Should all nations outlaw for-profit loans?

Should all nations outlaw for-profit loans?

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Nope. That would be antisemitic.

but I'm a semite user,and would be open to that.

>Should all nations outlaw for-profit loans?
Loans then don't happen.

I was just kidding. But yes, that would be a very good idea. Unfortunately, until the current jewish system is removed globally, I highly doubt your idea will be accomplished.
Wrong. Nations such as your own in the past have offered interest free non profit loans.

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No. You do other things, like a fixed fee or collateral. Interests rates get out of control.

>Wrong. Nations such as your own in the past have offered interest free non profit loans.

Under what circumstances? Was it tax funded charity or something? Because after inflation, interest free loans LOSE money and unless they have stipulations and late fees, incentive for prompt payback becomes extremely grey. Suddenly nobody can get loans for a house, or a car, or pay for college at all because anyone who would give loans is losing money

People wouldn’t need as big of loans if less people were getting them. Things would become more affordable very quickly.

This. Charging for a service isn't inherently bad. However, compounding intrest as an industry standard drives inflation that cripples a nations ability to retain wealth, and on a personal level is nothing short of extortion.

>interest free loans dont exist
Grants exist, lots of ngos and charities offer them

The people should outlaw nations.

That's a tough one.
I really have no issue with interest. Without interest there is no incentive to loan money for business. The world wouldn't end but shit would slow way down real fast.

On the other hand, I view loaning money as speculative investment. Lenders having the force of government to enforce repayment of their gambling losses is complete bullshit.

>Should all nations outlaw for-profit loans?
Yes. Imagine a world with no inflation.

But you're an actual semite, not one of those Eastern European semites.

Inflation is driven largely by interest.

so there would be no loans or would loans be interest free?

why would you loan out your money?
how would people get money to start a business or build a house?

what is your counter proposal inbred retard?

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this already happened after the market crashed

Interest doesn't cause that, the Fed and fractional reserve banking do. You can still have loans with interest in a society free from these evils.

it would be a world with no growth

You know usury is a Jew thing and wasn't even allowed for a very long time, right?

No. Profit from loans is based on time preference. It is not exploitive. What nations should outlaw is debt that you cannot bankrupt out of, like student loans.

No. Because giving a loan is a service with dangers.

in USA they made it illegal ti give payday loans to military members

because theyre on a fixed income and never actually pay the interest off lol


no, because money today is worth more than money tomorrow. this will always be true.

They also had jubilee as a counter. So?