There's a girl in my class who seems to be liking me, and I'm liking her, but I'm very afraid to try anything...

There's a girl in my class who seems to be liking me, and I'm liking her, but I'm very afraid to try anything, I have no experience with women. She looks like pic related.

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If you think she likes you, why are you afraid to ask her on a date?

Because I don't know what to do next

Go on the date. If you click well in class you'll both have fun on the date. If she asks you why you're kinda weird or awkward you can tell her you have no experience with girls and she'll understand if she's cool. You don't even have to kiss on the first date, just tell her you want to take it slow

>you can tell her you have no experience with girls
I think this will make her lose interest in me

If she's into you she won't care
You have nothing to lose op

You have to start somewhere user. You have to be honest with her, especially since she looks like she likes you. If she does lose interest in you it's better that she does right now so that you can meet another girl. Do you want to start getting experience with girls now or in 2 years?

I can lose her as a friend if I fail
The problem is that if it goes wrong, there is no way I can distance myself from her, she sits close and is from my classroom after all, it will be embarrassing

It'll be embarrassing for her if she rejects you. You just have to have no shame about it, and she won't see it as a problem.

If she's the type to turn you down for that, then she's not someone you want to date.

Do you want her as a "friend" ir as a gf? hurry up before some Chad takes her.

Ask her on a date.
Go on the date.
Do not try to be cool. Do not try to be Chad. Do not pretend like you are an experienced man of mystery / superspy. Just be yourself, and be honest. She already likes you, there is no need to pretend and potentially scare her off.

You will do fine, user.

Ok, one more thing, I also gained the friendship of her friends, but I don't know if later her friends will interfere, they are all men

>There's a girl in my class who seems to be liking me
Why do you think that?

Make sure they know it's your girl and try being REALLY friends with them. If one of them tries something the other ones should have your back.

She compliments me whenever I say something interesting, thanks for the few favors I do, stays very close to me, looks and smiles at me, I'm the only one she doesn't mock

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Don't listen to him OP you got this.

Yeah, I pay them a lot of attention and kind of ignored her so far

You must be a retard if you think that girl is interested in him.
Yeah no OP that's typical girl behavior. She's just being nice to you, that's all.

A good sign for you then would be if she threw herself on my lap?

A good sign would be if you two started flirting with each other after you both meet and yeah girls tend to fall on your lap if they're interested in you.

You have no idea how autistic girls are, they will not do that.

If a girl has never shown interest towards you then you are alot more subhuman than you think you are.

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Ok, I give up, I won't try anything, happy?

Good. You'll save yourself the embarrassment.

Just go for it. If you don’t youre going to regret it forever.

They have, but they had to literally tell me they liked me because aside from that they will not show any signs, some girls have shown signs like op mentioned with also touching and flirting, but a lot of them don’t. A lot of girls are like beta males, when they like someone they’re too shy to show it.

user just quit being a fuckin faggot.
If you want pussy ask her out if she rejects it then tell her to fuck off and act like a chad. REMEMBER user real men don't want women as friends they want them as fuck toys. If you want a cool friend you have your buddies.