Will silencing conservative views actually lead to less conservitave votes in the 2020 election? I'm scared bros...

Will silencing conservative views actually lead to less conservitave votes in the 2020 election? I'm scared bros. USA can't survive another liberal president.

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I don't know what these people think Trump can do about this.

He has the nuclear codes.
He could easily nuke silicon valley

it's a facetious tweet, user.
>Will silencing conservative views actually lead to less conservitave votes in the 2020 election?
exact opposite.
that's how america works.
people vote for the one they're told not to vote for.

Most conservatives don't use Twitter and all that retarded shit and neither should you. This is why the media grossly overestimated Hillary's chances of winning the 2016 election. They all go on Twitter and listen to their liberal echo chamber and then wondered why the country at large actually overwhelmingly believed the opposite.

That's why I really don't worry too much about all these Silicon Valley companies censoring conservatives. Yeah, it pisses me off, but most people who believe their views don't watch them on YouTube and Twitter anyways. As for young kids who are just starting to become conservative, the mere fact that these companies censor conservatives makes that ideology look like the "Forbidden fruit," which is enticing.

We'll be alright.

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He can issue executive orders, same as Obama did.

Trump understands the importance of access to free debate gong into campaign mode, I am more than confidant he has an ace up his sleeve.

All executive orders can do is in force existing laws.

There is no "private companies cannot ban people" law on the books

no. it pisses people off to the point of talking about their conservative views outside of the internet.

>All executive orders can do is in force existing laws
executive order is dictatorial rule.

But there is though. They've been forcing bakers to provide their services to gays and trannies for years. They will not allow bakers to deny their services to a part of the population based on their beliefs, so Silicon Valley shouldn't be allowed to do it either.

That only works for places with cucks like France or the UK etc

I'm going to use my lefty normie sock puppet to tell her to shut her nigger mouth and stop defending nazis. I bet i won't get banned.

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USA will survive. It's just going to be more shit living here

72D Underwater Parchisi.

>There is no "private companies cannot ban people" law on the books
There is, actually. Social media companies get immunity from legal liability for what is on their platform by claiming they are not a publisher and do not exercise editorial control over what is put on there. Yet they obviously do exercise editorial control by banning certain points of view.
They can and should be prosecuted for all illegal content that was ever posted on their platform.

Nah, it'll lead to more conservative votes.
Precisely this.

The Keinetsu will nuke silicone valley

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Pretty much anything he wants. He could go ol' Teddy on them and break them up, he could turn social media into a utility, he could force editorial standards on those companies that wish to continue to alter and control their news feed. Etc, etc.. No shortage of solutions, only political will.

> Will silencing conservative views actually lead to less conservitave votes in the 2020 election?
The Left obviously think it will.
Should be interesting.

Quite the contrary, by silencing their opposition they no longer have a clue as to what is going on and how people feel, they isolate themselves into ever shrinking echochambers that in turn radicalize them into beliving their numbers are greater than they are. tldr by being attacked an censored it grows the "reactionary" movement each time.

You do realize that Trump is the last republican president, right? There will be no other, simply because of demographics. Doesn't really matter if he wins or loses in 2020, in 2024 and beyond we will always have Dems or new order (civil war, segregation, whatever). Ok, other option is that republicans will have an LGBT gender fluid candidate who will be even a bigger lefty than dems, but even then, it will be hard to convince niggers and spics not to vote dems.

>that's how america works. people vote for the one they're told not to vote for.
Perot? Paul? Buchanan? No, I don't think so.

Everyone with a platform will become a target for assassination and extreme violence.

>There will be no other
Yes there will be, they'll just do what the Democrats did. Democrats were (and the Old Guard still is) incredibly racist. But, they were smart. They saw where demographics were going back in the 1960s and decided to jump on it. They did a 180 and started championing civil rights and open immigration. LBJ was the one who famously said "I'll have these niggers voting Democrat for 100 years."

Republicans will do the same. We're already seeing the start of it with neo-cons and RINOs. In a few years, America will have one de facto political party, the party of open borders, outsourcing American jobs, and gun control. They all agree on that already.

It's not like he's president of the most powerful country in the world, right?

Candace is the monkey that got owned by Rogan on climate change right? In three hours she said ummmm for about a hour hundred thousand times because she has a chimp brain.

Well consider this, the video of Hillary collapsing on 9/11 was blacklisted from the media, as were the wikileaks emails, they were mostly spread over social media. Two of the most damaging moments for the Clinton campaign and the news networks tried to censor them.

left echo chamber
Yes. And they haven't changed over fifty years.
After McGovern's loss, around `72, jewish film reviewer Pauline Kael, gave a lecture at the Modern Language Association, during which she said, "I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don't know. They're outside my ken. But sometimes when I'm in a theater I can feel them."
2016 "Trump supporters are ignorant, rural, tub-thumping hillbillies. How in the hell did we lose?"

So obama can tell whites to "bake that fucking gay cake, bigot", but trump can't tell jews and other nonwhites to stop censoring people on what is arguably one of the main ways of expressing political opinions ?

I had a post on Facebook taken down for hate speech because I said that all illegal aliens are criminals because they are breaking the law to be in the country.

I have no sympathy that these Zionist shills are getting banned.
Good riddance

Strizand effect.


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she is jew friendly
she has no idea what real vilification and censorship is like

If it does, it will be your own doing for simply allowing Israel to dick you Cuckservatives in the boipussies.

If we don't start getting serious about organizing the right and ignoring the left's accusations of "white nationalism" when we try to do that, then yes, we are going to have a big problem. The propagand has been far more successful than most realize.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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This is a cuck position to take and why Republicans lose all the time. You’ve put yourself into a state of retreat instead of playing offensive.

Wow, I guess it's OK to ban anybody who disagrees that trannies aren't mentally ill then!

she literally does now. by a jew


Your saying Trump should energize the oppositions base the way Obama did? Are you sure?

>why Republicans lose all the time
They... don't? You realize over half the country is Republican, right? The country is filled with Red states that consistently vote Republican. It only seems like Republicans "lose all the time" because the media loves to hype up when some some shithole district in the middle of a city in Alabama flips Blue or something.

There is a solution to this but nobody says it. Yank Zukerburg from his office, take him to the street and tar and feather him.
If it happens again, no matter the platform, hang the CEO from a rope outside of his building.
No company in the US will subvert the 1st amendment. THe problem will fix itself after that.

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There are more then enough laws to enforce a complete shutdown of all media.
There are so many laws on the books that ending or changing a private company is beyond simple.
All media companies are in direct violation of "fair use", "public good" and " free press".
Not to mention all of the little statutes and civil rulings.

im not sure how 2020 will play out. remember: people voted democrat even after that obvious hit on kavanaugh. people voted democrat after the obvious steal on bernie in 2015. voting rights was a mistake. normalfags have the attention span of a squirrel

>All executive orders can do is in force existing laws
You mean like enforcing the 1st ammendment you fucking brainlet.

>i dont know shit about reagan

>lose on every policy but tax cuts for over 60 years
>b-but the party still exists!

felt so good to see gavin and his proud boys get shut down. the first thing you see on their faceberg page is some shit about how racists will get kicked from the fb group and all races welcome blahblahblah. im so sick of the civic nationalism from r/thedonald

>t. deluded

And this.
Read Marsh vs Alabama

And maybe because she doesn't have the numbers but, correctly, suspects that if the left is wholeheartedly behind it, then maybe the so called climate change is bullshit and not worth even mentioning?
Also what about her Congress testimony? Did she sound stupid there?

Uses leftists tactics against them, and that's bad how?

Now bake that cake!

We should.
Candance was called a white supremacists for fucks sake. This is going seriously overboard.
But I really think that we need more people like her: people who have been on the left and know very well how to use their tactics against them.

That memes are so 2015. Americans are still aware of foreigners rooting for our demise.

this. 4 years of bigtech analyzing their massive amounts of data. they know how they lost and how to avoid it again. how many green and libertarian party voters can each side gain?

This is one thing that worries me, just after Soros owned voting machines and humongous voter fraud that was obvious even in 2018.
This time they will be ready. In 2016 they got blindsided as they truly believed their own propaganda and that Hilldawg can win.
This time they know how much support Trump and the Republicans have.
Maybe not exactly but it's not that hard to guess how the people will vote based on their activity online and on social media.
The coordination that they show when banning people is interesting in that light. They may be sharing data and then we are screwed.