Be honest

be honest
how many of you so called "white supremacists" or "white nationalists" are actually unemployed NEETS with no children and no girlfriend?

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I get paid to post on Jow Forums so I count that as a job
what about you, cunt?

> be me
> over 100k income
> hot eastern euro gf
> loads of friends
> well travelled
> hate seeing whats happening to europe
> get more white nationalist every day


people with autism have an 85% unemployment rate and they comprise the majority of 4chans population and white nationalists also come here and the autists pick up the ideas of the white nationalists

tl;dr its because 4channers are aspies

fuck off normalfag

I personally think we should perma ban everyone who admits to being a normalfag and using Jow Forums dont you think?

>implying it's better to be a NEET with children than without them

did you do a backflip over some burning buses while turning super saiyan and then everyone clapped too?

That's incredibly homophobic of you OP, we don't have to take shit from people like you

What sort of people and I talking about? White people

Be honest, how many of you "hurr durr Jow Forums is a bunch of losers" losers are weak, passive, submissive cucks who think protecting dick choppers and instagram hookers online will give you free pussy (which never happens)?

i prefer the term ethnic empiricist. white people are innately, inherently, and obviously superior to every other race, but i appreciate the distinction of unique cultures and wish for everyone to be left to their own to thrive to whatever degree nature allows. Which, again, will put ethnic europeans at the top of the natural hierarchy.

But I am also a happily unemployed NEET with no children and no 3d girlfriend, and I thank the universe every day for delivering me into this wonderful existence.

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I was a virgin pussy liberal at first, but than I pronounced I was a based far-right ethno nationalist and I'm literally drowning in pussy ever since.

Run my own shit and have a housekeeping gf, so suck it nigger

I've got a decent job, a longterm gf and a beautiful daughter. I wouldn't say I'm a white supremacist but I'm very annoyed with all the darkies whinging about literally everything. Fuck off to bongobongoland or wakanda if the first world isn't to your taste. You are a guest in the west, don't ever forget that.

me. i am a little ticked off at the world. times have changed, and they will continue to change. as soon as the whole world gets a little better, maybe ill get a job. maybe.

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I’ve never been unemployed since I turned legal working age.

that looks like a jew, not a white European man, you stupid fucking dumb shit skin
also your entire hatred for the white race is the fact that you're a swarthy, slant-eyed fuck and will never be white

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Why would I have a gf or a wife when women in America are favored by the court system, unless I'm a complete fucking retard being in a relationship in 2019 is a financial risk

You faggots post memes all day about how chads are right wing and conservatives have higher income, and testosterone is correlated with nationalism, then get confused when there's high income, high test, fit, WN posters on Jow Forums?

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have a job and have had a handful of cuties fuck me but never had a gf despite trying. incel white nationalist meme is a joke, i'm actually handsome as fuck but have atrocious social skills

>Being a normalfag on an imageboard

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>Being a normalfag on an image board that talks shit about having sex
The normies really are coming out in droves to find out what all the fuss about the internet hate machine is.

i'm sure they're lining up for you

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