Thank you USA

you are my best friend

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Love you Greece, Grecian food is pretty fucking great

you're welcome. they're old cast-offs we (for some reason) no longer want. they're good little choppers; i'm glad i got to see their last flight over the USA.

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What is that propeller looking at thats making it that scared

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You're welcome. What "agreements" have we signed on to?

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i'm shocked that they didn't deliver it to israel

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A Golden Dawn on our new friendship.

what evil are you up to

It’s looking at Turkey trying to invade Greece

There's a reason for this...what do we get from it. You're no Israel.

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it saw the niggers creeping across our southern borders. based kiowa warrior weeps for its nation.

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Send gyros pls

Love you too buddy. USA is the only actual superpower in the world, all other wannabe superpowers are just bullying their neighbors
It says that you replaced them with the apache
Must have something to do with the gas and oil found in the mediterranean

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Greece, Cyprus and Israel are arming up for a possible war in the aegean, we are friends now.

Gyros are dope, but the real question is when is Greece going to reclaim Constantinople back where it rightfully belongs in the western non Turkish roach state

Going to greek fest with my dad/maybe my sister and her husband

Feels goodman

Kinda makes me sad, desu. The Kiowa is a fucking cool helicopter, and the pilots are fucking nuts, in the best kind of way. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the pilots would pride themselves on pistol kills. From the helicopter. "Close" Air Support doesn't even begin to cover it. Use them in good health, Medbros.

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yeah, i'm still skeptical about that. we had a couple choppers in the pipeline to replace the kiowa but they fell through/were cancelled.

oxi re malaka

Welcome. I hope they overturn many rapefugee boats and strafe many roaches in the reclamation of Constantinople.

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Yeah, you did pretty much traded sides. Congratulations! What can (((they))) do to you now? Fuck the Eurozone!
Agreed. I fucking love them and a good Greek salad, too.

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why no door? seriously why no fucking door

Fuck you USA! children in Africa could have eaten those Helicopters but NO you gave it to wypipo like always! their blood is in your hands

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Doors? You mean bitch walls?

>mutts that think whatever kind of dogshit it is "greek americans" are selling to other mutts is actual greek food
The eternal mutt who believes walmart pasta with ketchup is an actual italian dish
Let's all round up around mutts and have a good laugh

>bitch walls
is that why mexicans come in so easily?

I get gyros from a Greek immigrant owned restaurant Pierre go suck off Macron

No can do. We can only wait for Turkey to go 100% ISIS and finally do something stupid enough to get kicked out of NATO. That's why i fully support Erdogan with all my heart.

No problem Mr. Hapadopacropapopalous, enjoy your choppers :)

No that's because we need them to mow our lawns and make tacos...or something. I'm not a boomer so i don't understand.

Could always stage a false flag. Maybe a (((Turkish))) rocket strike on Athens perhaps?

>No that's because we need them to mow our lawns and make tacos
This reminds me of that absolute cuck of a dad who said he wants immigrants in even after they murdered and raped his daughter because they “have good food”

So you can shoot and scoot. For real, they would be basically useless. Even if it was on there, with how light of a craft they are, it would functionally be the same as paper. You could add armor, but they're not really designed for that role.

Metal fatigue issues after decades of service and rebuilds- they will be okay for allies who don't fly many hours a month but it just didn't price out for us to keep them for years more.

I saw 2/17 Cav's "Last Ride", it was a sad moment. Got a lot of good support from their B Troop back in 2003.

They fit the doors in cold weather, but if it's a nice day out, going doors open and enjoying the flight is like open-cockpit biplane flying.

best friends doesn't arm your enemies

The US is in constant need of Greek columns. You send us those, maybe we throw another military helicopter your way.


You can't lean out the side and shoot taliban with an M4 if you have a door.

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how are you gona pistol people if there is a door in the way

False flags aren't enough reason to start wars between NATO countries. Erdogan is itchicng to start something stupid with Greece over the gas in the mediterranean because his sultan image is fading. But he knows that this will also be the beggining of the end for Turkey.

wtf i love zog now

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I can feel the love in this thread.
Can you give us those Bell Helicopters and F35 now so we can love you a bit more as well Burger-sama?

new nintendo game

russian shills must have the day off - NATO love thread

US already moved its nukes to your country from Turkey. Romania superpower 2020.

Our government is so fucking dumb. Sikorsky needed a new contract asap so we decided to throw out hundreds of perfectly good kiowas and relegate their role to the apache (which did not work). The helicopter their thinking of replacing it with just looks like a gay sci-fi version of the ka-226

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I have your back, and you have mine.

More shit they cant afford to maintain lmao

We make fresh pasta here, eurocuck. Stay enslaved.

Less door, more ammo you can carry.

kys cuck.

Very nice George now sell them to t*rkey and use the shekels for hookers and cocaine.

In a weird way, I think this is a mistake because even if some stuff is "less effective" like the kiowas or the A-10, it fosters a certain esprit de corps. The stuff that's replacing it is just soulless. There's something serious to be said for morale as a force multiplier, and it's disappearing. Rapidly.

You're welcome, greecebro. Now kill all Russian infiltratators.

They weren't "perfectly good" in that the whole fleet had metal fatigue life issues even in 2003 when all this kicked off. The Ds had been rebuilt out of Vietnam vintage airframes- look at a D and you will see dog tag blanks riveted onto the vert stabilizer detailing their rebuilds out of Cs, Bs, and As sequentially.

The Chinook fleet isn't much better- some of the Fs were the first new-build airframes the Army had bought in thirty years.

And it's actually still very effective too. You don't need a gatling gun or heavy lift troop capabilities on a scout helicopter. The government thinks they can design one airfraime/vehicle to do all jobs ala the f-35, but that design philosophy produces Jack of all trades vehicles that excell at nothing and ultimately reduce the effectiveness that the cooperative specialized force once had. It's retarded. Never should have let this shit go through.

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Is this what we consider friendship these days

I still don't get that design mindset, either. There's no reason why you couldn't have different frames, with lots of parts interchangeability. Why not share an engine design across models? Plug compatibility, electronics interface design, etc. We can have parts interchangeability without having to collapse down into one design. Hell, you might even be able to share engine design across platforms, if you were careful.