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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>Pres Trump arrives @JFK 5/16/19
>Pres Trump departs DC 5/16/19
>Pres Trump on Immigration Pol 5/16/19
>Pres Trump welcomes Swiss Pres Maurer 5/16/19
>VP Pence @US Army Garrison Fort McCoy WI (audio) 5/16/19
>VP Pence @J&D Manufacturing in WI (audio) 5/16/19
>SoS Pompeo meets w/Singaporean FM Balakrishnan 5/16/19
>SoS Pompeo meets w/Sri Lankan FM Marapana 5/16/19
>KAC on Ingraham 5/16/19
>AG IronBarr Press Conf on Reducing Illegal Migration 5/16/19
>CommSec Wilburine on FBN 5/16/19
>CEAChair Hassett on Dobbs 5/16/19
>UndDefSec4P&R Stewart/Service Chiefs @House on Personnel 5/16/19
>AssistSoS4WHA Breier @Caribbean-US Sec Coop Dialogue 5/16/19
>PressSec Sarah outside WH 5/16/19
>PressSec Sarah on F&F 5/16/19
>DoDComptroller Norquist/Def Officials @House on Finances 5/16/19
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @WH Hist Assoc Dinner 5/15/19
>Pres Trump @Natl Peace Officers Memorial Service 5/15/19 (full) (full)

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baker is dead for real this time, need new baker

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Thanks for baking user


> Jow Forums BTFO!

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Death to the Jews

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Joe will bake.

Alright, I'm mad.

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Trump just fucking lost Florida now. What an utter fucking idiot

AWOO! Repent, babykillers!

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Fuck Kikes and Fuck Kike Lovers

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I would let her jerk me off.

Y-you too...

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If I couldn't have kept my foreskin then there shall be no abortions for sluts. Oh, and even if I do get it back no abortions for sluts.

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Why are you invested in a retard who has literally done nothing for anyone but Jews on the international level?

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Hey, guess what!

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>posting kikelet shecklepiro
ples stop doing this

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> 500 per month
> fewer than get ***ARRESTED*** in any single day in the southern border
user, plz

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It's a great idea now that no one carries cash
t. Juden

It's all over.
Guess I'll vote for Joe! now

That meme is a lie. Hitler did do a lot of wrong. He didn't kill any jews, made dozens of mistakes, and lost the war.


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Wasn't his call, there are still rogue elements acting against the presidency, and they're so terrified of what's in store for them they're willing to burn a deep mole to try exactly that, but you already know this don't you, shill

learned a new word, thanks Barr


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>Fucking Trumpshill trying to sell the trumped-up war with Iran


Im not sure who you're talking about, Im just posting my favorite Mt. Dew flavor.

you're welcome

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Why do you think he wants it on the $20, the bill you get from ATMs?

>blaming Jow Forums for the radical left taking the bait

Why the hell did Trump hire Bolton in the first place?

Seems like in the end there will only remain a single site:
> this one

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>we actually got the "traitors are going to be exposed" timeline

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Illegal alien from Kenya killed 12 elderly women

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HA fuck those Jews and yuppies let them stew in their own nurgalite policies and wallow in the filth of their decisions

Did he snort them to death?

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Ol Benny J is still worth five Tubman's.

I hope that having friends and not slitting your wrists becomes the next big thing white supremacists supposedly do. If I were a smarter man I would have made fifty or so memes about it.

a nigger?

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Let the fire rise to purge the unclean

> RIP little Soph
She had a good run and managed to amass 800k subscribers before getting shoa'd
How many Sophs are there tho that they still didn't manage to find out?

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It's because we have the FBI to manage the servers. For as long as the FBI exists we too we continue to exist. They are the yang to our yin.

>all my MIGA/necon Don posting was for nothing.
Fuck you Drumpf!

FAKE NEWS! Whatever faggot
The Media are fucking awesome.
Take BuzzFeed for example

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Who is this little lady?

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The cycle is almost complete.
>feminist logic of "if I can't abort you must take care of your kid" is reinventing traditional marriage
>Jow Forums's embrace of ever less democratic (and less Democratic, in the US) positions has led us to pic/link related

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>Who is this little lady?
Teenage chick dispensing redpills in bulk to some 800k mostly Zoomers, got her channel shoa'd when TPTB finally figured it out.
It had a good run

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She's a Bene Gesserit, possibly Alia Atreides

guys. guys. hear me out
this could be a new maymay to destroy roasties

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He can end it right now


the floor is yours

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Ah! Shame she got got.
Wombs of death! Death wombs!

which one of you lazy niggers will bake

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>ass pussy

Reading this makes me happy someone at DoJ is finally looking into this, and it also makes me angry that it happened so quickly under Barr while Sessions spent two years sabotaging the administration in between naps. '

Wherever Jeff Sessions is right now I hope there's a teenager who smells of marijuana and nothing Jeff can do about it.

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based fren

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Is Barr talking to congress right now?
Someone has link?

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Lich gooch.
Giving the ghost factory the old proton pack.

>man offers no alternative
Very accurate

a zoomer they pushed too far

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Chuck Ross is going on a rant about the Steele guy

Is Fuuko only for protec?

Fox News interview from this morning.

It gets worse

Benny J probably banged five Tubmans.

He was interviewed on Fox at 9 am EST. I don't think the full video is out yet.

The same guy who got Sam Hyde kicked of Adult Swim.

He is doing a fox interview

Yeah, Barr asked Pelosi if she brought handcuffs to arrest him. He's going full Bane on her.

>Jow Forums trolls decided
wait I thought the media decided that the 'okay' sign was an alt right symbol


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Alright, /ptg/. Many years ago my wife and I aborted our son. We only did it because we learned through prenatal testing that he had a debilitating illness. The doctors informed us that his odds of survival upon birth would be 0%, and that for what little time he would be alive, he would wracked in pain until his death. His hours or days on this earth would have been spent in absolutely torturous pain.

We aborted him out of mercy.

I never shared this with anyone before. Despite having moved on and had many healthy children since this incident, I still feel as though I did the wrong thing somehow, that I should have allowed the pregnancy to continue despite everything. Am I a bad person? Am I destined for hell?

Thanks I wasn't around


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protec and headpats

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Bat cave
Soul sewer

>Ah! Shame she got got.
Nah, that's the correct way to deal with these things
> grow big, dispense redpills, die before notoriety makes you a target
> Jow Forums BTFO!
How can you even fight this?!?!

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>is kill
>continues to post
bet we can get you to bake one more
>Giving the ghost factory the old proton pack.
ok that's a good one

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Reminder to ignore and repudiate Bannon and Shapiro shills who are pushing anti-abortion rhetoric all over this board.

>wait I thought the media decided that the 'okay' sign was an alt right symbol
JEJ, no, you must have missed it's inception. It was one of the many threads of
> let's make X a white supremacist symbol
Except this time it really worked. Clowns are next

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>trump tries to change the system
>congress and the judiciary comes out to block anything he can do
>somehow this is drumpfs fault
do you guys ever get sick of being wrong? all you're doing is galvanizing support for trump and hate for beaners

This retard is more dangerous than Bush and Obama combined.

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I don't plan on having sex until Foregen gets their work done, and after I get married. This harlot loses.

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can't hand it off if no one calls it, waiting for a successful hand off


I don't believe in Hell, but that's just me. And whether it was wrong or not depends: do you think it's ok to kill retarded adults?

Seems a little too niggerish for my taste. We need something a little classier.


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Don't you have some islands to lose again?

>and had many healthy children since this incident
All that matters.

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