wageslaves, then the small business, then the medium sized business until there is no opposition to the megacorporations. Then we have technological feudalism with the state as the land owner in name but megacorporations dictating everything.

If I was all of you I would go and enjoy nature whilst you still can the money men have played the long game with the end result being the total concentration of power in their grubby hands and the abolshiment of money as we know it to day. When the mask falls then th cattle will realise that capitalism and communism were both charade by same (((people))) to gain complete control over us.

Lol in JewSA you get inprisoned for collecting rainwater on your own property. Then the Feds concoct a child abuse story and FBI agents burn you alive.

Oh wow genius really smart.

Shhh don't tell the cattle that city loving is bad they just think your crazy. Why would you want to go live out in nature and live with and support like mind people yourself? What are you some crack smoking hippie? Be thankful you are allowed to be a wageslave.

There’s a book called Walden where a guy does these even before the modern police state.
The government says no and imprisons him for evading slavery.

You exist in a network of people.
To survive you need the help and labour of other people in that network.
They need your labour to survive just as much as you need theirs.
You use money to denote the value that you are transacting with each other to survive.
Now, fucking around with money should be illegal, but isn't.

Lmfao imagine working for a living. I'm never working a day in my life. Kek why would you want to do that? Being a wage cuck? Gross lmao

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The bills need to be paid somehow.

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fucking wimps looking for excuses. Either do it or quit bitching.

Some of us have to make sure the world keeps turning while you sit around on the couch all day sucking your dad off for an allowance.

You're a part of the problem, then. Who would want to "make sure the world keeps turning" ?

I guess mom and dad pay for everything you need, faggot.

Not exactly a choice if the state uses force to prevent you from choosing “incorrectly”.

Yeah nigger, that requires capital.

That’s just fucking sad

What else would I be doing? Smoke weed skateboard and play videogames all day? Least if i work 8 hours a day I get paid and become productive member of society.

Save up money instead of buying crap you don't need

Nobody makes you. Not even your basic needs. You get welfare for life you literal parasite.

Can we see your garden and the house you built? And the livestock

You save up money by working you retard. Duh huh it doesnt grown on trees or out of your dads cock you suck to support you.

I hope this is bait. Thoreau didn't go to jail for living at a pond. From Wikipedia:

"Thoreau was jailed for refusing to pay a poll tax on the grounds that the money might be used to pay for the Mexican–American War, which he opposed."

This had nothing to do with his experiment living at Walden pond.

This. I had a few really good years and took a year off work to do whatever I wanted. I got fucking bored and depressed.

*Blocks your path*

It's a sad existence. This is more apparent if you have been working here for 15+years....

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>for 45 years
You don't have to keep working for 45 years

Are you the Walmart bro that posts pictures from the break room at Walmart?

Thats false.
Only with the advent of capitalism and the industrial revolution did the common man face vastly increased work hours. Prior to this it was less than 40 hrs a week for most of humanity. Although because it was very agricultural based and seasonal there were periods of the year where it was much higher and others where it was much lower. But overall the total hours devoted toward labor per year per worker is a good bit higher now than before the industrial revolution.

I LOVE not having shit.

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You are right, you dont. But you must work to acquire capital, aka unless you are a trust fund baby or live off your parents, you have to work to support yourself and get off the tit. After working to buy a vehicle, a house, property, insurance and to pay your bills... then its possible to be able to create a self sufficient farm.. and then you still have to pay for permits and property taxes. It may not take 40 years, but it takes time when you dont get a head start. When you grow up maybe you will understand.

Theres a few of us that do that. Although it isn't the break room, I took this one yesterday when I was assisting with working the plants.

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>fake paper money not worth anything
>Rothschilds pulling most of their assets out of USA
>not converting USD into gold/silver with savings

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You chose to listen to the kike and be a wage-slave instead of being self-employed (ultimate redpill). Don't blame other people for your own retarded decisions as a result of your lack of critical thinking skills.

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Work is good you lazy faggot

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there are ways to make money. Not pictured is my first home bought for 15k and sold for 25k, and my second bought at 43k and currently being renovated. Or the 2k sitting in the bank. I only make 1k every 2 weeks, too.

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DELETE!!! The Goyim aren't supposed to know about being self-employed. They're supposed to get a bullshit degree and spend the rest of their life working minimum wage to pay it off.

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>Not pictured is my first home bought for 15k and sold for 25k
Is your home a shed. How is the price so low

Well... yeah? Cant have a society of exclusively entrepreneurs

That's the spirit

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it fucking sucks. thats why i am on welfare.

at least i have free time. maybe one day i will start my own business

trenton nj. I dont buy 300k homes; I cant afford that. I buy what I can afford. Even penny stocks make money and you start where you can and move on up.

the current stock markets give returns greater than placing it in the bank.

Last year my 43k netted like 300 in interest over the year. 1k netted me close to 80 bucks since january of this year. Thats more than a bank offers.

Actual video of an entrepreneur, start-up go getter economy

This is I would always have disdain for the day crew cucks that worked the floor at a grocery store I worked a night shift at. Always dancing for master.

>that pic
fluoride, not even once

At least you get outside. Only outside I see is when I cross the action alley that leads towards the doors.

Yeahman, its me. What's good lil'man?Wake me up when utility companies, grocery stores, and my landlord accepts I.O.U.s as payment.

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Just look at this depressing picture. So many broken people. Don’t fuck up your future kids, stay in school and get a degree that earns money.

Good job on not cucking yourself, but I wouldn't suggest that the average Jow Forums user invest in stocks. There's way less risky ways to get your foot in the door of being self-sufficient.

Fun facts whites aren't supposed to know: You need a degree to be a doctor, you don't need a degree to own the medical building. You need a degree to work as a programmer in a software company. You don't need a degree to own the software company. You don't even need a highschool education for anything involving self-employment. All you need is capital, which is extremely easy to get if you don't fuck your credit with a student loan and credit card debt.

Step by step for the retards:

1) Graduate highschool
2) Get a TEMPORARY PART-TIME job (preferably towards the end of your final year)
3) Get a no-fee credit card
4) Buy one cheap thing a month for a year and completely pay it off the same day. This will increase your credit score via "on time payments" and credit history.
5) Get a second credit card and lock it. This will improve your credit score via credit utilization. You will get a temporary credit score\FICO drop, but ignore it. It will go much higher in the end
6) Your credit score should be rising ridiculously fast since you won't have a student loan lingering. Use this to get a loan to buy real-estate
7) Quit your PART-TIME job
8) Sell real-estate, repay loan and pocket the profits
9) Look for new investment opportunities. Not necessarily real-estate, but anything ethical that can turn a profit.
10) Repeat until you can be fully self-sufficient without involving kike bankers

This will make you richer than anyone you know. You will be living the life while your friends are cucking away at McDonalds with their bullshit college degree. I'm talking from experience here.

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That's my advice I give everyone, otherwise what's depicted in my photography will be your everyday reality.

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One might go so far as to sat that we live in a society.

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So why don't you work 80 hours a week for 60+ years, again?

Imagine being a man with no aspirations and dreams while settling for a life without family, being alone with no money and drowning your sorrows in alcohol, drugs and porn. Why is it so hard to move on from childhood and become an adult?

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Because he's a leaf

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Grown your own food then, zoomer loser.

>unironically not attempting to better your life by looking yourself in the mirror and working towards your dreams but instead blame your shitty state of life on others

American mindset baffles me. Get a haircut, take a shower and tomorrownyou apply for school or education. That is the only advice I have for you, you irresponsible child

Walmart is just absolute cancer to work in. You will come out depressed.

I don't have to imagine: I already live it

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Realistically this is the reason. Even if I voluntarily lock myself in the wage cage nothing will change. I'll be just as broke.

>implying I don't drown myself with alcohol and pills on a nightly basis

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Come on Walmart bro, even driving trucks is better than what you're doing. Come on over to /tfg/ on /o/ and we can get you started.

red hair girl is kinda qt
would date

You're pretty daft. His image gave a salient response to your lamentation and you just toss it aside with, "Go shake some hands," essentially.

Everyone is attempting to better their lives by working, obviously, but stagnating wages and CoL increasing makes this harder and harder -- shocking, I know.

I expected the superior EU education to be more impressive.

I'm a 22 years old software engineer with 4 years of experience... (in italy graduation is not necessary to start)... Already tired of work, all the time ithink about the week end, biking on the top of some mountain with my buddies that are still students, so they are free, not like me, how do i become a NEET?

how bad is it really? I have a decent job now but I think I will end up at walmart eventually

Don't take the NEETpill, save up and take a sabbatical.

>Everyone is attempting to better their lives by working, obviously

No, because they are entitled enough to want huge amounts of money from jobs that literal retards can do. It's a fact that in order to make big bucks, one needs to have the intelligence to make it to school (or work their asses off, which is oh so very anxious) and get a good paying job with that degree. I worked part-time during my university years in order to have some cash and while it was hard as fuck and took me six years to graduate, it was well worth it. There is no fast track to success and these people fail to realize that

>who cares if your fucking your wife everynight. absolute doomers

I could already permit that year, everyday i think to leave everithing and start travelling all over europe for a long period of time.

can i buy one of those, i can find a use for it


Isn't college free there? You have no fucking idea how good you have it compared to Weimerica

>wanting food,water,shelter,cloths,health is useless shit.

>implying I'd pass a piss test

Unsure if coalburner, Jewish, or both.

Avoid at all costs.

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>need money to buy land
>need money to buy material
>need money to pay tax on the land

France, monkey!

Yes, universities and college are free. But we have a expensive alcohol and junk food because of taxation


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I don’t know, I get to do basically whatever I want for 8 hours a day, including shitposting on Jow Forums. And they pay me $650 every week, which is nice.
Maybe you just hate your job.

Unless junk food and alcohol expenses top 6k USD a semester you're making out like a bandit compared to us. I'm hoping when I turn 24 (cutoff age to be considered financially independent) in about 2 years I can get financial aid gibs. I can't even imagine affording college otherwise.


Attendance is practically free ($120 a year) and you're given 50% of minimum wage in gibs while you do it, but the rest you have to come up with yourself, or take a zero interest loan guaranteed by the gubberment.

The system has gone to shit since the right wingers got the reigns for 8 years straight.

tax me before im me when I spend the remains of the paycheck, then tax me when I die

>i worked part time during my uni years
Nigger, in America unless you are from a privileged family there is no uni. Its immediately go to work. Even if you get scholarships, unless your family is financially responsible, its not really a possibility. I know people with master degrees having trouble finding work. I literally had to work and buy my own car (my first car), pay rent and live frugally all while working a full time job and side jobs. I walked over 2 miles to work and back for 3 years. It took me years to get where many start at 18 because their families actually worked to help them out. I had to learn how to be financially responsible while working a full time job and being a young adult, doesnt give you much time and allows for many mistakes to be made. The only reason i have 2 vehicles, a house, land, and my own business is because i sacrificed my teen and early 20's to do it, and got lucky. I dont expect 2% of the population to work half as hard as i did, yet over 60% of people are in the position i was. I dont think you could possibly fathom the reality of your last sentence. Its not a matter of people being lazy, its a matter of how hard it is to get to acquire a simple life to sustain when you come from nothing.

Ok retards. Say you have 1oz of silver and need to buy a pound of flour, how do you divide that silver so you can buy what you need? Who would accept your silver?

Fucking retard boomer, there are far too many degree holders for adequate jobs across the board when millions of brown people get imported to work said jobs on visa programs and h1/h2b that get companies tax breaks for hiring foreigners. College means nothing now.

Because life is shit without work, it's gross not to work i laugh at you

Are you ignorant

>get degree
>work hard
>Get good GPA
>join school clubs
>get job at Goldman Sachs