Aus/pol/ - vote Anning edition

You want devs?
fuck you.

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OP is gay and low effort

We were page 9 and nobody was baking, you ungrateful faggot.

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>no links
>shit image
>bumhole stinks of cum

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You could have at least linked to the previous thread retard.

dumb OP. Always use a Bruce meme for fuck sake otherwise people don't know what the fucking thread is

he is mentally disabled and want's people to do shit for him. so desperate for a new thread he made this

Aus/pol/ threads rarely link to the previous one.
The last one didn't
What, they can't tell by the fact that aus/pol/ is in the title?

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Told ya to bake cunt. This is what you get when you dont do it yourself, some fucking autist shits it up

I had links ready but then some cunt bitched about a new thread. so why am I going to make his dream come true and work for him. happens almost every thread. I will not make one if someone complains

Where's this shitcunt?

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>Aus/pol/ threads rarely link to the previous one.
They used to back before dropkicks like you started making the threads.

I can’t take this hell anymore

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Took this photo on the train this morning. Fucking disgusting how full of shitskins the trains are.
Everyone sits in complete silence as we're ferried to our goodgoy jobs. No social cohesion is possible in a sea of brown and yellow shit.


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move to heaven, oh wait you're a faggot

The first 10 threads, I made, I did that very thing, but as time passed I realized that nobody else was doing it and I thought
>oh, do we not do that at aus/pol/? Okay, I guess I'll stop then.
So don't blame me.

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Well dont fucken complain then, you had it in the palm of your hand and you let it slip

Yeah, it's pretty bad ey?
You should try to get a high score.

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>What, they can't tell by the fact that aus/pol/ is in the title?
Sure, but the big BRUCE image literally works as a big advertisement like a Clive Palmer banner. Think of it as the AUS/POL/ trade mark.
I had them linked for over 300 threads when I was doing it hahhah

why are you listening or following these trends like and fucking dickhead
you didn't take initiative so and asked someone to do something for you. so I will ridicule you for how shit of a thread you created. you made a nigger thread

Just say
>I'm getting devs ready, it'll be about 10 minutes
and I would have been happy with that.
It's about communication.

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>Bruce meme this close to the election
The only acceptable bruce meme is one with Anning or his party photoshopped into it somehow

>learn to id

Perfect for the fentanyl gun

Looks like my train in Perth. Anning has a pajeet in his party.

why the fuck would I do that. if someone can't wait after the thread hits 301 then they can fuck off

>purposely sabotaging the thread
Yeah OK GetUp! GetLost! instead

you are the same as OP, need I say more

okay okay, just for you, from now on I'll add a link in each thread.
Just for you okay?

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Guys can we please stop talking about how shit the thread is and just shitpost like normal?
I'm sorry aus/pol/!
I'm sorry!

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So what are you - subpar op?

fuck Labor and fuck their immigration policy, also fuvck their free tax payer abortion

I am supergoy

Honestly, the link isn't as important as the Bruce meme, more people come to the thread if they see that it's an Australian thread.

If you're going to use a new image, use it in the second thread of the night so that people recognize it when it's used later. It's how I used to introduce them into the "cycle".

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Son of Sargoy?

Okay, will do.

you fucking better

I wil sir, I promis

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I've been out of the country for years, who do I vote for?

My flag is so rare it defaults to usa

Where are you?

The legit looking auspols with links are asio

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Also are the csiro mad evil Government scientists like cia or are they just say place was school to go on excursion

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Need to know scrub.

I've heard his name but I know nothing about him.
I'm assuming he's running for senate seats only as a microparty/indi

What's he about?

Bonus points : what's this one nation scandal?

You guys ever had that feeling where the whole world is just moving around you and your just on autopilot going through the motions and even though everything is rushing right by you its like youre not even paying attention to it loke youve got blinders on.
Like youre just staring blankly out into the world, but you dont feel anything because youre completely numb?

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This is the worst aus/pol/ thread I've ever seen

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Legitimate concern.
since normies are now blocked the glowniggers at ASIO may decide anyone left is a "hardcore" user.
so get behind a bridging relay

>What's he about
Basically Trump if he kept all his good promises + more. Called for white only immigration. Spends lots of time speaking about how we should save the white South Africans etc.
>one nation scandal
which one, lol?
about a month ago it was discovered that they accepted money from the NRA.

ASIO can't find their own cocks

I bet you're all welfare leeches. I pay $600 tax a week to you useless cunts.

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In a good shitposty kind of way?
As in: It's so bad, it's good?
or just bad?

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I pay more but I have more influence than you

I would like to see the Benny execution intro from new Vegas edited to have bruce and help me girl

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What's wrong with them taking nra money?

And afrikaaners are based, they operate and don't take shit from anyone.
also relatively rich and educated.
If we took them we could UN-gay SA

you're on eggcunt

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I dunno, honestly, it was a bit of a beatup

sloppy job mossad

Fuck off triangle cuck. This thread is shit and you're a dirty muslim cunt.

oh great, now we have a split thread.

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>have to bully someone into making a new bread
>then some kike makes one

this thread is Liberal
your thread is Labor
they're both shit

After weeks and weeks and weeks my range ban is finally over aus/pol/. I'm so glad to be back.

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Meet me tomorrow for brunch
>what’s brunch

Maybe one day when I feel like it I will explain why this is the funniest joke and entertainment history

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Glad to see that you've chosen our thread
We have a rival aus/pol/ thread atm.

But they basically exist to sell our information to America, isreal and mining companies.

Honestly I'm concerned the lack of oversight means they might get flipped by foreign agents, the pattern of bullying and managerial stress you hear about could be to disenfranchise them enough to turn coat.

Aus intelligence keeps getting it handed to them in the digital arena, hacks on embassies, databanks, companies, and the Chinese just got the port of Darwin and DOD isn't happy-the guy who inked that deal now lives in China as a Chinese gov. employee.
And since we already know the Chinese have got ministers working for them it's a fair bet they have guys in ASIO or related task forces.

I'm concerned they can't keep the digital records they have secure, and if they get more surveillance funding it could be a disaster.

These Muslim attacks have so little overall impact,and you could pick these jihadis with a pair of tongs. maybe someone's setting them up to justify more police /Intel powers

I spent my time on the other Jow Forums instead. It's a slightly different experience but it hasn't changed me one bit!

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Islamic terrorism is over mate. It's only single disenfranchised, mentally-ill drug-fucked imbeciles that are performing jihadist actions in the West.
The reason that planned, highly skilled operations are rare is because they've already fucking won. The Hejira is unstoppable at this point. The Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabist power-brokers know this.
There's no reason to risk Tarrants, or a potential Hitler getting into power anywhere in the West and calling for deportations and expulsion. They only need to be patient and in a generation they'll have a majority. Then they'll use democracy against us, and it'll be a level playing field for them like it was in the Middle-ages. That's when the real Jihad will start.

gas the greens

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The answer is incredibly simple, citizenship by degrees. Citizenship can only be applied for if you were born in Australia to a legal long term resident.
Mosques must prove enough Muslims already live in a place to justify their size "Muslims will come here because we built the mosque" won't get planning permission
Caps on how many voters can be registered at one address
Much, much tighter restrictions at polling stations to stop parents deciding their children's votes (see:India)

Just delete one of our threads.
I don't even care which one.
Split threads brings everything to a halt.

any other melbourneslimes going out to watch the aurora australis later?

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The heck? You're joking right?
It doesn't normally get that far north...

mods waaaaah
cry yourself a river cunt

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This thread is shit, but it was the first one up.

If everyone starts making new threads because they don't like the old one the board will be flooded with ausfsgs

It wouldn't be any better under Liberals or Greens.

largest immigration levels ever under liberals, expect more chinks, poos and niggers no matter who wins satdee .

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Green memes have summoned an epic victory.

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sure m8. brag like a cunt on the innernet

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i applaud your effort to photoshop Rich's body to be so tiny.

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haha thanks for that giggle

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Politically I am someone who Anning would probably hate, but I think he is interesting. He's attempting to be a (somewhat) more moderate choice for conservatives than the likes of Pauline Hanson. Given the current atmosphere of Leftist dominance, however, most of his objectives are unrealistic.

I am also not entirely against same-sex marriage, personally. I've seen the completely lawless/underground gay lifestyle kill people, and so feel that if some attempt was made to regulate homosexuality, it could actually save lives.

Anning is all there is.

That's actually the first time I've heard a genuine argument for faggot marriage.

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two eggs weren't enough

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Well, to me it is logical. HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases spread via promiscuity. If gay people only had a single partner, that would go a long way to practically preventing that from happening.

Not only that, but with the existing scenario where there is no marriage and the whole thing is taboo, a gay person who is disowned by their parents will start to psychologically collapse, and thus get drawn into the whole heroin-fuelled, AIDS infected orgy vortex that much more easily.

I think the answer is to get rid of the taboo, and to have the realistic attitude that as much as some of us might not like it, there are times when homosexuality is going to happen, regardless. From there, you in turn realising that allowing but tightly regulating homosexual behaviour, will be an effective means of reducing homosexuality's most harmful/undesirable social effects.

existing scenario = previously existing.

Did ya m8 give you some fresh oc?

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Do not vote for this Tarrant loving Kaffir, we will have you ALL arrested.