Jow Forums is PRO-LIFE

>Friendly reminder that true Jow Forums members are pro-life and that no amount of shill threads with what if scenarios will make us approve or justify abortion.
Our enemies might use statistics to show that white women go on less abortions, but they forget white women have less kids and as such those numbers are of greater concern to us.
Abortions today are used more and more as a form of second contraception as much as that is an oxymoron, they remove responsibility from the equation and that reflects on the society in general.
It would also seem universal pensions are a mistake, before you had to have big families to survive at an old age now people dont even need kids, the government will just bring in migrants.

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Alabama is showing us the way, who knew something good can come out of USA, they shame us all

indeed plus it is nice to se leftist rage about it

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I'm pro-abortion for negroes and white trash, because there is no "stop abortion" option.
If you have abortion, it's status quo.
If you ban abortion, the negroe and white trash population booms, and in 20 years the vote in abortion (so it's not the issue) and the vote for you to be a slave producing gibs.
It's about being a slave or not. Abortion is just the "On/Off" switch for America becoming another Zimbabwe

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this is womens issues. i learned that as a man caring about womens issues really is a ticket to nowhere.

Kys for spamming this thread again nigger feet lover follow your pope and worship their feet

I'm very proud gun, pro abortion, pro death penalty.
Why do you guys want more fucked up humans?

Did any of you retards even watch 16 and pregnant, they are all fucked up and that's with tons of TV money.

I win defend abortion with my ar15 and Glock 19


>"nazi" flag

kill yourself shill

and also, if Lefties really really want something, you know its guaranteed to be a really bad idea. And Lefties want abortion more than anything in this world.
If you are in favor of abortion, you are on the same side as every nigger tranny dyke kike SJW faggot out there on the absolutely most important issue to them.

Abortion literally and directly reduces the number of nigger tranny dyke kike SJW faggot out there so I don't understand your inbred logic. You must like Candace Owens, a chimp who should have been aborted

>i learned that as a man caring about womens issues really is a ticket to nowhere.
Well you better start caring because I heard men alone just outlawed abortion in two states.
Next? Red hoods for everybody.

If you were really “pro life” you would continue to support babies after they’re born. If you really wanted to decrease abortions you would support comprehensive sex education as well as increased access to birth control.

Abortion does not change fertility rates. Thats a myth spread by morons. Its used by negresses to control the timing of when they shit out their next welfare ticket and when they decide they're done popping out welfare tickets they go right back to the abortion clinic and get an IUD or tubes tied because thats the only birth control that doctors know the dumb nigs cant fuck up. The total number of kids they have stays the same no matter how many abortions they get.

Black women in poverty even INTENTIONALLY have as many kids as possible because each one means more welfare. If she doesnt have niglets she gets almost zero gibs. Ive never understood how Jow Forumstards think they understand niggers so well yet are so incredibly stupid and ignorant when it comes to the most basic fact about negresses getting pregnant. Theyre doing it on purpose. Abortion only adjusts the timing, it has nothing to do with how many niglets they want and choose to have to maximize their gibs

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Abortion degenerates society and is the reason niggers trannies and kikes are a problem to begin with
Birth control does this more but they achieve the same affect.

>as well as increased access to birth control.
No that just makes women into whores like abortion does.
Abortion is the last resort easy fix for bad behavior.
Birth control is the first resort easy fix for bad behavior.
The immorality needs to stop. Maybe if there's no easy fixes it will.

we've had unlimited abortions for 50 years now
how many nigger tranny dyke kike sjw faggots did we have 50 years ago compared to now?
logic isn't hard, retard

Im pro abortion but I dont consider this worthwhile politics at all. If the supreme court repeals the ban the case is closed and ideally we can finally move on to different cuckservative talking points.

Wanting to kill all jews and blacks or any other race isn't exactly prolife special user

>niggers and kikes wouldn’t be a problem if not for muh abortion
unbelievable levels of delusion

>Abortion does not change fertility rates.

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>we can finally move on to different cuckservative talking points.
Look everyone! Satan admits all the liberals are just sitting around listening to us!
COOL! To them I would like to say,
You're dandy little faggots.
This is fun.

Naw, I think abortion is wrong but death penalty is perfectly fine, and we don't kill enough criminals. Also not all life is sacred, just that of the tribe.

Im siding with cuckservatives you room temp IQ'd negro.

I mean it clearly is for you but I know it's hard after the priest touched your pp

in my opinion one white baby is a potential treasure
by allowing baby killing there are bound to be white babies killed off as well
the whores in society bang any trash they meet and have no standards because they know they can just abort
race mixers who realize the gravity of their error go kill the mullatto baby
if they knew they couldnt then they may not feel so free to race mix in the first place
my opinion is that white whores who have sex with africans should have to walk around with their spawn for 18 years
why should they get to coal burn through college with the affirmative action hires and then afterwards pretend that they didnt commit beastiality and marry a gullible white man who doesnt know the past history
if we take the position that other groups should abort then what happens is eventually ours do it to and our moral compass slides further away from truth
just so we are clear
they created the birth control pill
they hate you
they want you replaced
>so find a good female if you can and do your part and have a big family

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you're not thinking critically of why our culture has degenerated to begin with. Yes, kikes subverted it but how come whites didn't fight back or prevent it? Weak men. What caused the weak men? The sexual revolution. Women ride the cock carousel until they hit the wall and they do this by utilizing abortion and birth control. They then settle down with a beta male provider in their 30s, crippling the white birth rate, causing an autism epidemic, male feminist epidemic, cuck epidemic, low-T epidemic, tranny epidemic etc.

You have to look at the whole picture. Don't focus on how high non-white birth rates are, look at how much higher white birth rates were in the past.

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How about you shut the fuck up. Playing gatekeeper like some homo redditor

>he thinks politicians are on his side
This is a pro nigger move. They want to increase the population with low iq baboons.

The notion that its better to snuff out a life rather than suffer the burden they may impose is morally reprehensible. This applies to all cases of abortion including cases of incest and rape. It is still a life. Just because it was conceived through unfortunate circumstances and will be a burden upon a person or the state does not change that it is a human life that deserves to be protected. I can name a lot of persons that are burdens on others and the state; homeless, mentally ill, mentally disabled, children in foster care, elderly, infants, etc. Shall we get rid of them too? The only morally acceptable answer is no, they deserve a chance at life.
The only exception is if child bearing or birth threatens the mother's life.

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Any graph you look at has no noticeable effects on fertility after Roe v Wade.

The crime rate data 20 years after RvW when the aborted niglets would have reached peak dindu age is inconclusive at best. If abortion really did prevent niglet population from changing there would have been a huge decrease in crime but there was not.

All these things point to fertility not correlating with abortion. Even the birth control PILL being invented didn't even have much of a noticeable effect on fertility.

A woman can have 100 abortions and still have the same number of kids she wanted in the end. Abortions, to most women, are merely a convenience for timing when they want a kid.

based logical user


weak men caused the sexual revolution too. you’re an idiot.

We just need to make it so men can't cum without permission from the govt. Then abortion isn't needed.

thot shaming general

Sex isn’t “bad behavior” you absolute fool.

It is if you plan on murdering a baby when you're done

and even weaker men were and still are complacent while their country is destroyed with a demographic invasion. They even rip off their genitals these days and have doctors bore holes where their balls used to be. I get that the pre 1960s men were weak, but the post 1980s man is even weaker.

That's right eugenics is evil. We need more retards and poor people and negroes. How could we survive without a ballooning population of society's scum?

just because you're fucked up doesent mean others are

I am sure I have been around x3 the amount of time you have been here

And if there is ONE thing all poltards agree with, is this: N I G G E R S. And single mothers, no matter what race

Reminder that anti-abortion is anti-white.

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Single mothers?

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Reminder that in 2019 whites are the only people in America following the law.

Pro-life is anti-heterosex, and of course the homoerotic incels on Jow Forums hate hetero sex. They want heteros to get married have sex for 2 years and become gay when women refuse to risk life in prison for not wanting to raise a bunch of their whiny snot nosed kids. Single women will just go lezbo, because they don't want to risk life in prison over a defective condom or pill. They certainly don't want to be stuck with the bill of your ugly kids either. Heterosexual men will be having a lot less sex moving forward. So fuck you faggot incels. Go post more dick pics on /b/. Quit trying to turn heteros into fags by making hetero sex a crime punishable by life in prison.

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>inb4 just a clump of cells

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Jow Forums is pro nigger

(((they))) want it

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>The only exception is if child bearing or birth threatens the mother's life.
Why? If the bitch chose to have sex then she should just have to deal with it. The humane thing would be to force the woman to carry it. There's always a chance that the woman will live long enough so that the child survives outside the womb. We have to do everything we can to save babies, and if that means we get a few dead women then that's a sacrifice we must make. As long as there's even a 0.01% chance that the baby will live then we must take that chance.

Fuck you!

You homo faggots want white women scared of going to prison for having heterosexual sex. This proves Republicans are closet faggots who hate straight people getting laid.

Most single mothers are non white, but the white ones also destroy the lives of their white progeny

anti abortionists are usually of the (((judeo Christian tradition)))

Abortion has resulted in the largest child sacrifice in all of human history. It is no mystery why degeneracy and moral rot has drastically increased in the last 50+ years.

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ITT: legbeards and trannies in love with killing babies

>kike detected

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Friendly Reminder that /pol is not a person.

If you want echo chambers where only one opinion is permitted, get your ass back to facebook shill.

> It is still a life.
Are you vegan?
pro-life are such hypocrites

starfishes do move too

if you're anti abortion you're anti white

to bad your kike mother let you live

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>He likes having a lot of sex with different straight white women on the first date
>He must be a kike

So whites really are gonna lose the race war, huh.

How I knew you are a faggot?
No normal straight people call themselves "heteros".

>b-but what about RAPE???

If that's your argument, you live in a twisted fuck up society where rapists are worse than baby murderers. Don't get me wrong. Rapists and baby murderers both get the rope. Abortion wouldn't even be a topic if we exterminated all the rapists in this country. If you want to have sex without fearing an abortion... simply put a condom on it or have your tubes tied.

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I wonder what will happen to America if they ban abortions? I mean, if 13% = 52%, then how will violent crime rise, if 13% becomes 50%?

Abortion isn’t murdering a baby.

Since when having sex equals abortion?

Then, how do you describe it, you absolute moron?

>thinking we stand a chance without first re-domesticating our women

For most people, it's better to stop pretending the abortion stance is a religions thing and admit it's about controlling women's sexuality.

The abortion debate is about the insatiable female appetite for dicks. A lot of young men don't know about this.

Women love a good dicking, no exceptions. That's why men have to control them, so they can have a good life. Giving women sexual freedom is like giving a child candy freedom. You're going to have a fat balloon child in no time. With women you get used up whores, mentally unstable, angry, unsuitable. This is the basic reason for low white birthrates.

Women are like children, in motivations and agency. They need to lose all political and most legal rights, and we will take good care of them. Nothing is worse for women and better for Jewish capitalists than requiring women to wageslave. Expecting women to work outside the home increases production and destroys wages, and it wastes female lives in slaving for a Jewish company. Not only does it destroy the family, but male productivity also suffers from not having a trustworthy assistant in the home.

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A pro-life culture needs to be a pro-family culture. This means:

1. Don't pressure women to go to college.
2. Shame women in the workforce.
3. Pressure men and women to marry young, instead of the exact opposite pressure.

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56 million abortions have been performed in the USA since 1970. An estimated 86% were operated on women of European descent (48 million). Reproduction rates haven't gone down in the West. Abortion has simply taken away our births.

I knew you were gay, because you want women to be scared of going to prison for life if they have sex with men.


Women will be scared of having sex with you if they're scared of a 20 year prison sentence (or being forced to raise your snot nosed kid) for a broken condom. Oy vey, I've never met a woman who trusted the pill or a condom was 100% effective.

I love the part about controlling women body and future too.

Sweet home alabama.

You can be pro human life while not caring about animal life.

Women don't trust condoms or the pill is 100% effective. So yes, single women equate a 20 year prison sentence for abortion a stark choice between:

1) Maybe being forced to raise your ugly kid as a single mother
2) Going to prison for life unless they put their bodies through hell

There is going to be a lot of women scared of having sex now. Too much of a risk.

>no amount of shill
yeah I m sure most people here are shills lol

>Alabama is showing us the way
based, now all niggers, retards or rape babies will live!

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While the individual illegal abortions are terrible, it's not the main problem. It's the fact that our institutions do not currently reject killing babies as something reprehensible.

>Little involuntary celibates passing laws to terrify beautiful women who want to have sex with threats to their livlihood
>Your hatred of having sex with many different beautiful women
>Your desire to force people to wait until marriage to have sex
You small little men

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Do you want reallly to let women have control upon their own body ?

I know that killing nigger sound good, but oppressing women is really nice too.

>yeah I m sure most people here are shills lol
there are more than a few
its a thing of morals and ethics
fuck you lefty scum
fuck you kike
you think you are smart…
I dont want to kill people that are not an imminent threat to me
yes with taxes since I am national socialist not a burger
no fuck you kike

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What is the no true scotsman fallacy for $1000 Alex?

crying because you cant refute me?
go on cry
God bless Alabama

I d rather have laws saying you need to abort all niggers, rape babies and downies

>I know that killing nigger sound good
it does

I m saying that stopping eugenics and allowing atrocious siutuations to happen, ei a nigger rapes your daughter and she is now forced by the state to carry to term and raise the child, all to preserve jewish traditions is a bit dumb

Pro life, anti roastie over here.


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pro birth, not pro LIFE. thats a misnomer most of the pro lifers hate all life that doesnt fit in some category they made up
pro choice is maybe only valid until the fetus is viable, after that its simply legalized murder since you can find someone who takes care
with artificial wombs that argument will be even more crazy. you would have zero abortions but 1 million people a year without parents

>firestations will refuse boxes with kids
>especially when nobody is watching

>most of the pro lifers hate all life that doesnt fit in some category they made up
most not all but ok

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It's no mystery why right wing politics isn't popular with women. Right wing policies would lead to women having fewer sex partners.

Modern women view sex as an inevitable bodily function like taking a shit. Most of what you're saying is completely irrelevant. Banning abortion and next hormonal birth control is a process to enforce women's chastity again.

That’s really what 95% of feminism boils down to. Sex, and women believing they have supreme authority over it, and all that entails, at all times, and if you contradict them or oppose them in any way then you are "literally Hitler" and they will seek to destroy you in all forms to protect their power. I'm not even joking about that, if you view everything through that lens all of their actions make perfect sense and come into focus very clearly.

Women want into the work place, knowing it’s all shitty jobs and hard work for 99% of them and is usually soul crushing over all. Why? Because then they can have sex with whomever they want, whenever they want, they aren’t reliant on a husband for support so they can fuck around as they please.

Women want into colleges more and more and want more spaces for themselves creating a situation where only the athletes and the absolute smartest and hardest working men are going to be afforded spots, despite the fact the vast majority of programs these women join provide useless pieces of paper and no practical training that will amount to anything. Why? Because those degrees require damn near zero fucking effort, leaving them to spend all their time focused on the men, and that means they have insanely easy access to sex with athletic men, and have already weeded out the vast majority of men for potential "marriage material" (i.e. some loser to pay for their whoredom) so they don’t have to do all the work on their own out in society. Easy sex now, and setup for longer term situations down the line with some cuck to support them.


Women want easy and free access to birth control and abortions (while the "free" push isn’t as public at the moment, make no mistake it is coming), despite the damage it does to their bodies and the fact they're murdering the most innocent, weak, and vulnerable form of human life. Why? Because pregnancy and children make them far less appealing to fuck, and eat up much of their time and resources leaving them far less time TO fuck.

I can keep going, but that is ultimately what it all boils down to, pleasing their vaginas and keeping a stranglehold on men who wish to have access to their vaginas. Its why they both hate and fantasize about rape so much, it’s a man taking away all their power by sheer force and not submitting himself to them which they despise, but they also massively get off on the idea of being subjugated by someone standing up to them and realizing they cannot fight back and simply taking what he wants, that makes them wet, its why they write about it so god damned much that its frankly sickening.

It’s why they put each other down constantly, but never address female on female "slut shaming" and the like and only blame men for it. Because they know they do this to each other FAR more than men ever will, but they use it to try to increase their own value and may the best whore win. Its why they don’t give a fuck about "oppressed women" in the 2nd and 3rd world, because it’s never been about female freedom, it’s always been about individualistic desires to get wet and get off.

And on and on. When you stop and realize this, all female/feminist actions make much more sense. You don't have to wonder "why" they think about how they do about abortion, or pills, or college, or whatever else, the answer is ALWAYS "to please their vagina and hold power over men... basically, sex." They're very simple creatures when you get right down to it, their entire existence can be summed up in one word… pussy.


Guess you hate sex with beautiful women faggot

>It's no mystery why right wing politics isn't popular with women. Right wing policies would lead to women having fewer sex partners.

How about allowing non-whites to have all the abortions they want while banning abortions for white people? This means white people will have more white babies while non-whites have less, win win?