What if he actually locks them up?

Who is going to take the fall for this?

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Comey, hopefully

Looks like maybe Comey

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Many of us want their execution!

Nothing is going to happen. Barr is just dripping out little bits of distracting information as prescribed by “Modified, Limited Hangout” (or MLH) which will be coming at ever increasing intervals as people become increasingly distracted. So “weeks” will soon become “months” which will become “years” as is prescribed by MLH. Please see “Ludlow Massacre”, “Kent State Massacre”, and “Twin Peaks Massacre” if you don’t want to beleive me.

no one is getting locked up
and even if they are sent to prison on your TV they will never sleep in one

But it was committed by Israel so it's ok

I dunno man I've never seen him so decisive on this before.

I think someone is going to take the fall.

right now stars seem to be aligning for everyone to throw Comey under the bus, it probably went up to Obama himself but Comey is an idiot and a household name so the upper echelon will gladly sacrifice him for appearances.

they don't ever really take a fall though. They are compensated and they don't go to an actual prison, ever. EVER. This is why public executions are the only acceptable punishment. We must see them die, or it's theater.,

Kek speaks. Honk Honler!

Sure! That’s the ticket.

T. Timothy McVeigh sipping Pina Collada in Fiji.

twitter president without doing anything except of bringing in record numbers of immigrants, LEGAL though, sick of it

Brennan -> Comey -> Andy -> Strzok -> Lynch -> Clinton Cabal
I'm sure I'm missing a few but that should be the general flow.

no doubt. watch the smear job they do on Comey.

he will have 0 credibility left when he tries to rat out his superiors

Go take care of your own nation before bitching about another.

you wont get that chance.
most of the pedo elite will suicide by drinking their poisoned wine when the day comes and the crown slips from heads unworthy to bear the weight of the cross as the LORD's chosen have chosen to defile altar boys and sodomize the spirit of the living God that connects childhood and manhood to proverbially sever the chord between men and boys where mother fuckers finger your little sister. Literally. Souled out cock suckers and sodomites. Death is the judgement for their sin but they wont be alive to see punishment. The living will sever their corpses and defile the dead but at the end of the day their punishment is eternal damnation. its why some of their compromised assets get assisted suicide send off parties. Like a studio reunion of the ungrateful bastards who self idolize. The mantra is death before dishonor but the covenant they made through death will nullified as truth comes to light in hindsight when their ugly souls in beautified corpses rot under the burning sun for the carrion to devour. The Luciferian left is in open treason but to destroy them would be to end all society and reduce to city states among lawless territories after the hour of revelation consumes the city streets with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Yes, those sevens.

I thought treason meant executions. I'd rather see that. It would be appropriate and appreciated.

May they feel the long thick cock of the law inn their asses...

I'd prefer it done by a patriots hands, maybe /ourspooks/ will get some. Overall idc how it's done, I just want them out of our way and the next Golden Age of Humanity to begin. The stars are ours lads.

It won't be the law, the law is dead. This is justice.

It wont get easier. The world will be hardcore mode and every mistake will have fatal consequence.

The lions might kill their prey but succumb to infection while the dog lives off the scraps and survives through pacifist slavery and subjugation to 666 kings who rule as master of zodiac numerology festivals and lunar feasts when they desecrate the altar of the LORD with blood consumption of the living dead and cannibal cults.

unironically where the lost sheep go is where we all fall down. ring around the rosary

>Deluded POTUS
>Deluded followers

Fact: In six years Trump will be dead or in prison.

Wew lads, he's got them right out in the open. Artillery!

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Sadly we don't do that anymore.

>In six years Trump will be dead or in prison.

Yeah I think we know who the deluded one is here.

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Jews could literally start assassinating American soldiers, as they've done in the past, and the entire thing would be excused with "Oops

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All traitors will go to jail but Biden will win by rigging 2020 and pardon them all. Trump's 1 term will be all for naught

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I've got a few ideas on justice

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>What if he actually locks them up?
He would be JFKed if he tried.

Letting them rot in GITMO would be better. Don’t let them die martyrs. I wanna see an 80-year old grizzled and shamed Obama.

Obama’s signature is on the FISA

>What if he actually locks them up?
You mean
>What if Trump actually did something he talked about

How the fuck would Brennan come before Comey?

treason doesnt equal jail
it equals public hangings

>Who is going to take the fall for this?
Podesta and Comey

They have prosecutors assigned to these cases you fucking retard

>He would be JFKed if he tried.
not possible, if they could it would have happened already

Beautiful, funny how the supreme arrogance of the left is what makes them so laughable, get based by the Trump Train you cucks

Q unironically predicted this

What happens when Comey gives up information on them for throwing him under the bus?

>none such thing
our domestic surveillance spooks are spineless cowards who will die by the sword or perish by the hand of the meek who shall inherit the land. They have no place among the promised land of our forefathers who defy everything the modern intelligence community stands for.
no that's sodomy and degenerate. they will be castrated, put on pikes from bowels to throat when impaled by the spears of the legion and hung on crosses when the camp of Joshua comes to kill the kings of AI and their e celeb army of inbred faithless and lawless gangs who live in a land where cash is supreme to the c.r.e.a.m. team dream to conquer the ruins of civilization and claim it as their own handiwork.

>omg this whole FISA thing is PATHETIC
>Republicans are just gonna keep looking until they find something that sticks
>can't we just move on already?

Campaign was not spied on and legal processes were used.

You people are nuts.

Somebody doesn’t know the definition of treason

>stay tuned
Nothing will happen, just like before when nothing happened

lmao. imagine being this much of a psychotic

he will be paid nicely to take the blame on your TV

>Campaign was not spied on

It most definitely was.

>legal processes were used

A warrant based on a fake report paid for by the Democratic Party.

Which jail? You think they're gonna stick a section chief for the CIA in a prison with other people he can TALK to? lmao

>Limited Hango

>not possible, if they could it would have happened already
You don't make a martyr unnecessarily.

> Conspire with enemy of 70 years
> But muh spying

The faggotry is real.

Hmm what prision does the usa have that be a good place to keep people silent?

>CIA section chief goes to a CIA black site

>Trump says it so it must be true!
lol, it's not like he has ever lied or made shit up before

Actually treason= death by hanging or firing squad.

They'll try to throw Brennan under tne bus to save the rest of the cabal, but that won't work. Two years of gathering evidence while everyone watched Mueller will make that impossible.

it's like you live in a buzzfeed article

Need better file name

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How stupid do you have to be to still believe in the Russia nonsense?

Yeeeeeup I remember when they caught Trump working in direct cahoots with the Kremlin and the pinkos, I caught it on CNN the other day actually. Anyways dog bless.

>sticking a wahabi muslim CIA section chief in a terrorist resort the only place feasible would be supermax with uncle ted, and how would you even know he was in the prison? The government told you? Shot in the head on live TV is the only acceptable punishment.

I agree we need to water this tree dammit. They won't take it seriously until their co conspirators are hanging by the neck. If you betray this nation the way the Clintons and Obama has you pay dearly.

>make up lies
>get caught
the rope is real too

>be reddit virgin
>make baseless accusations

Blumpf will do nothing. Check em

Peak cope.


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I'll tell you exactly what will happen, trump will trade dropping the spying scandal for dropping the russia/taxes bullshit in return

no prison. executions by the state. televised. 4k and surround sound.

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it's time

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Treason means hanging though.



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>lock her up
>doesn't lock her up
When will boomers figure out tweets don't mean shit

this guy gets it. rope is cheaper than facilities, staff and life-sustaining supplies.

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He made a not so veiled suggestion of assassination just days ago. I'd say that's worthy of bumping him up to number 1.

>Campaign was not spied

This is the conclusion of the professionals at the DOJ. Or are you a crazy conspiracy theorist?

Its alright, don't bother responding because I wont read it. We all see how much you are glowing.

Which snake will fall first? The Democrat Party, Obama, or the media like CNN/NBC/Vice and Vox Media/Washington Post that cheerleads abuse of goverment power against its citizens?

>if you ignore my crimes I'll stop making things up
it's only a good trade if they actually have something that matters. they don't. they deserve to be launched out of a catapult directly at a concrete wall.

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time to bring out executioner Trump

They no longer have any bullshit to trade. Only the most deranged portion of their base still believes any of that, and that number shrinks every day as the media flails around making accusations with nothing to show for them.

None of them you retard. Name one person who has seen justice while Trump has been President. I'll wait. Here is a picture of me waiting.

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Systems were put in place in thid country intentionally to make it almost impossible for the government to accomplish anything. It sucks but at least Obama wasn't able to completely turn us into a Marxist, communist banana republic in 8 years. I firmly believe if Hillary was able to get in this country would have ended though. For that I am grateful for Trump even if he's not getting every single thing done he promised.

Blumpf should go. Since he's

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>You won't do anything you nigger.

Have you not figured out yet Trump is all talk?

I thought they could skip the meeting the maker part by having their souls switched to another body before death. Someone is carrying a McCain

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jews just can't fucking help themselves

Brennan was likely the mastermind though and I'm certain that fucker will go down.

So what does Priebus do when he becomes President as Trump gets hauled off in irons?

checked and screencapped. kek is with us, i feel it

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Islamic and waterboardpilled

What the fuck does rinsed penis have to do with this? Update your Rolodex, shill.

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Nothing will happen.

>lock them up
waste of taxpayer money, just a few bullets will save the country tens if not hundreds of millions in prosecuting and jailing the treasonous scum.