Do you like my Notre Dam project?

Do you like my Notre Dam project?

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rate my proposal

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Fagcron wouldn't allow it

but where's the spire?

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looks like shit

there is a big gay community at Hotel de Ville

It's racist, sexist and sexist.
It also promotes climate change and is anti abortion.
WTF this can't be built in 2019 are you serious?
I'm literally shaking right now.

need more minorities

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That's racist you bigot

It lacks a few Merkel Lego blocks

In every man swimming while noticing the cute French lifeguards and thinking about their cute smelly feet.

No, looks ugly as shit.


Look at my picture, THAT have soul.

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Well, better than what I've seen before.

Looks kino.

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this is highly problematic

>implying this isn't the best design

All the american tourists will be able to park their pickup trucks, get a mcdonalds from the church branch and drive off into the muslim neighborhood to get shot

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This would mean the yellow vests couldn't set light to it again.

make it Notre Nam...

Hollywood, are you listening? Next big idea for National Lampoon's European Vacation right here!

that's pretty fucked based tbqh

Emmanuel Macaroni needs to take his second passport and go back to Israel

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All churches should be removed from existence


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I approve of this design

plz fund it frogs

not very diverse

>maybe, just maybe

Racist, sexist, homophobic. Stop reinforcing the patriarchy you bigot

That image is extremely unrealistic. The pool needs to have at least 20x the people and they should all be brown

only if it's black homosexual only

maybe if you replace those statues with pastel colored dildos

I prefer seeing the shylock merch jew getting oven-cooked.

Kek that would actually be amazing. Just add a tropical bar and some fake palm trees.

Kek. Poo was in the loo for once.